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Oct 15 2017
Credit building
Credit Karma Member

My wife signed me up for CK during tax season to do our taxes through them. A couple months later I get an email about a change to my score. A little back story for me, years ago I got layed off, house was foreclosed etc . . . cue tiny violin. Short story long, I avoided credit, payed cash for everything from that point on. So what do I do when I get that email? I check it, and I think to myself, what now? I log in for the first time and see that my score is 618 across the board. My first thought is, that?s not too bad. And that?s when I made it a goal to improve my score. CK said I had a fair chance at this card, so I said why not. At that time, May ?17, I was approved instantly for $300. Woot, it?s a start down a long road. I did ask for a CLI after two statements and was granted a $400 CL. My payment due date is the 6th of the month and Capital One posts to the bureaus on the 8/9th of the month for me. I pay off the card in full by my due date and don?t use the card for a few days after. This shows up as 0% credit utilization when I update on CK afterwards. As of now, I?m at a 695TU, 688Ex, 688Fico and I?ve been approved for an Amex BCP (score increases not updated on CK yet) and I?ve just had this card increased to $750. I was at 588 when my wife signed me up for CK in March and now I stand 100+ points above that, here in October. You can do it too.?

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Jun 02 2015
Approval Odds "good" yeah right!
Credit Karma Member

I am more upset with Credit Karma than the actual card. It pulled a hard inquiry damaging my credit score. With the approval odds being "good", I applied like an idiot. So in a few days I get to read why I was declined. Why not tell someone that their chances are complete crap instead of causing their credit score to drop?

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Aug 18 2020
No Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

Everything is automated, so if you don't need anything from customer service your good; otherwise, you'll encounter the worst customer service you can find.

Jul 09 2020
Journey turns into Quick Silver!
Credit Karma Member

This is the first card I had from Capital One which turns into Quick Silver with regular use and payments made. Capital One is the best creditor on the market! I will trust them BEFORE I trust anyone else as a creditor and their customer service is AWESOME!!!!

Jun 18 2020
Okay card
Credit Karma Member

I got approved with a low credit score the interest-rate is very high 24%They gave me a limit of 800.00 and it's been 5 plus years my credit score is 720 and i still have that same low limit.

Jan 06 2020
Credit Karma Member

It has the worst CS. They cannot get my credit report which is not frozen or anything and thus no credit line increase after many years. They asked me to write a mail to them and discribe my problem. Not an email , A MAIL in 2020 AC. I am tired of talking with their CS on the phone. No chat CS.

Dec 20 2019
Credit Karma Member

Veary Pleased

Dec 19 2019
My second card, my favorite
Credit Karma Member

It started out as a little 500CL, and has grown several times. The cashback structure offers a little tiny reward for paying on time. There's a breakdown of virtually everything. Great starter card, and while I have better cards now, this one still gets some love.

Dec 16 2019
Credit Karma Member

Very decent starting card, the cashback is well, Capital one ENO is pleasant, and Capital one in general is good, minus the customer support.

Oct 30 2019
This card is horrible
Credit Karma Member

This card is so bad it took 53 points off my credit for literally no reason. I am not late and my payment is not due till November 21 what the hell is wrong with this credit card company. After I pay it off I am done with it. I have had it a month and they took 53 points off my credit this card is literally a piece of crap. If you want to ruin your credit get this card low limits also. I am seriously ****ed and I am going to Equifax to get this piece of crap taken off my credit o am also going to contact this worthless company in the morning.

Oct 24 2019
Great starter card!
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for a few years now and I've never had any issues. They increase your CL every couple of months especially if you make big purchases and pay them off in time. I would definitely recommend this card to anyone who is starting off.

Oct 23 2019
Excellent Start to credit cards
Credit Karma Member

This card was perfect for me to start my credit off.

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Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One®

Journey℠ Student Rewards from Capital One®

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