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Dec 26 2013
More plastic to play with
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Ok, not to play with, but it's just funny how excited I get at 43 and get approved for another card while I try and redeem myself. I'm a documentation nut so like my other two cards, I'll be updating this post (via reply) once a month or as more info comes in. A few notes to start with: My myFico scores are: Experian= 599, Equifax= 643 & Transunion= 633. CK score: 629 (Just dropped from 696, but I prefer myFico for accuracy, CK for all the cool tools and reviews). Approved for $300. ? I've read many people here state that the application process didn't do a hard inquiry, but from my research it leans more toward that it does (not 100% yet but will be next update). I see a few people referring to Walmart money card which is a totally different animal and is a prepaid. Again, I like love free information on public forums and these reviews, but will see for myself and report back as soon as I know. ? The application worried me for a minute because after I submitted it and it said I was approved, the bottom right link said "Pay now". I read the fine print before hand and saw there was no annual fee or member fee, but it certainly had me questioning myself. I clicked the link and the application page reopened with half my information filled in, looking like it was expecting me to fill it out all over again. No idea what happened there, but I did not fill it out again. ? This card gets five stars easily for the simple fact that it's the first of my now three (Capital One Secured & Credit One Visa - non secured) that actually gives you a temporary number right away. In fact they currently have a promotion going on that if you spend $75 on Walmart's site the same day you get approved, they will give you $25 off. Now before people run to try for it, I read the fine print on this as well. Only slightly negative thing is that they state the $25 will appear on your statement after your first or second billing cycle. So just don't expect it right away to come off the price. This is also going to end in a couple weeks. I imagine this sort of promotion happens often though. This is verbatim what it says: ? "Save $25 when you open a Walmart? Credit Card and spend $75 today (paid as a statement credit). Offer valid September 19, 2013 through January 31, 2014." ? I did more research and found some posts on myFico that someone was actually complaining about how fast they reported the information to the credit bureaus. I'm still amazed they were upset. I think I know why but it's because people don't understand the all popular topic of credit utilization. He stated they reported to the credit bureaus after only 3 days from the time he got approved. Another thing I will update next time. If that were the case, and people did take on this promotion to spend at least $75 in order to get $25 back in a month or two, then that would certainly put someone over the comfortable threshold of spending below 30% of a $300 card. If you have questions after reading this next paragraph, either ask by replying, or for faster answers, see my profile and read my Capital One or Credit One posts. ? People think credit utilization is a constant. That's just not how it is at all. I only speak facts here folks, but easily checked through a phone call to your bank (don't chat, they're horrible with info I think). The credit card companies normally inform the CRA's the day after your billing cycle closes (not your due date). Most banks that I've researched need at least the close of 2 billing cycles before they do their initial report, then it's every month after (but check with your bank as always). Now when the bank reports your data, they report account status in an "OK", "30 days late", "60 days late", "Charged off", etc,,, fashion. They report your total credit and the balance of your card as of the close of your billing cycle (again, not your due date). ALWAYS call your new credit card bank and ask them when they close your billing cycle. If you pay it in full every month, then this is the date you want to do that by. Due date is only how they formulate interest folks. The bigger thing that people don't seem to understand on these forums are the huge fact that each month the bank reports your data, that current credit utilization replaces the last reported. Does that lower your score? Sure, but only during that exact time frame and nothing more. People think they have a "Score", you don't have a set in stone score, but before I cover that, know that the importance of having a low credit utilization is if you are expecting inquerries. So say you're planning on getting a mortgage or car loan (any loan). Prior to that you would want to be sure your credit utilization is at the lowest you can get it (on average you'll read people state 30% or less). Other than those times, don't sweat it so much. Still do be dilligent in paying your balance to the lowest possible you can by your billing cycle close date, but every 30 days, that data is replaced with the next data reported to the agencies. In the future this will most likely change so always check dates on these posts and always check with your bank. It's you that you need to protect. ? Credit Scores: A credit score doesn't exist until a request is performed. Ever sign up for a credit report, such as from myFico? Ever notice after just a few hours it will once again prompt you to "Get you new score now!!!"? Well, the fact of the matter is that the 3 credit bureaus have different software (people overuse the term algorithm but you probably at least read that somewhere). When an inquerry is sent to that credit bureaus, the software runs the numbers and spits out a score. This score can vary because many things. One main thing is even if you buy your score direct for Experian, Equifax or Transunion, you will get a consumer model and not the lender model. Example: model 98 we get from experian, but the lenders get model 04 (for 2004). Most auto apps have criteria that lenders can set. They can disregard certain things or focus more highly on others. This is one reason your "score" often varies, though mostly it's because we only get the model from before the current (at best). So your credit score is a calculation based on the data in your credit report. So when your credit is "pulled" and a score is requested, that score is calculated through the software, Beacon (software) for Equifax, FICO for Experian (not myFic0) and Empirica for Trans Union. Your credit report changes month to month, mostly by means of automated updates to your file from creditors who report to the bureaus. The differences reflected in that raw data causes changes in your score, but only when those calculations are performed in response to a request for a score. ? Sorry for the long read, but if you're trying to better understand, then I'm trying to better help you do so. It pain me to think how long it took me to learn everything I just wrote. I hate how difficult it is to find facts in today's day and age especially. Facts are still facts even though they go ignored, but in this case, these facts cost me lots of money and tonos of grey hair. Hope I at least saved some of you the time and aggravation. ? As mentioned long ago, I'll update this with a much shorter read when I have more Walmart specific information to share. ? *Keep in mind, this is not a "forum" technically, so if you ask me a question I cannot reply? to you and must reply to my own post. Check back after a day or two and you should have a reply. Sadly Credit Karma doesn't tell you much on their "Recieve email Alerts". ? Best of luck folks. Let's go into this new year more prepared I say.

Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 12 2018
Not worth it!
Credit Karma Member

Got approved for card in January. I always paid all payments several days early and even added an extra $15-20 to minimum amount due. My total account balance in April was $44 with a payment due of $25 so I chose to pay the entire remaining balance of $44. Two weeks after paying Walmart the remains amount in my account, walmart closed my account. I had never been late, as I said always paid several days prior to the due date, I never missed a payment nor asked for an extension, and I always paid more than the minimum amount due so there was no reason to close my account. Then they reported to the credit bureau that they closed it which I totally understand but then a couple days later the reported a second time adding that they were the ones who closed the account which dropped my credit score a ton. Them closing my account after only 4 months of opening it and then reporting they closed it ?rather than account was just closed dropped my score even further. Due to a car accident several years prior, I only had a 580 credit score when opening the card in January however I had increased that credit score to 648 because of good credit history just since January, but by them closing the card and reporting it the way they did my credit score is lower now than when I opened the card. So they gave me the card with a lowcredit score but then close the card when my credit score was almost 70 points higher and ruining all my hard work to build up my credit. Upon contacting Walmart to find out the reason they closed my account/card Walmart stated they closed my account due to poor credit history and poor credit score. Makes no sense why they would give me the card with a low score and then take away when score greatly improved as well as was a great account holder. I also want to mention that the first 2 months of having this account I spent several days a week on the phone dealing with an issue of them putting the wrong social security number on my account after opening the account. So while I was approved and account was open with my social security number, somewhere along the way the removed my social security number and entered someone else?s. Walmart opened an investigation and made me send verification of my birth certificate, drivers license, and social security card to prove who I was. After verification they correctEd my account with the proper social security number which i again would like to mention was the number I was approved with. So that issue had nothing to do with them closing my account none the less it still shows how screwed up this Walmart Credit Card is, and why I would think twice on applying for it because it?s a large possibility they will ruin your credit that you?ve worked to build.?

