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Jan 08, 2014
First Company, Possibly Last
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I got lucky enough that my parents have had Cincinatti so that when I purchased a home, I had a sort of loyalty discount. The customer service is stellar. I'm through a local service in Birmingham, AL, that handles applications and such. Also transferred my wife's car onto the combined policy from esurance and with better coverage, literally cut her rate in half. Very happy so far and haven't even had a claim yet. (And I hear that's one of their best qualities.)

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Aug 11, 2015
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When I had an accident the repair shop failed to fully repair my vehicle and when I took it back to the shop the day after picking it up they apologized for missing it and fixed the problem.  Farm Bureau however refused to pay the $810 it cost to get fixed because it wasn't part of the initial repairs.  Recently, while my vechile was parked it was hit by a driver.  Their insurance was Farm Bureau and while they did pay the entire repair bill it took their agent 6 days to actually visit the repair shop to do an inspection.  I know this because the repair place called me twice wondering when he was showing up.  The worst part about this is the Farm Bureau office was literally across the street from the repair shop.  Not even a customer of their's anymore and they still find ways to screw up.

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May 02, 2016
Best auto insurance we've ever had
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I wasn't even aware that we qualified until another veteran clued us in.  Switched about 10 years ago.  Consistenly low premiums for excellent coverage, yearly dividend (not a huge amount the past few years, but every little bit helps).  Paid a claim on our vehicle a couple of years ago (car/deer accident) and did not raise our premiums (we did not have accident forgiveness at the time). Great customer service reps, never a problem.   Hope it stays that way.

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Feb 03, 2016

Shelter claims are the best they handle everyting very fast and fair!!! You can't ask for more out of an insurance company!! Have had them for 18 years and never had a problem!!!

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Mar 28, 2016
Please avoid AMICA all all cost

I was with another company before taken the bait for a lower rate to switch to Amica for home service. They don't pay your claim if you're a new customer, their customer service is poor, and they run Ponzi scheme that is licensed by the certain state department, they take your money and don't pay your claim. They have lawyers in Association and individual insurance state board that they pay and would drop your cased before they even investigate, the illegal monopoly with provision papers works they would send you 60 days after they take your money. Apparently, one of last reason they gave for trying or not process my claimed, was that they need my final three years tax returns, utility bill, bank statement, etc. I don't remember before building my house in 2007 giving my bank this much info since I was 50% over LTV. Their provision that comes in the small note was only provided to me 60 days after signing up said so; I own a business why would I provide or sign with a company that is asking for such personal information. Worst insurance company ever, trust me you will find out. Grieco is much better, First they took me in, and cut my yearly premium, not in half, but below in half, my duty is to spread forth this new, until I have evidence that this company has lost what I have to come out pocket for repairs up to date

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Oct 26, 2015
Withdrawing funds after cancellation

Hanover makes it very difficult to cancel. They deny receiving cancellation paperwork, refuse to reimburse money that they've withdrawn from your bank account after cancellation and refuse to remove your account from EFT. I've never had this experience with an insurance company. Absolutely awful.

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Apr 19, 2014
great service!
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I have filed 2 claims with Alfa - my agent was very professional and the claims were processed very quickly. No complaints!

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Mar 21, 2016
Home & auto

Rates good at first then jacked up significantly annually even though we had no claims. 

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Nov 30, 2014
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I have been a PEMCO customer since 1985. I can't imagine using a different company for auto, home and boat insurance. The few times I have needed to make a claim, they have been prompt, professional and personable. 

Don't be lured to insurance companies who only promote themselves as low-cost providers. They cut their costs somewhere. Choose an insurance carrier that comes to your rescue when you need them most... That's what you pay for.

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Mar 02, 2016

I put in a claim, they paid it. A few months later I canceled my policy due to being sent over seas to work and I no longer needed a vehicle. Then almost a year later they pulled the check out of my account, leaving me completely broke! They sent no notice or letter telling me there was an issue or that they were going to pull this money out. They may have cheap rates but they are a horrible company!!!! I will never reccommend them, not even to an enemy

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