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Helpful to 20 out of 20 people

approved for $700 limit instantly online with ck score of 650. have had a visa card with a $500 limit for about 10 months with perfect payment history and an auto loan for $5000 for 9 months with perfect payment history. not sure if i  got the discover card or not yet( i think i might have because it said something about discounts on gas for the discover only and it was in my card details) either way im content with the limit for now. ive also read that they do very well when reporting to all major creditors and i do shop there frequently. they also give tons of promotional no interest for___ months with certain purchase amounts. thats pretty cool. i know they are a little slow when it comes to processing payments online, but then again so is my other cc. i do know the interest is awful though. i got 21% apr...ouch. but i am very good at avoiding interest so it doesnt really bother me. overall if i was going to go for any retail card it would have to be this one because of the amount of time i shop here. there was also some mention of credit limits being raised quite frequently, looking forward to freeing up some of that cc utalization!

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  Aug 31, 2012 Reply

reneenay5150(4, 20)

Review by reneenay5150

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More plastic to play with Helpful to 14 out of 14 people

Ok, not to play with, but it's just funny how excited I get at 43 and get approved for another card while I try and redeem myself. I'm a documentation nut so like my other two cards, I'll be updating this post (via reply) once a month or as more info comes in. A few notes to start with:

My myFico scores are: Experian= 599, Equifax= 643 & Transunion= 633.

CK score: 629 (Just dropped from 696, but I prefer myFico for accuracy, CK for all the cool tools and reviews).

Approved for $300.

I've read many people here state that the application process didn't do a hard inquiry, but from my research it leans more toward that it does (not 100% yet but will be next update). I see a few people referring to Walmart money card which is a totally different animal and is a prepaid. Again, I like love free information on public forums and these reviews, but will see for myself and report back as soon as I know.

The application worried me for a minute because after I submitted it and it said I was approved, the bottom right link said "Pay now". I read the fine print before hand and saw there was no annual fee or member fee, but it certainly had me questioning myself. I clicked the link and the application page reopened with half my information filled in, looking like it was expecting me to fill it out all over again. No idea what happened there, but I did not fill it out again.

This card gets five stars easily for the simple fact that it's the first of my now three (Capital One Secured & Credit One Visa - non secured) that actually gives you a temporary number right away. In fact they currently have a promotion going on that if you spend $75 on Walmart's site the same day you get approved, they will give you $25 off. Now before people run to try for it, I read the fine print on this as well. Only slightly negative thing is that they state the $25 will appear on your statement after your first or second billing cycle. So just don't expect it right away to come off the price. This is also going to end in a couple weeks. I imagine this sort of promotion happens often though. This is verbatim what it says:

"Save $25 when you open a Walmart® Credit Card and spend $75 today (paid as a statement credit). Offer valid September 19, 2013 through January 31, 2014."

I did more research and found some posts on myFico that someone was actually complaining about how fast they reported the information to the credit bureaus. I'm still amazed they were upset. I think I know why but it's because people don't understand the all popular topic of credit utilization. He stated they reported to the credit bureaus after only 3 days from the time he got approved. Another thing I will update next time. If that were the case, and people did take on this promotion to spend at least $75 in order to get $25 back in a month or two, then that would certainly put someone over the comfortable threshold of spending below 30% of a $300 card. If you have questions after reading this next paragraph, either ask by replying, or for faster answers, see my profile and read my Capital One or Credit One posts.

