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How hard is it to get a department store credit card?
I heard a department store credit card was easier to get. To start rebuilding credit. Is this true?
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Yes and no. It helps but you need to do more to rebuild credit and rebuild credit means time. Most of those credit card are easy to get and that depends in where your credit stands at this time. Some department stores has a lot of policies to give credit to high risky consumer. While others don't have so much. If you at least have been paying your bills on time without no late or missed payments recently, have less than 30% in your credit utilization ratio, don't have to many hard inquiries in a short time frame and have a good income to sustain your debts. You should have no problem at all. Just find the best one that suits for what you want. My personal recommendation is take on a secured card if you want to rebuild credit. There are so many good ones around. Good Luck.

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How do you know which department store cards are easier to get without applying? Because you then of course have too many inquiries. I have two Capital One Cards, however I would like a department store card and don't know the "safest one" to apply for.

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