Fifth Third Bank Reviews
Mar 18, 2017
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I honestly don't understand all the negative reviews on this, especially about the online banking. I personally love 5/3rds online banking and app banking. I have seen my wifes online banking for another company and it was god awful and looked like something from the 90s lol...

But the card itself, I've had since probably... 2012? Being now 2017 I have not had an automatic increase. My Credit limit is $300 and has remained that way since I have never requested an increase. I am currently building back up my credit at the moment to apply for another card from Chase (hopefully their Unlimited Card).

The card allows you to do online transfers (payments) if you have a bank account with 5/3 as well. The interest on a cash withdraw seemed a bit high when I had to a couple times.

Other than that I personally love the card and wish I could just request my increase right now. But I really don't want  a set back when I'm trying to build for a higher CS.

Oh and I applied for the card in person and got approved that day at the bank. 


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Sep 22, 2017
Worst customer service ever
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Requested a hardship defferement after hurricane Irma and was not granted the request. No help during a persons darkest hour and time of need. Even after years of making all mortgage payments. Horrible bank, profit driven! 

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Mar 13, 2017

I got an automobile load with fiftth third bank the customer service is horrible.  I cannot get anyone on the telephone.  I have not received a bill at all.

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Oct 16, 2017
New home, using 5/3 mistake
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I made a 'conventional purchase', 20% down so i thought I would use a national bank and get the best rate. I went on line and called 53 Mortgage.  Rate was good, I got a discount for being a 53 customer and the application went ok.  After the applicaiton was complete, I could not get my loan officer or processor to return a phone call. 

My documents were all in and undrwriting approved quickly, 

53 messed us the appraisal paperwork and the loan sat for 2 weeks.  I missed my closing date.  Called53, processor and loan officer, no one answered, I could not get a closing date. 3 days went by, nothing   from 53 but my insurance agent called and told me the date. becasue he got a request for paperwork. 

Thanks for nothing 53!  It cost me a few hundred dollars out of pocket to get the closing scheduled past my contract date.    Tell your friends, do not use 53 Mortgage if you want any customer service support.

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