People think credit utilization is a constant. That's just not how it is at all. I only speak facts here folks, but easily checked through a phone call to your bank (don't chat, they're horrible with info I think). The credit card companies normally inform the CRA's the day after your billing cycle closes (not your due date). Most banks that I've researched need at least the close of 2 billing cycles before they do their initial report, then it's every month after (but check with your bank as always). Now when the bank reports your data, they report account status in an "OK", "30 days late", "60 days late", "Charged off", etc,,, fashion. They report your total credit and the balance of your card as of the close of your billing cycle (again, not your due date). ALWAYS call your new credit card bank and ask them when they close your billing cycle. If you pay it in full every month, then this is the date you want to do that by. Due date is only how they formulate interest folks. The bigger thing that people don't seem to understand on these forums are the huge fact that each month the bank reports your data, that current credit utilization replaces the last reported. Does that lower your score? Sure, but only during that exact time frame and nothing more. People think they have a "Score", you don't have a set in stone score, but before I cover that, know that the importance of having a low credit utilization is if you are expecting inquerries. So say you're planning on getting a mortgage or car loan (any loan). Prior to that you would want to be sure your credit utilization is at the lowest you can get it (on average you'll read people state 30% or less). Other than those times, don't sweat it so much. Still do be dilligent in paying your balance to the lowest possible you can by your billing cycle close date, but every 30 days, that data is replaced with the next data reported to the agencies. In the future this will most likely change so always check dates on these posts and always check with your bank. It's you that you need to protect.

Credit Scores:

A credit score doesn't exist until a request is performed. Ever sign up for a credit report, such as from myFico? Ever notice after just a few hours it will once again prompt you to "Get you new score now!!!"? Well, the fact of the matter is that the 3 credit bureaus have different software (people overuse the term algorithm but you probably at least read that somewhere). When an inquerry is sent to that credit bureaus, the software runs the numbers and spits out a score. This score can vary because many things. One main thing is even if you buy your score direct for Experian, Equifax or Transunion, you will get a consumer model and not the lender model. Example: model 98 we get from experian, but the lenders get model 04 (for 2004). Most auto apps have criteria that lenders can set. They can disregard certain things or focus more highly on others. This is one reason your "score" often varies, though mostly it's because we only get the model from before the current (at best). So your credit score is a calculation based on the data in your credit report. So when your credit is "pulled" and a score is requested, that score is calculated through the software, Beacon (software) for Equifax, FICO for Experian (not myFic0) and Empirica for Trans Union. Your credit report changes month to month, mostly by means of automated updates to your file from creditors who report to the bureaus. The differences reflected in that raw data causes changes in your score, but only when those calculations are performed in response to a request for a score.

Sorry for the long read, but if you're trying to better understand, then I'm trying to better help you do so. It pain me to think how long it took me to learn everything I just wrote. I hate how difficult it is to find facts in today's day and age especially. Facts are still facts even though they go ignored, but in this case, these facts cost me lots of money and tonos of grey hair. Hope I at least saved some of you the time and aggravation.

As mentioned long ago, I'll update this with a much shorter read when I have more Walmart specific information to share.

*Keep in mind, this is not a "forum" technically, so if you ask me a question I cannot reply  to you and must reply to my own post. Check back after a day or two and you should have a reply. Sadly Credit Karma doesn't tell you much on their "Recieve email Alerts".

Best of luck folks. Let's go into this new year more prepared I say.

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  Dec 26, 2013 Reply

Danbo777(41, 286)

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Review by Danbo777

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Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

6 Jan 2014 - *** Update ***
* Please note that credit karma doesn't list replies in oldest to newest, so look at the dates if you're following this.

Update Includes: Timeline - Reporting to CRA's - Hard inquiry confirmed - Walmart's Fico website info (Transunion (not Experian) report monitoring they offer for free) - & Much more.



Dec 26 2013 (3:37 PM EST) - Applied and approved for $300. Instant use of card with temporary account number on

27 Dec 2013 - Credit Karma reported a new "Hard inquiry" was found on my Transunion credit report (shows as GECRB/WALMART).

1 Jan 2014 - myFico reported the new card was now on my Equifax report.

2 Jan 2014 - Credit Karma reported this card was now on my Transunion report. More details on this below.

4 Jan 2014 (Saturday) - Card received - normal postal mail - sent from Orlando FL (I live in Naples, FL).

5 Jan 2014 (Sunday) - myFico alert received, stating I had changes to my credit report. The changes were:

 * New reported balance. Yes, they reported twice to the bureaus already by this time. More notes on this below.

 * Credit score change from 643 - 650 (Equifax).

 * * This is only reported to me from myFico because I pay monthly for their "Score Watch".


Walmart's "Fico" site\info:

As you most likely know, Walmart card holders are given a site they can few their Fico score.