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Oct 12 2020
dont waste your time
Credit Karma Member

i had this card, also a cabela capital one and a capital one venture miles card. so far this year i would log on and one or all would say restricted over 15 timesand i would call , give them a copy of my identification and listen to them try to explain that my email had been changed which it had not and that it would never happen again. finally got tired of it and closed my savings account i had with them and closed all 3 credit cards. . very undependable.

May 06 2020
Great credit card
Credit Karma Member

This is my third Capital One credit card and by far, the best. I use it for almost every purchase I made at Walmart so I can get the cash back reward. I haven't had any problems. I would highly recommend it.

Nov 09 2019
Can???t make payments through Capital One
Credit Karma Member

The Walmart card just switched over to Capital One. I didn?t get a bill or anything until this month, and it says there?s a $25 late fee...I never even got a bill before this one. I hate Capital One anyways. Because I was a victim of fraud, they closed my Capital One account. So I cannot add any external accounts to pay from, and I cannot have a Capital One bank account. I only made charges while it was still with Synchrony Bank, and I would not have if I had known it was going to be switched over to Capital One.

Oct 30 2019
Needs work
Credit Karma Member

Well the rewards are pretty good but paying your bill and getting line of credit back is such a pain. 3 times i had to make payments and call in to verify with my bank.... After payment was made money taken out of my bank and still no line of credit after 3 days after the money was taken out of my bank......... So i hate to say it but regretting that i signed up for the card already it hit my credit so might have let this one sit idle till capital one gets there act together with this one... Weird thing i have 2 other capital one cards that work just fine.....

Oct 30 2019
Not a great start
Credit Karma Member

Well the rewards are pretty good but paying your bill and getting line of credit back is such a pain. 3 times i had to make payments and call in to verify with my bank.... After payment was made money taken out of my bank and still no line of credit after 3 days after the money was taken out of my bank......... So i hate to say it but regretting that i signed up for the card already it hit my credit so might have let this one sit idle till capital one gets there act together with this one... Weird thing i have 2 other capital one cards that work just fine.....

Oct 26 2019
Capital one does not care about you
Credit Karma Member

Opened a credit card with Walmart August 2019, initially serviced by Sychrony and all payments made on time. Oct 2019 Walmart partnered with Capital One and moved over all of their accounts To be serviced by them. Capital One without notice closed my Walmart credit card account a few days ago, increasing my available credit ratio and lowering my credit score. They just made this switch with all of their accounts so I'm sure within the next few weeks thousands of people will be experiencing the same scenario. Capital One can do whatever they want when they want and do not care about their customers. Stay away from Capital One, when you need it most they will not help you.

Oct 16 2019
Great rewards program but payment issue
Credit Karma Member

Great benefits works great with store but disappointed in the payment transaction. Paid on the 10th and money taken out of my bank account 2 days later and still on the 17th still no reflection on my available credit?? When i called customer service telling me my bank has a hold on it while my bank says the money has been taken out.... Been a captiol one customer for awhile but this was a big disappoint. Hopefully this bug is figured out.

Sep 26 2019
They haven't reported in THREE MONTHS!
Credit Karma Member

I got this card with the intent of rebuilding my credit score and they haven't reported in three months so my score is dropping ????

Sep 22 2019
Credit Karma Member

If I could stop people from getting this card I would. I charged just a little on the card and in a min. payment, 80% of that payment were fees to have the card, 15% were the interest and the rest was to pay off what you owe. Dont get this card

Sep 21 2019
Credit Karma Member

I opened the card three years ago, my credit score is around 700 and they initially gave me a 200 dollar limit. Fast forward, they gave me 1 credit limit increase in three years to 500 dollars, on time never missed a payment. I hadn?t used the card in two months and I had a zero balance, I got a notice in the mail saying they closed my account for too many returned payments, I?ve NEVER had a returned payment. I have other Synchrony bank cards and none are like this. Don?t waste your time, horrible!

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