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Amazing products and service!
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After being with large banks for years, I joined SFFCU. My wife has been banking with them for years. I was immediatedly pre-approved for an auto loan for $50,000 at 1.99% interest rate. Shortly after that, I was pre-approved for a Visa card with a $10,000 limit at 8.50%. I took advantage of this offer. Finally, I took out a personal loan for $15,000 at 8.25%. The loan process, from application to funds placed in my account, took only 6 hours.

I really enjoy the member-oriented service. This is quite a change from the big banks, which always wanted to sell me something, or "fee me to death," like the banks would like to. When I deposit a check, it posts immediately. No delay of a day like a bank. ATMs are readily accessible, and they are part of the Co-op network, which offers fee-free ATM transactions nationwide. Finally, their new website is very user friendly.

The only product I would like to see is a line of credit greater than $5,000. They offer this as an "overdraft protection loan."

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Love AFCU! Customer service is always polite, prompt, and helpful. Fees are low or non-existent. I wouldn't voluntarily go anywhere else. :0)

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Thank you UFCU!
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I've been shopping around for the best credit union in the Austin, TX area, and UFCU was on my short list. Opening an account with them couldn't have been easier. Seriously, in less than 10 minutes, I was assigned an account/member number and my initial deposits deposited into my account.

Some of my "must haves" for credit unions were shared branches (so I can walk into a participating credit union around the country and do my transaction), decent mobile app, mobile deposit, great reviews, community involvement, and strong establishment. A "good to have" was quarterly or monthly newsletters to their members. After all, I wanted to feel I was involved with my credit union. UFCU met all of those requirements, and it was a super plus that I was able to open an account in a matter of minutes.

Their website is also full of useful financial tips and information, which to me, tells me that the credit union has a vested interested in the financial well-being in their members.

I haven't had the chance to stop by a branch yet, so I can't comment on the customer service, but if it's anything like how easy it was opening the account with them, and the reviews I've read online, I'm sure it will be great.

The only drawback, but not necessary enough to ding them, is they make you create a separate login for the mobile app from the online banking. Not a big deal, but most credit unions/banks allows you to use the same login information. Also, would love to see a feature like other credit unions/banks where each time someone logs into your account, it'll alert you via text message for a security code. It's the sense of security that no one, other than yourself, is accessing your account information.

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Keep looking...
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I had a couple accounts with Provident, and my mother has a few more. Speaking for myself, their website was very outdated. It took forever until I was able to xfer money out of the account to one at a different financial insitution. Transferring between different accounts (between my savings and CC) took seven to 10 days. When calling about increasing my credit limit on my account, they denied me. Keep in mind, ALL my other CCs increased my limits by 1000s (which included another Bay Area credit union), and my credit score is over 750. Their reason? I have a student loan that has a 30k balance that I have paid on time every month for over 4 years. 

You'd do yourself a favor and save yourself a big headache by going with a different CU.

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I feel like a person, not a number
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This bank is really wonderful. They offer almost everything a larger bank can offer with lower fees and more options for personalization. I have checking and savings with them, and I recently refinanced my auto loan with them for a 1.5% better rate. My only complaint is that they lowered their dividend rates for savings and CDs during the recession and they haven't rebounded at all, so I'm shopping for CDs at other institutions.

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When I started doing business with CFCU I didn't have perfect credit and was afraid of being told no when I needed a loan.  The bank worked with me and got a loan and with their help I refinanced my car with their bank. The people are great they have excellent customer service and friendly. I have since moved all my business over to them and have a great credit score compared to what I use to have. I would recommend this bank to anyone who wants a great experience.

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Convenient locations, hours, very friendly and knowledgeable staff.  From the Branch Manager to the FSR, you feel welcomed and well informed about your account or the services/products offered.

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