Some people have stated that this is based on Experian data, and some even said they signed up for this card, just to have a free means to track their "Experian" fico score. Well, this site\page has nothing to do with Experian. It's data is pulled from Transunion. Not sure why the confusion on this since it's clearly stated in several places. In fact, if you choose to see your entire report, you will be redirected to myFico's site under their Transunion option where you will then be able to purchase your "Fico Standard Transunion" report for $19.95. I have myFico and prefer them out of the rest, although their customer service leaves a lot to be desired (a lot).

To get to the Fico page on Walmart's site, you hover your mouse over "Account Services" (Top center tab) and click on "View Fico Score".

You will then be shown a small graph type ruler like you're used to seeing here on CreditKarma, with where are fall along its path. It will show you your Fico score and the date that data was updated. Below that you are shown a brief summary of "Key Factors Affecting your FICO® Score". Again, this is very similar to what you see here on credit karma or myFico. Finally, below that you have another graph for "Your FICO® Score History". This graph starts collecting history when you first create your online account and will not show history later than that.

A couple notes on this:

* To be able to view this page, you must create\register your account online and also opt in for electronic statements. This means you won't get a written statement from them anymore. I always do electronic anyway. Save a tree and less paperwork on my desk.

* I'm not sure how often it updates. In the few days I've checked it, it still has the same date. I imagine this is either monthly, or the same frequency credit karma updates theirs, based on new Transunion data being reported by the banks.


What's reported - When & why: (Important because this will temporarily effect your credit utilization).

Once credit karma reports this new card on your credit report (for me, CK reported this 7 days after my app as shown in the timeline above), you'll be able to see the card and basic information. The information it shows (on CK) is:

* Date opened - (opened Dec 26 2013).

* Reported Balance - ($0 - also shows: "reported Dec 27, 2013").

* Reported Utilization - (0.00%).

* Missed Payments - (0).

* Credit Limit - ($300).

MyFico showed more things, like:

* Past due: Not reported.

* Status: Pays account as agreed.

* Portfolio type: Revolving or Option.

* Credit limit or largest balance: Not reported.

* Payment terms: Not reported.

* Description: Charge.

This is their initial report and even if you use your card immediately after you're approved for it (since you get a temporary number), it will still show all 0's. You should however expect to see them update this data to the credit reporting agencies before or just as you get your card. I used the card right away to take advantage of a promotion they were doing in getting $25 off if you use your card the same day you get approved (I planned on using it right away anyway).

3 January, Walmart reported to the credit bureaus for the second time and I hadn't even had my card yet. I didn't put this in the timeline above because this would confuse people and could very well just be my luck. This new reported balance had my actual owed balance on it, unlike their initial report. This effected my credit utilization quite a bit. They reported my balance of $243 that I intended to pay the minute I got my card and online account established. This may really anger people, but most likely they're under false pretenses what and how their credit utilization works. I think I over explain this in too many posts already, so just know that each month your balance is reported the day after your billing cycle closes (this is true with Capital One, Credit One and confirmed minutes ago that this is true with Walmart). Even though I hadn't even got my actual card yet, my "billing cycle" closed on January 2nd. This is why the second report so soon. The thing most people I've seen misunderstand is that your balance reported each month wipes out last months, and so on. So this reported data is now on my credit report until February and there's nothing I can do about that. To me, I can care less because it doesn't make one bit of difference unless I need to see my score in the next 30 days. Others might want to keep this in mind if you intend on filling out more credit card applications in the next few days. Other than that you'll be fine. I highly doubt anyone would be applying for a mortgage right after applying for a walmart card after all, but just keep it in mind that this happened to me and can most likely be the same case with everyone. In my case I now have 3 cards. 2 have a 0 balance so this in the only one reported having a balance. The way you get your credit utilization is total all your credit available. In my case that's Capital One $500, Credit One $300 & Walmart $300. For me that equals $1,100.00. Divide you total balance into your available credit, so my total balance is $243. Dividing that by 1100 gives me a credit utilization of 22% (doing the math that will be seen as .22). Basic general consensus is to be below 30%. I prefer to always shoot for 0%, but 30% is still a good number if you must. That doesn't mean you can't one day be at 99%, that only means to pay that off or down before the close of that billing cycle, since that is the data that will get reported. Paying by your Due date only means you'll avoid paying interest if paid in full by that date. It has nothing at all to do with what's reported. I knew before I called that this had to be due to my billing cycle already closing because I already had a due date of 1-25-2014 soon as I registered. I registered the minute I got my card, and that was 1-4-2014. Due dates are between 21-25 days after your billing cycle closes, so any posted due date means a billing cycle had to have closed.


