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Apr 19, 2012
mikeangelo4u Cardholder

just wanna ask a question..whats the credit score limit to apply on sears?

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Sep 14, 2012
Anonymous Cardholder

I have the sears Mastercard since 2001. I used to have a limit of $6800. I was never late with a payment and I always pay my card in full every month. I signed up for their credit Karma monitoring about 4 years ago. Two months later they dropped my limit from $6800 to $250. I called a few years ago and then again today to get the limit increased so I can make a $700 purchase. They wouldn't even give me an increase to $700. I have perfect credit and very little credit card debt. 1 of my other credit cards has no limit on it, so you can imagine how shocked I was that I couldn't get a $700 limit from sears. They never give me a good explaination as to why they won't increase my line and the customer representatives are nasty. I never use the card anymore because I can't purchase much with a $250 limit. No point in getting their credit card. Look around for a better deal. 

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Sep 12, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Very bad customer service at all levels....nobody cares about customers what they want is only profit at whatever costs

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Sep 07, 2016
3 Credit Cards for 1 STORE! -
Anonymous Cardholder

I am livid!  Every time I walk in that store I am asked to apply for a credit card.  I was very naive in the beginning and thought they were combining my 2 Credit Cards I somehow first had with them into one.  Ended up with 3 separate CC for 1 store.  Now they close one for inactivity and use my Equifax score for some reason !

This is atrocious and I am angry as hell they even offer 3 separate accounts.  Also, if they see you have 1 credit card maybe they could meniton "oh, I see u have one already are you sure you want another one?"  What a CON!

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Aug 29, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

After 36 years and over 100,000 thank you points, Citibank canceled the card without any notification except a letter that arrived 10 days AFTER the card was cancel.  There reason, made two payments the same day.  Yes we did make two payments the same day. We were paying it down so we could use it on our travel plans.  36 years as a customer!!!! Not a call asking any questions just a cancellation letter. 

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Aug 20, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I have been a dedicated customer with Sears, for over 25 years.  I just found out recently they shut down my account and gave no real solid reason why.  They probably are having financial concerns as a company.  When I spoke with a senior representative, I was told that I have never paid late and was an outstanding customer of 25 years. I'm sure it is due to the current times we live in, but the reason I am writing this review is for others who have good credit.  Be very careful, when they do this it has an adverse consequence on you personal credit score.  Currently, I am seeking legal advice as well as disputing this on my credit score.  When I spoke with senior representative Micheal BSRS14 (can't give their last names), he told me they have very high standards on customers they allow to have an account with them.  I explained to him, that Sears is the only company that has every shut down an account I have had.  I explained that their standards apparently are higher than my Gold American Express Card and Platinum Cards!  I will never walk in another Sears store again, I will let my friends and family know what had happened to an outstanding customer of 25 years.  This doesn't make much sense, the only thing I can think of, is that they have fallen on hard times.  Be careful buying major appliances, and making large purchases with them.  They just might do this to you, and mess-up your good credit.  

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Aug 17, 2016

I applied for this card. I have a 680 score, i have several cards, never been late on a payment and keep my balances at 0 and the denied me. The cards i have are for more expensive stores. This is crazy

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Aug 12, 2016
Will cheat you out of your credit line
Anonymous Cardholder

Make all your payments on time, but some other creditor erroneously makes a late payment claim on your credit report...let's just cut your credit in half.  Customer service pleasant but absolutely useless.

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Jun 18, 2016
Late fee for late fee
Anonymous Cardholder

Wound up paying a late fee for a late fee that was a day late. And the late fee is more than the original missed bill.  No consideration for amount size. 

No more Sears card for me.

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Jun 16, 2016
Credit card with 1982 era service!
theguy89 Cardholder

First off the credit card itself isn't terrible. The construction is sturdy, nice plastic, and even comes with the new chip! The magnetic strip is a beautiful shade of black and has at least one coat of clear. The service that comes with the card is absolute crap, rivialing that of Capital One, which is impressive. You can't reset your online password without the card, and as such if you lose it and are waiting for a replacement you can't check your balance. They don't offer next day shipping, and charge for "expidited shipping". They haven't implemented the chip reader correctly and still utilize the a "Insert and sign" authentication over a two-factor authentication like "chip and pin". The customer service line is a joke, if you manage to get through with out being disconnected. The application process was very foreign and dated, I filled out information on a carbon copy form, and the manager typed it in a DOS style computer, no wonder these guys are trying to fold.

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Jun 16, 2016
You need my address again?

Signed up for a Sears credit card to get an extra percentage off our applicance purchase.  I was planning on paying off the balance immediately.  

About a month after signing on, I realized how I had never received a statement.  I called the Sears credit card company, and they claimed they mailed me my card and balance weeks ago.  I had a late fee.  After a bit I found out they sent it to an address I lived in 3 years ago.  I gave my current address at the Sears store, how could they get this wrong?   I didn't want to give my credit card number over the phone, so I asked the representative for an address I can mail a check to and what I should write in the check memo.  I was given this information and sent a check to pay off my entire credit card balance that day.  I requested my late fee waived and they obliged.

About 3 weeks later I was scanning my bank account online.  The check never cleared.  I called the credit card company again and was told they never received my check.  Frustrated at this point, I broke and gave my credit card number over the phone.  I had another late fee.  I was told to call back the next day and this would be waived.  The total payment cleared from my bank that day.  

I called the next day to get the late fee waived.  They obliged without much hassel.  I was asked if there was anything else they could do for me and I said, yes please - I would like to cancel this credit card.  When I got home later that day, I received something in the mail - it was my check I sent 3 weeks ago.  They sent it to a different address I lived in 2 years ago.  Oh my.  Never again.  Took me 2 months to pay a credit card balance.  Oh, and by the way - I still have not received the credit card.

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