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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 07, 2018
No Problems - Happy with it
JMcKinney729 Cardholder

Just so everyone knows - I see a lot of issues with Synchrony bank backing Walmart. Apparently they've "Broken Up". Capital One will be backing Walmart Credit Cards after August 2019. Could be a light at the end of the tunnel for some and a dark and gloomy future for those not fond of CapOne.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 12, 2018
Not worth it!
OutdoorsGal Cardholder

Got approved for card in January. I always paid all payments several days early and even added an extra $15-20 to minimum amount due. My total account balance in April was $44 with a payment due of $25 so I chose to pay the entire remaining balance of $44. Two weeks after paying Walmart the remains amount in my account, walmart closed my account. I had never been late, as I said always paid several days prior to the due date, I never missed a payment nor asked for an extension, and I always paid more than the minimum amount due so there was no reason to close my account. Then they reported to the credit bureau that they closed it which I totally understand but then a couple days later the reported a second time adding that they were the ones who closed the account which dropped my credit score a ton. Them closing my account after only 4 months of opening it and then reporting they closed it  rather than account was just closed dropped my score even further. Due to a car accident several years prior, I only had a 580 credit score when opening the card in January however I had increased that credit score to 648 because of good credit history just since January, but by them closing the card and reporting it the way they did my credit score is lower now than when I opened the card. So they gave me the card with a lowcredit score but then close the card when my credit score was almost 70 points higher and ruining all my hard work to build up my credit. Upon contacting Walmart to find out the reason they closed my account/card Walmart stated they closed my account due to poor credit history and poor credit score. Makes no sense why they would give me the card with a low score and then take away when score greatly improved as well as was a great account holder. I also want to mention that the first 2 months of having this account I spent several days a week on the phone dealing with an issue of them putting the wrong social security number on my account after opening the account. So while I was approved and account was open with my social security number, somewhere along the way the removed my social security number and entered someone else’s. Walmart opened an investigation and made me send verification of my birth certificate, drivers license, and social security card to prove who I was. After verification they correctEd my account with the proper social security number which i again would like to mention was the number I was approved with. So that issue had nothing to do with them closing my account none the less it still shows how screwed up this Walmart Credit Card is, and why I would think twice on applying for it because it’s a large possibility they will ruin your credit that you’ve worked to build. 

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Apr 22, 2019
jons69 Cardholder

I have been with them for 5+ years, spent many thousands of dollars on it. My limit was up to $8000, I owed them nothing, my balance was zero and they dropped my limit down to $1700 because I have not used it in a year. I have perfect credit and I’m not sure who’s running their business but they need another CEO. They run off customers that have been PERFECT customers for them! This dropped my credit score a few points because of this low class, rinkydinky credit card. I’m so mad, I told them to close my account out and I will not even shop there anymore.

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Apr 22, 2019
Don't bother - Cons outweigh the pros

I had this card for about a year and a half before closing it. It's not worth owning. Walmart has been eroding the benefits little by little, like their recently discontinued 'Saving Catcher' price match policy. Many of the better cash back deals require pay by phone which is annoying, buggy and slow. But the biggest con? You can't save pdf copies of your monthly statements if you get your statements by mail. I find that insulting. All in all there is little to no benefits, all the benefits require jumping through hoops and you can't even expect the basic courtesies of other credit cards. I'm so happy to finally have closed my account.

All in all, don't choose it. Go for one of any of the other 2% cash back general purpose cash back credit cards out there.

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Apr 18, 2019
I wouldnt recommend
trenita27 Cardholder

This credit card is the verse would not recomend walmart need to take there credit card buiness away from synchrony bank. They took almost 75 points of credit score they keep pulling credit even after you have the credit card they are the verse. Custermer services are rude

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Apr 16, 2019
Kira2019 Cardholder

I have always paid on time and even now the card was paid in full. Just today I received a notification saying the account had been closed without any notice and upon calling the company no feasible answer was given besides maybe my credit score had decreased which is a lie because I was in the 540s when they issued the card. Now I'm in the 630s because they closed the account. Prior to the unknown closing of the account I had build up my credit over time to the 670s. So thanks alot Walmart for dropping my credit score right before I planned to apply for a mortgage loan for me and my kids.

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Apr 16, 2019
Jbishere75 Cardholder

I opened an account, used it, paid it off, didn't use it for a couple months, and when I tried to, was told the account had been closed!

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Apr 06, 2019
Bwk91355 Cardholder

I’ve never had any real problems with my Walmart Card. I always make my payments on time, I’ve had it for 4 years now and they’ve never lowered my credit limit and I have my card nearly maxed out, sometimes even over the limit. My limit was $600 but when hurricane Irma came through Florida they generously upped my limit to $1,000 and even covered a payment for me along with waiving interest for a short time. So I was really impressed! The only annoying thing I’ve had with this card was when I lost it I ordered a replacement and it appeared as 2 cards on my credit report, one closed due to being lost and then the replacement card but it retained my years of history. I recommend it but am Interested in why so many people have had their limits dropped. 

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Apr 03, 2019
Pretty good until it denies your payment
Nirettam94 Cardholder

Payments will be refused then they will close your account.

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Apr 01, 2019
MistiChristine Cardholder

I have had this card for 3 years and they lowered my limit. Yes I was late making a payment but that was my first time ever being late!!! And after I noticed I paid half of the balance. I have been crazy busy lately and forgot to pay it again and they lowered my limit!!! I literally just paid 2 years worth of payments!! Terrible!!!

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Mar 28, 2019
lucdragon Cardholder

I've had this card for 8 years now, and I've watched them rebrand multiple times. I was finally pretty happy with the card... until the last rebranding. Each and every time I made a monthly payment, they would reduce my credit line. Then they'd send me a letter about them reducing my line due to my ratios being off. WELL DUH, idiots. You're the ones who keep screwing my ratios! My credi score is currently a 743, and they just dropped my credit line from $2500 to $250 after I paid them off. Every other card I have did exactly the opposite. If it wouldn't harm my credit report, I'd close this stupid card, but I'm in the midst of trying to buy a home and can't afford my score to take an even bigger hit than they've already slapped me with. 

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Mar 28, 2019
Synchrony bank sucks!!!!
MissValleyGirl Cardholder

This is the worst bank ever!!!! Do not get this card!!!!!!!! I have a 150 balance and I will pay this off and close this account. I wish I would have paid attention to the other negative reviews!!!!!!!!

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