Scores since this card was reported:

I don't have all my scores pulled yet, or plan to for another month or two, but I still have some info since this card was reported.

My CK score dropped - 629 to 620.

Walmart's Transunion Fico score - 629.

myFico Equifax score increased - 643 to 650.

Scores often drop as a result of additional cards being added. You might not see any drop when getting your first card, and you might not see any drop at all for your first few cards. Just know that if you do see this, it's only temporary.


Where can you use your Wal-Mart Credit Card?

Any Wal-Mart Store and on, Neighborhood Market (this is also known as Walmart Market and is the grocery store that some Walmart's have in them), and SAM's Club (a Sam's Club membership is still required to shop at Sam's Club. Personally not worth it, unless you buy in bulk, but even then there aren't enough deals to justify their $45 a year membership, and in some cases, no real deal at all. Just my $.02).


Misc notes:

* I have my other cards "linked" here on creditkarma, but can't "Connect" this Walmart card. Credit Karma doesn't have an option for this particular card. I only see three options for walmart cards and none are this one. None of the three allow me to log in. The only three I see are walmart paycard, walmart mastercard (Canada), and walmart money card. None of those are this card. I tried under GE as well and nothing. I emailed support in case I was just missing it somewhere, but they haven't replied yet. It's a shame and hope there's a way because I like being able to see all my card data in front of me at any given time. I'll have to update this another time, or if anyone finds what we link this to, please explain.

* It would save a step to have a account prior to applying for the card. This is the account, not the credit card account of course, but their website you can shop from. I didn't remember that I had one, but turned out I did from buying a computer mouse a couple years ago. The application process will take information from that, saving time. I'm not sure what would happen if you didn't have this account already set up prior to the application as far as the temporary credit card account number. I would suggest that if you want to use it while you wait for the card, to get this set up prior.

Once my application had been approved there was no further mention of my temporary account number. No email came or anything so I logged into my account and was pleased to see that under "Payment Method Details" in my account, there it was. Listed as "Wal-Mart Credit Card". Above the account number it says "Temporary Account:". Only the last 4 of the account number show and expiration date says N/A.

* The ability to use the temporary card has a small restriction. You can order things online, but they can only ship them to the address you gave on your "credit card application", or use their "Ship to store" with "In Store Pickup". I chose to do the Ship to store because I started moving over the new year holiday. My address on my account was old and I changed that without issues. Don't confuse that address with what you put on your application. The one on Walmart.Com can be anything, but it will only ship to what address you used on the app (or ship to store). Ship to store does allow you to pick any store you want, but you must be the person picking it up because it's your ID they will need to see.

* Wal-Mart has a once a day cash option that allows you to get up to $60 quick cash ($100 for Walmart's discover card) from an in store, Walmart owned register. You do need to make a purchase at the time, and you will of course need to have the available credit remaining on your card. The great thing about this is unlike most cards, they list this as an actual transaction and not like a credit card ATM withdrawal would. That means 0% in my book, but although I've fully read their terms and conditions, I have never done this and don't plan on it. If I ever do, I'll of course update you all on the result.


As always, call as soon as you get your card(s) activated and ask them what your billing cycle close date is. If you get into the habit of paying your balance by that date, you'll not only never miss a due date, but you'll also always have a very low, or no credit utilization reported. On that note of "No credit utilization reported" and since I've actually read people say they were going to let a balance carry over to the next billing cycle just to avoid not seeing a value other than "N/A". N/A is equal to 0%. Don't be foolish in carrying over a balance just so you can see a number, seriously. N/A or 0% is better than 1%.

