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Fooled Me!!!
Helpful to 11 out of 13 people

Loved the advertisement since this insurance applied to current military and veterans including families.

The quote was double.  There's no way I can afford these smooth talkers.

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Am very happy
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

Switched from USAA to Farm Bureau better price and veru satisfied.

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Everyone who can get this should!
Helpful to 66 out of 72 people

I had CNA - which was bought out by Encompass - starting in 1984.

I have had numerous claims - mostly due to animals or underinsured drivers - but also a major RV and truck burn last summer. The agents are only helpful, never hard to deal with, and they always thank me for doing business with them - even as they are paying my claims. Their prices are outstanding. USAA is top rated by Consumer Reports, but after a remarriage, my husband gave up his USAA policy for Encompass, and has never regretted it.

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First Company, Possibly Last
Helpful to 8 out of 13 people

I got lucky enough that my parents have had Cincinatti so that when I purchased a home, I had a sort of loyalty discount. The customer service is stellar. I'm through a local service in Birmingham, AL, that handles applications and such. Also transferred my wife's car onto the combined policy from esurance and with better coverage, literally cut her rate in half. Very happy so far and haven't even had a claim yet. (And I hear that's one of their best qualities.)

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Automobile Rates
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I applied for auto insurance with Harford, however, while competitive in the auto market, they are not competitive in the housing market, that is, homeowner's policy. More than likely, this was in response to the hail storms that damaged many roofs in the immediate area and caused significant damage to many automobiles.

If you are a good driver, Hartford has great rates.  $429 per 6 month period on a 2012 VW CC Sport. However, I bundle my insurance, that is, auto and homeowner's policy.  What is interesting about Hartford, they are not competive in the market in Mississippi for homeowner's insurance (see comments above).

 The quote from Hartford for my homeowner's policy doubled the existing premium by in excess of $1400 (annual premiums). 

I remain with my current carrier.  The opportunity cost was to expensive to transfer my policies to Hartford.  However, I would strongly recommend Hartford to seniors who are members of AARP wiht good driving records and have completed the defensive driving course.

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Re-evaluation of all policies
Helpful to 9 out of 12 people

I have both auto & home insurance with Travelers and when I got my new policy for this year they upted my coverage without notifying me. I don't need or want the new coverage so I called my agent and complained. He went back to travelers and nrgotated a new set of figures for me. The result is I got a reduction of $86.00 in this years premium. It's really nice to see an independent agent fight for his customers.

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Do not waste your time with this company
Helpful to 5 out of 8 people

I have home and auto insurance with Shelter and have for 4 years.  After this past year I will be looking for a new company as I have been provided false information three times by my agent and twice it has costed me money.   I was drawn to this company because of the low rates and now realize why they can offer such low rates; they don't put the time or money into training agents or resolving customer complaints.  When I filed a complaint against my agent, I had to go through him to get information on how to file a complaint.  Then his superiors did not get back to me in a timely manor and even messed up my request.  It took over a month for this company to review a claim while my vehicle was in a tow lot collecting fees.  I then wrote a letter of complaint and it was reveiwed by the same people I was complaining about.  The company takes no accountability for thier errors no matter how many times they make mistakes.  If you never have to use insurance then this is the company for you, but if you have to file a claim, get a quote, register for insurance or file a complaint you are better off paying more for a better company.  

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Keeps raising rates
Helpful to 14 out of 17 people

They were the lowest rates in my area but every year they raised them for no apparent reason, I went with State Farm and got a much better rate & coverage with no hassles

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Assigned Risk Insurance Co.
Helpful to 4 out of 6 people

Had Mercury in California for several years.  No problems.

But when I moved to Seattle Washington, my rate became very high.  I asked Allstate my insurance company what the problem was.  They said "you had a policy with Mercury Ins. Co., they are an assigned risk company for drivers with poor records." After several appeals, Allstate adjusted my rates to the preferred risk that I am.

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Online Application for Premium Quote
Helpful to 6 out of 8 people

I did not like Amica's online Application for Premium Quote because after I initially entered the limits of coverage that I wanted, I was given a much higher premium quote for limits well above what I had already indicated that I wanted.

I was further required to edit the increased coverages that I had already indicated that I did not want!

Even after I had made these additonal edits, my quoted auto insurace premium was rediculously higher than what I now pay with my current insurer, Progressive.

Personally speaking.... and based on the online auto quote process... my initial assesment of ths Company is that for a company that prides itself on being very selective as to who they will insure, I don't find them trustworthy, in terms of being sincerely concerned for my satisfaction, and MY best  financial interests.

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