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Jan 23, 2016
Excellent institution!
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Have been a member for several years now. Their Web Branch online site is outstanding, full featured and easy to use. So much so in fact that I seldom have the need to visit a physical branch location (especially since they've implemented mobile check deposit easy!). Past interactions with representatives have all been positive experiences. Haven't encounter any who've not been courteous and knowledgeable.

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Mar 06, 2016
Schools First is Awesome

 I open a saving account over 17 yrs ago when i first moved to CA.  I applied for checking account and it took a while for them to accept me because of my credit.

however every since i have been happy with schools first.  I have recently gotten credit cards and loans.  They gave me a chance when others turned me down

Thanks schools first  :)

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Jul 24, 2015
Good Performance Checking product
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Their performance checking currently offers 1.5% APY, one of the highest in the nation. They used to offer 4% along with a few other banks, but those have evaporated. This banks if not as tech savvy as some of the mega banks. The mobile app is simply OK. 

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Apr 29, 2016
The best

They offer so many product, and everything is very easy to accomplish. Best banking experience I've ever had.

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Mar 11, 2016

application online was very easy.seems like tey have alot to offer.

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Apr 06, 2016
Awesome banking experience
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Real, listening, helping and friendly people. They helped me a lot in my first steps navigating the U.S. financial system. After half a year of having an auto loan opened (have two auto loans with them), I've got pre-approved (without credit history inquiry) for a credit card with a decent credit line. I really, really like doing business with them.

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Apr 30, 2016
Great experience
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I refinanced both of my vehicles getting a much better interest rate.  Vonchelle was very professional and always called back as promised.  I recommend them.  Ask for Vonchelle.  She delivers customer service like a pro!

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Oct 24, 2014
So far, not so great
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I joined this credit union based off of reviews on this site, as well as the fact that is highly rated on BBB and they offer a generous APY on their Super Reward Checking Account. I have been using Provident for about 5 months now and I am sad to say that I am dissatisfied. The ATM is constantly out of order and the ATM even ate my money the other day and went out of order once again. I told the tellers inside and they filed a report and gave my account a credit for the amount of money that was stuck in the machine. About a week later, I noticed that the credit had been revoked from my account and replaced with a smaller credit, which tells me that they didn't "find" all of my money in the ATM machine. No one ever notified me of these transactions occuring. If they're going to dock money from my account, you'd think they would have the courtesy to at least talk to me about it. This credit union is not worth the trouble for a few extra bucks a month from APY. Take your money elsewhere, as it's clearly not important to this credit union to keep it safe. 

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Dec 08, 2014
Outstanding service & competitive rates!
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Been with AACU for 30 years and they've financed several (6) vehicles with competitive rates. I've had the occasion to visit their locations and have been treated professionally & efficiently.

However, I was denied a refinance last year for some reason with EXCELLENT credit rating.  Went to my local Georgia's Own Credit Union and was approved immediately with a lower interest rate on both properties.  Sorry, AACU--your loss! 

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Feb 14, 2016
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I got an Auto Loan about 14 months ago with US Eagle Federal Credit Union and have been very pleased with them they are very friendly and professional recently applied for a credit card and have had it for a month now and was approved with a 6.9% APR wich is amazing.    Keep it up US Eagle :)    

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