Loved the speed of this card's processing and wish banks could move just as fast. Typically it takes me 3 or more updates to get all this information but here it all is in just over one week!

Take care and happy new year!

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  Jan 06, 2014

Danbo777(41, 286)

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Review by Danbo777

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Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

7 Jan 2014 - *** mini-Update ***

This will most likely be my last update since as you can see in my update yesterday, I think I've covered just about everything. Like my other comments though, I'll monitor them for questions and do my best to answer them in a timely fashion, providing I'm not banned and have interent and such ;)

Just a small update since I got my statement today in the mail. Just wanted to say that the actual statement has you "Billing cycle close date" right on it. This date shouldn't change and is one thing that was brought into law from the FCA (Fair credit act). So my close date shows. 2 Jan 2014. That means the 2nd of every month that will be my close date. I had called on this yesterday and they said the same thing, but it's nice to see it's one less call you need to worry about since it's right there on your statement. It still doesn't hurt to call, but so you know, there was no option to talk to a customer service rep, I just kept saying "Customer service". I was then on hold for about 10 minutes.

The other small thing is that if there's a promotion going on like the one I explained in them offering $25 off in a later credit if you spend $75 the same day you apply for the card. If you're like me and read the fine print, it states that this credit will come within a couple billing cycles. Well, it's already on my statement and my account was credited the $25.

That's it for this card I think for updates, but will report back if anything new arises that people may want to know (like any increases, etc).

Good luck, folks!

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  Jan 07, 2014

Danbo777(41, 286)

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Review by Danbo777

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Top Contributor

Wow, really good info here Danbo, If people working on rebuilding read the info you posted it can be very helpful.

In one of your updates you mention you don't know yet how often the TU FICO updates with this card, the answer is once a month, and they are quicker than my Barclays Rewards card does.  The walmart card usually updates around the 6th or 7th of the month, with an update "date" of the 2d or 3d.

switchman70's reply was:    

  Feb 28, 2014

switchman70(125, 81)

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Review by switchman70

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Helpful to 19 out of 20 people

I was approved for this card with a starting limit of $700 in December 2009.  In April 2010 it was increased to $800.  Then in October 2010 they increased it to $925.  My credit score was 680 at the time of approval. They do allow you to receive cash advances. At first it was $60 but they increased it to $140. Keep in mind you will be paying up to 29.99% interest on cash advances. The interest rate is 22.90%.  It has no Annual fee.  ***Keep in mind on any credit card you are approved for try to never go over using 35% of  the available credit.  For example if your approved for $1000 limit only utilize $350. This keeps your credit score up and reduces the risk of your limit possibly being lowered and ending up in a maxed out status.

psychicmike's review was:    

  Dec 01, 2010 Reply

psychicmike(27, 247)

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Review by psychicmike

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Applied and granted Helpful to 10 out of 10 people

Appliied for the Walmart card and was instantly approved for 900 CL..CK score was 640 make sure you have your credit cards paid down. I have paid all 3 of mine down and i think that helped..Thanks for all the help on here over the last couple of newbies--Pay attention to what is said and stay strong...

Oct 26, 2012 Reply
Instantly Approved CK 572 Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

Instantly approved for $700 with a Credit Karma score of 572.

Elisa1840's review was:    

  Jul 29, 2013 Reply

Elisa1840(6, 20)

Review by Elisa1840

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Are you still pleased with this credit card? Have you experienced any issues and do you always pay off your balance every month?

MsRyce's reply was:    

  Dec 29, 2013

MsRyce(6, 1)

Review by MsRyce

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Surprise increase Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

Got this card four months ago with a 300cl. I was going to request an increase today, but they beat me to it! Woke up to find my limit had increased to 700!  I had this card for four months but I use it often and have made about six payments. My Old Navy went from 200-400 last mont and my JCPenny went from 100-250 last night also. Rebuilding my credit and GEMB has been a great start. 

J1teach's review was:    

  Dec 05, 2012 Reply

J1teach(3, 10)

Review by J1teach

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Do you always pay off your balance? Or just pay more than the minimum amount?

