Fifth Third Bank Reviews
Jul 29, 2016
They misrepresented the interest rate.

I have an 805 Credit score and have worked in the same industry for 15 years, have been at my home for 5 years.  I normally get the lowest interest rate on everything i apply for.  5/3 bank rep at the branch told m e the HELOC rates are a "touch" above 3.  After i jumped through all the hoops, sent all the required info, they came back w/ a 5.25% rate. I was floored.  My brother applied for one w/ a different bank and got a 2.99% rate.  The rep went on to tell me that the lowest they can give anyone is 3.9%, because they do prime + .4%, which is still high and something he should have told me when i asked him in the 1st place before i applied.  Look around at other banks and you can find a much cheaper rate. 

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Mar 18, 2017
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I honestly don't understand all the negative reviews on this, especially about the online banking. I personally love 5/3rds online banking and app banking. I have seen my wifes online banking for another company and it was god awful and looked like something from the 90s lol...

But the card itself, I've had since probably... 2012? Being now 2017 I have not had an automatic increase. My Credit limit is $300 and has remained that way since I have never requested an increase. I am currently building back up my credit at the moment to apply for another card from Chase (hopefully their Unlimited Card).

The card allows you to do online transfers (payments) if you have a bank account with 5/3 as well. The interest on a cash withdraw seemed a bit high when I had to a couple times.

Other than that I personally love the card and wish I could just request my increase right now. But I really don't want  a set back when I'm trying to build for a higher CS.

Oh and I applied for the card in person and got approved that day at the bank. 


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Jul 10, 2017
Fraud dept may stop payments at any poin
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I have had this account almost 2byears. I just went to make my gas payment online like I do every month and it was declined even though it was $10 less than my available balance. I got a text from the fraud dept asking if I was making the purchase. I called and verified, and was told to wait 5 minutes and make the payment again. I was told the fraud dept could stop payment for any out of state transactions and, if I take a road trip, I have to call the bank every time I go to use the card out of state reporting the city and state I'm in and waiting for the card to be unlocked for that location before I use it. Never thought I'd have to report my exact location every transaction while on vacation. Definitely changing banks before travelling.

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Mar 13, 2017

I got an automobile load with fiftth third bank the customer service is horrible.  I cannot get anyone on the telephone.  I have not received a bill at all.

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Jun 15, 2017
Disorganized, no communication
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Worst experience 

loan in underwriting for over 3 weeks branch officer went on maternity leave didn't know she was preg. Nor did she email us saying contact this person for information. There were like 4 people involved. Pre approved have good amount of $ in bank did everything they asked... get this today at 5pm they call State Farm (home insurance ) tell them they need to activate policy closing on 23rd !! So excited so we call Chris ( the underwriter assistant lol ) he said oh no we just needed a paper showing policy which she provided last week! He said it looks good call you tomorrow ! Now mind you it's been 4 weeks a few weeks ago they needed verification from previous employer we gave w2 tax return and a few pay stubs plus we bank with them so they can see every direct deposit made from this one man show company no corporate to verify well one hour later we get an email saying we can't approve we need s pay stub ??? You have one!! We need year 2015 ending stub ?? Like they pushed the sellers deadline 2x already and we addressed this weeks ago wtf didn't you say that then! So unorganized no communication !! Our family is loosing out on our home because of them going to rapid mortgage and now how to go through all this again !!  

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