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Oct 06, 2016
Mkburlins Cardholder

Approved for $400 credit line with 610 TU score (654 FICO). Had 5 inquiries on file and 3 old medical collections. Current utilization was 36%. Hope that helps anyone thinking of applying

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 05, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This card is a joke. I got a 150.00 credit limit on this card, I always paid on time was never late on payments, decided to pay it off... Went today to use my card and it was declined. Called them up to see why my card was declined. They had closed my account and refused to give me a reason. The agent told me I could reapply for a new one, I said nope if your company going to close an account for no reason and can't even tell me the reason I am done with your company. I don't recommend this card to anyone for that reason alone. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 19, 2017
Traveailthomas Cardholder

This card has been amazing, I have had it for 2 months have not had trouble with paying the bills, I don't understand the negative reviews I'm guessing it has to do with them not paying there bill on time. I started with a 1400 credit limit and hoping to get it higher as I use the card alot.

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Mar 19, 2017

I never paid one late payment. Always paid 2 weeks before due date and sometimes more than minimum. Alot of people did the same but still got credit limits decreased. Ridiculous.

Mar 18, 2017
Horrible card ever!
Excustomer1 Cardholder

Got 300 credit limit last year. Always paid on time either payment owed or more. Got down to close owing alittle more than 160, they decreased limit to 180 which uped my credit utilization hit on credit report. Will pay off and close because i am sure they will decrease again. They seem to punish for paying on time. In fact, my credit is 100 percent everything paid on time, all cards.

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Mar 18, 2017
They are very dishonest
Anonymous Cardholder

I fell behind on 3 payments due to a family crisis and my husband losing his job. logged into my account 2 days ago  and it gave me the option of making a payment or payment arrangement to keep my account open so I made a payment of the past due amount trying to make account current, today I log on to my account to see if the payment went through and they closed the account after the payment went through, I called to speak to customer service and I am told that the account was closed a week ago but it never showed on the account I never recieved an email or paper statement saying this and my statement from a week ago shows the account as open but past due. I highly discourage anyone from getting a credit card with this shady dishonest company. 

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Mar 17, 2017
realtor1000 Cardholder

I absolutely hate this credit card!!! I diecided to apply for the walmart credit card to help strengthen my credit score by adding an additional tradeline which was a big mistake. I didnt use the account for about 5-6 months because of the high interest rate. When I decided to use the account Synchrony bank lowered my credit line from 1,000 to 300 which was a few dollars over the purchase I made. Needless to say this appears on my credit report as high utilization and severly damages my score.. Even worse, the company will block the account without any notice which is extremely embarrising at the register. 

Lastly, synchrony bank has the absolute worse customer service representatives I've ever encountered in the past 40 years.It's like they have a contest on who can be the rudest and most nonchalant. If I could turn back the hands of time I would stay the hell away from this card & synchrony bank!!!!

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Mar 16, 2017
It is the most terrible ever
Anonymous Cardholder

I have only had a half dozen credit cards so far, but this is by far the worst.  The site is impossible to work with.  I have problems from the minute I applied, as I never got the signing bonus of 10% off your first order.  As soon as I can be absolutely certain that all my payments have been made and they can not slap me with any fees I will be getting rid of it.  I would rather just get my 1.5% cash back from a decent company than jump through a million hoops for the walmart card's benefits.  

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Mar 16, 2017
shayj76 Cardholder

i applied a year ago. They gave me a 300 dollar cl. Never late paying, just paid it off. asked for an increase, instead they did another credit check and took me down to a 100 dollar cl. It said three hundred when I made a 90 dollar purchase and now it looks like I made a 90 dollar purchase on a 100 dollar cl. Really making my credit look bad!!!!!

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Mar 14, 2017
Great starting limits; CS is lacking.
greykiddo Cardholder

Everyone has a preference when it comes to "big box" shopping; though I prefer Target, Walmart is okay. So when I received a preapproval, I applied. Within five minutes, I had a $1200 CL. Not bad, and the interest free for six months was great. No issues online, can pay in store, too. However, after just two months, I tried to use my card. It was declined. Not near my CL, either. So I called, and was transferred from automation (which confirmed my CL) to someone from the Philippines. Talk about frustrating; neither one of us could understand one another's accented and regionally-affected English... Long story short, given the outsourced calls, and the bank that issues the card (Synchrony) habit of pre-empting late fees, I cancelled my account. Hope y'all have a better experience. ;)  

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Mar 13, 2017
Pre-approved in July 2016
tru023 Cardholder

They approved in in July for $500, I don't use the card very often and alway pay my balance. After reading some info on this site I thought my limit seemed a little low. I asked for $1000 today and was instantly approved. It was a very easy process. 

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Mar 12, 2017
Can't get it authorized?
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for the card on Black Friday and made a purchase. Everything went fine. I decided to not to keep the stuff I bought, returned back after a couple of days resulting in 0 account balance. After that I got a call from fraud department requesting me to send my ID and proof of address. I told them not gonna bother with it while I have other %0 APR credit cards currently. After a couple of months I have applied for Amazon Store Card which is through Synchrony and got approved for $2300. Couple of months passed and I applied for Newegg credit card which is again through Synchrony. Online application told me that I need to call a number to finalize the application. Called the number, gave my phone numbers and got approved for $1500. 

I thought after giving me $4800 credit lines in total and being able to authorize myself for Newegg credit I called Walmart authorization line again. I gave them the two numbers that I have used through activation for Newegg credit which I just made couple of hours ago succesfully. 

I have been told that I need to send and ID and an address proof. They don't even listen to what you're saying. Terrible company. I just cancelled my order from Newegg after how Walmart Credit Card customer line threated me. If this is the behavoir they have while giving the card (720 CS, $1000 CL) what are they going to do if there's a problem with your payment?

I'll use my %0 APR Credit Card if I need to instead of using Syncrony's financing.

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