MsRyce's reply was:    

  Dec 29, 2013

MsRyce(6, 1)

Review by MsRyce

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CLI after 3 months! Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

I applied for the Walmart credit card in June and was instantly approved online for a $150 limit. Nothing to write home about :), but just last month my CL increased to $800 (three short months). I am hoping for an additional increase before the holidays. At any rate - no complaints.

Vegas1999's review was:    

  Oct 08, 2012 Reply

Vegas1999(1, 9)

Review by Vegas1999

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Helpful to 16 out of 18 people

I logged into my online Walmart acct and preapproved for $1,200 credit limit. Most of the information on the application was alread pre-filled. I completed the remainder of the app. and was immediately approved. I went to Sams Club and applied for a membership and was pre-approved on the spot for a $1000 credit line. I accepted the offer. I had to wait for about 30 minutes because I listed my PO Box as my address. Once that was cleared up, I was approved. I have been rebuilding my credit over the last past year. All of my credit scores are in the low to mid 600's. I have some charge offs that I settled, 1 unpaid judgement and late payments in the past. I have received credit from  the following lenders since I started rebuilding my credit Capital one $30,000 car loan, Cap. one rewards card $500, Cap one. Plat. secured $300, Belk, $200, Texaco 400, Sams Club $1,200, Walmart $1000 and Pay Pal Connect $400. All of these cards with the exception of Cap One are GE Capital Cards. GE is great when you're rebuilding your credit.

king29550's review was:    

  Sep 12, 2012 Reply

king29550(3, 27)

Review by king29550

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Hello I was reading your comment. I got approved for 300.00. I plan to use for croceries and son games and pay off every month. How soon should I wait to get a sam's club card? I have a capital one visa 50 cl, capital one master card 750.00 cl, credit one visa 400 cl, and premeir master card 700 cl, and now walmart 300cl.

vondia38's reply was:    

  Oct 09, 2013

vondia38(2, 0)

Review by vondia38

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Helpful to 10 out of 11 people

WOW! Very, very surprised! Filed bkruptcy 2 years ago and now slowly getting credit back together. I currently have a CK score of 586 and was approved with a small credit line of $150. Not worried about the credit line too much...just wanting to get my credit how it used to be.

maurice8883's review was:    

  Sep 19, 2012 Reply

maurice8883(2, 10)

Review by maurice8883

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Helpful to 6 out of 6 people


jroberts33's reply was:    

  Nov 11, 2012

jroberts33(1, 6)

Review by jroberts33

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That's Awesome!!

I just finished college, and I totally ruined my credit. Fortunuately they are just credit cards, and nothing too much to handle. However you give me hope. Thank you!

AlexandriaNicoleJ's reply was:    

  Jun 22, 2013

AlexandriaNicoleJ(1, 0)

Review by AlexandriaNicoleJ

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Helpful to 8 out of 9 people

I was approved with a $300 limit with a CK score of 656. I got it because I'm working on rebuilding credit and wanted as many lines as possible before my hiatus from accepting new credit offers. I will report back in 6 months with progress.

catalyst13's review was:    

  Jan 05, 2011 Reply

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Forgot to update everyone. After about 9 months my limit increased to $400 without asking. I hadn't even realized it until I applied to increase the limit on my other GE Money Bank Card (Amazon Store Card) and the reason for denial was that they had recently extended me more credit. Checked my Wal-Mart Card and it was there.

catalyst13's reply was:    

  Apr 02, 2012

catalyst13(10, 11)

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Review by catalyst13

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The Wal-Mart Credit Card is offered by GE Money Bank for Wal-Mart customers. Credit card benefits may include online account management and cash promotions for approved applications. Online account access includes credit card statements, payments, request for credit limit increases, and email and phone alerts.

Established in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, Wal-Mart is a discount retailer that currently serves fifteen countries worldwide.Known for its motto “save money. live better”, Wal-Mart is recognized by its bright blue warehouse-like buildings and it's white logo. Products span an array of household items, automotive, food, and more. With its popularity, Wal-Mart has also been scrutinized for its business practices. Consumers are concerned about Wal-Mart’s lack of benefits for its employees, hiring practices, and the circumstances of small businesses driven out by Wal-Mart competition.

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