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Jan 08, 2014
First Company, Possibly Last
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I got lucky enough that my parents have had Cincinatti so that when I purchased a home, I had a sort of loyalty discount. The customer service is stellar. I'm through a local service in Birmingham, AL, that handles applications and such. Also transferred my wife's car onto the combined policy from esurance and with better coverage, literally cut her rate in half. Very happy so far and haven't even had a claim yet. (And I hear that's one of their best qualities.)

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Aug 11, 2015
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When I had an accident the repair shop failed to fully repair my vehicle and when I took it back to the shop the day after picking it up they apologized for missing it and fixed the problem.  Farm Bureau however refused to pay the $810 it cost to get fixed because it wasn't part of the initial repairs.  Recently, while my vechile was parked it was hit by a driver.  Their insurance was Farm Bureau and while they did pay the entire repair bill it took their agent 6 days to actually visit the repair shop to do an inspection.  I know this because the repair place called me twice wondering when he was showing up.  The worst part about this is the Farm Bureau office was literally across the street from the repair shop.  Not even a customer of their's anymore and they still find ways to screw up.

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Nov 14, 2015


February 19, 2015, 6 pm, Rolling Meadows. I was stopped at  aread light on a major intersection. Algonquin and Golf. This idiot rear-ends me and crushed my rear bumper. He failed to stop because he was driving on a torn rear tire, litteraly on the metal rim while sparks were coming out. Comes out and gives me an expired temporary insurance card and a state ID, NOT a driver's licence. He is 17!!! Says he was coming from school and was in a hurry to see his girlfriend and the new born!!!! Good thing I called the Rolling Meadows Police. When the officer came I gave him the documents the guy gave me and the Officer shaked his head saying that's not a DL. The kid then says oh here is my new insurance card, that one was the old card....Police Office issued him 3 violation tickets and arrested him and imponded his car. I called the insurance and the agent said I must call before 5pm. I called next morning and filed a claim with Direct Auto Insurance Company. The assured me the claim is filed and asked for my docuemtns. They mailed me a form to fill out. On the form they stated that all accidents will be paid out based on the percentage of fault assigned to their insured. I mailed all documents and pictures and responded that in this case their insured has 100% fault for failing to stop at a red light and thus rearend-ing a stopped vehicle. They took their sweet time to review. I kept calling them. EVENTUALLY, THE RUDE AND ILLITERATE AGENT ON THE PHONE, FATIMA, STATED THEY WILL NOT PAY THE CLAIM BECAUSE THEIR INSURED, JULIO GOMEZ, DID NOT REPORT THE ACCIDENT TO THEM WITHIN 30 DAYS, REGARDLESS OF THE FACT THAT I REPORTED THAT TO THEM AND PROVIDED A POLICE REPORT. The most rediculous denial. I made the insured go to their office to give them whatever statement they need. They took written statement from him of the accident and still said the calim is denied! They never sent me denial in the mail, nothing written! The insured then says, since his insurance does not want to pay then he will not pay either. That seems to be a very convenient loop hole. Hit others, cause accidents and damages, don't report to your insurance and you never have to pay a dime for being reckless and irresponsible on the road.DIRECT AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY IS A SCAM, THAT HAS FOUND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY BY ISSUING USELESS INSURANCE CARDS FOR POLICIES THAT COVER 0 DAMAGES, AND THUS THEY PAY $0 ON CLAIMS!


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Mar 24, 2015
great company
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My Wife Had A Real Bad Wreak> Was Luck Not To Be Dead. Fire Department Said We Was lucky She Was Driveing A Ford. Cause The Car Took All The Force. Car Total Loss. Amica Handled Everything Perfect. Even Sent Her Enough Money To Go Get A New Car. Thanks Amica. 

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Aug 12, 2015
Don't use it or you'll loose.

I had filed a claim for an at fault accident. I rear ended a guy in a rainstorm on a bridge.  The other party took his time filing a claim. When he did, he took advantage of my policy. Some magical way the Hartford overpaid him. They paid out this party twice and they made sure he got a new bumper out of the deal and they paid for his rental car for 3 weeks. Not only had my insurance paid him, he also got paid out from two other insurance companies also. So when it came time for my bill and  renewal that's how I found out all of this had occured when I saw the dramatic increase in my premium. It took my claims specialist a month to find out what the heck happened and I actually had to go through a supervisor to find out if their screwup impacted my premium increase or not. They claim it didn't matter. I just feel this company does not take responsibility for their mistakes and they would rather penalize their customers instead. So because they took so long to get an answer to me, they charged me a late fee on top of my bill, which they also claimed was unorthodox for me to inquire about how my money was being spent, they are threatening to drop me from their policy if I don't pay my bill asap. They are awful and unsympathetic. They do not care about their customers as people. They do not care what you have going on in your life. All they care about is getting every drop of money out of you that they can even if it means you getting screwed as the customer. I would advise anyone from dealing with this company. They hire people who do not want to take responsibility for the companies mistakes and they refuse to get back to you in a timely manner.

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Oct 26, 2015
Withdrawing funds after cancellation

Hanover makes it very difficult to cancel. They deny receiving cancellation paperwork, refuse to reimburse money that they've withdrawn from your bank account after cancellation and refuse to remove your account from EFT. I've never had this experience with an insurance company. Absolutely awful.

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Apr 19, 2014
great service!
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I have filed 2 claims with Alfa - my agent was very professional and the claims were processed very quickly. No complaints!

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Feb 21, 2015
Goodbye Shelter Insurance

I have had my automobile insurance through Shelter Insurance for many years.  Recently, I called my agent to ask why my auto insurance premiums were not going down and he gave me some sorry story about the area in which I live and the type of car I drive.  I searched and called around to Nationwide Insurance and I was given a quote and I almost instantly save some money.  I called Shelter and cancelled my insurance and my agent did or said nothing to try and keep me as a customer.  I'm glad I am no longer a Shelter customer and I'm so much happier with Nationwide Insurance.   Consumers, think twice about getting insurance through Shelter Insurance Company. 

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Nov 30, 2014
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I have been a PEMCO customer since 1985. I can't imagine using a different company for auto, home and boat insurance. The few times I have needed to make a claim, they have been prompt, professional and personable. 

Don't be lured to insurance companies who only promote themselves as low-cost providers. They cut their costs somewhere. Choose an insurance carrier that comes to your rescue when you need them most... That's what you pay for.

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