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Mar 10, 2017
I wouldn't use any other institution.
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I've had an account with this credit union for about 5 or 6 years now and I use them as my primary bank for direct deposit and paying bills. I opened my very first credit card with them, the Simply Visa, and was granted $500 and 15.9% APR (which is a little high but I didn't have great credit since I was fresh out of high school) and only a $20 minimum payment. About 2 years later, I went to them for an auto loan before I decided on a car and they gave me $10,000 (again, my credit still wasn't great becuase I was a broke college kid and my credit card was always maxed out but I never had a late payment). After buying my car, they threw in GAP and roadside assisstance with an APR of only 8.6%!! About a year after that, I was approved for a personal loan of $5,000 with a monthly payment of $130 and APR of 12.25%. That mobile app is very clean and easy to use and I can simply pay all three of my lines of credit with them. 

I'm very glad I joined them. Getting my direct deposit 2 days early is great and I've never had an issue with their customer service. 

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Mar 20, 2017
Approved Visa $500 with 647 Experian
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Approved Visa $500 with 647 Experian, 7 hard inquiries, 47% utilization across all my 9 cards (2 with balance). Thanks State Department FCU for the big oportunity with you,  I'm in love with SDFCU and their great 5 stars service.  LOVE forever.

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Oct 05, 2016
Love it

They are amazing and helpful, I've never banked anywhere else but why would I want to!

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Sep 14, 2016
Always top noch
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I needed to get away form big banks,buh bye Citbank and Chase...

I don't carry a ton of money on my accounts and when I opened my account.  I felt welcomed by the people at the branch. Not only did I get a new account, I got a car loan with the lowest interest rate for a used car. My deposits show up inmmeditely after depositing on my mobile app (I haven't had any bounced deposits though). If you are a good client and your word is worth something you will have a wonderful experience from this credit union.

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Feb 06, 2017
Best bank ever!!! So polite and helpful.

So helpful with first time home buyers! Explained everything so thoroughly. We do all our business through this credit union.

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Nov 07, 2016
Great rates ans friendly employees
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I saw some positive reviews on here and was unhappy with my current auto financing at the time. My credit score had recently improved and didn't want to go with a big lender and I was disappointed with the local credit union. I contacted Akimi at SAFCU and she was easy to deal with, responsive and straight forward. I have Fair credit and a good work history but qualified for excellent rates via promotions available at the time as well as a signature loan when needed.
The only downside is that everything has to be done on paper and sent through the mail which can take a few days. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this place and would recommend it to anyone.

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Feb 07, 2017
Whole bag of nope right here
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I was looking for flexible ATM options after moving, my previous financial instution din't have any near me. Getting access to a closer ATM is about all I gained. I had constant issues with fees. First time lesson learned: they take forever to post transactions. They will sit as "pending" for about 3 days, then they'll disappear and the money back in your account until they post that night. So if you happen to log into the app to quickly check your balance while at Walmart, don't believe what your phone tells you. Lesson 2: If you're someone who lives paycheck to paycheck (I'm supporting a family of four on my own, doing what I can - as are many!) Lesson 1 can be a real issue. At my previous institution transactions were instantly displayed, deducted from your available balance, and stayed that way until the payment finally posted. Making it easy for us day-by-dayers to easily keep track of available funds. Now I'm not horrible at math, but occassionally will be off by $1-2 while calculating in my head at the grocery store. Trying to do so with two kids chattering on is a bit challenging, to be fair. Fees are like rabbits, they multiply quickly and before you know it you're overrun. In my short time with them I accquired about $200 in fees - all from a miscalculation of under $1 based on a balance supplied by SECU which was not entirely accurate. 

Now up until that point I had totally taken the blame for my mistakes. An expensive, and unfortunate, learning curve - but I had it down. That is until my debit card number was compromised and I had nearly $200 in fraudulent charges post to my account. Of course, on the same day I had a scheduled bill payment to post. Despite my immediately notifiing SECU of the issue the payment posted, was denied, and I was charged an NSF fee. Now one might think that this point that SECU would be accomodating, or possibly even be concerned that my account had been compromised. Well, don't hold your breath! It took them four business days to finally give me a "provisional" credit after submitting their fraudulent form. I was finally able to convince them to reverse the NSF fee, which I was told was done "at a courtesy, and would be the last time they could extend this courtesy for the next 12 months". Fine way to treat someone who's been the victim of fraud, huh? On the morning of the fourth day I received an email that they would be attempting to post the returned payment again - even though they had yet to credit back the funds stolen. I immediately replied back to the BillPay department, and CC'd the Customer Service department explaining the situation and expressing my concerns that I would be charged yet another NSF fee. Thankfully the "provisional" credit and the BillPay payment both posted that night, so there was no issue. I was pretty fed up at that point, then the next morning I received an email response from both departments. NEITHER response addressed the specific concern regarding incurring another NSF fee. Further, they instructed me to complete the fraud form - which I'd already done, obvious given the "provisional" credit on my account.

Final lesson: They don't seem to actually care about their customers. I've NEVER had an experience like this before, and I have sadly had my card number compromised in the past. SECU didn't take it seriously at all, and seemed all too eager to take advantage of the situation. 

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Oct 18, 2016
Amazing Rates for everything/best creditunion
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Applefcu offer the best rate i am building my credit for 15 months now it was 520 among all in that time. I applied and got approved for 2.34% / 60 Mo. TU 737 FICO. I was really surprised. My first car. GUYS this is a great credit union. I can say only good things about it.

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Aug 11, 2016
Waste of time, awful service
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The credit union wasted three weeks of our time before rejecting our loan application. After they have informed us of their crtieria which we failed to meet, it was clear that our application should have been rejected on day one.  I am not disappointed with the decision, but I am shocked with how the application was handled, how much time was wasted, and the lack of communication even after multiple attempts on our part to reach out. In addition, we consented to the bank running our credit score, even though the criteria that we clearly could not meet was not dependent on our credit. I would highly recommend using another bank. Very disappointed. 

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Jun 14, 2016
Doesn't report to TransUnion
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Auto loan rates are a bit high and also doesn't report loan information to TransUnion.

I have auto loan and they have not reported the information to TransUnion.

+ves - easy approval process, actually Car dealer did all the paper work on my behalf.

Customer Service and service at the branch is THE BEST in San Jose area.

-ves -

Auto loan interests are hight, I got it for 4.49%

Checking account dividends are very low, 0.05%, higher than Wells Fargo 0.01% :-)

KeyPoint doesn't report to TransUnion.

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