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Sep 09, 2016
Solid credit union
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I applied with virtually no background info, but they asked a few questions and helped me sign up. People who rank low are just having a hard time with credit unions in general and probably just venting.

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Nov 29, 2016
This credit union is by far the best yet
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They take time to explain, they are fast and great with customer service, I have even had other become a member.

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Oct 05, 2016
Love it

They are amazing and helpful, I've never banked anywhere else but why would I want to!

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Sep 14, 2016
Always top noch
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I needed to get away form big banks,buh bye Citbank and Chase...

I don't carry a ton of money on my accounts and when I opened my account.  I felt welcomed by the people at the branch. Not only did I get a new account, I got a car loan with the lowest interest rate for a used car. My deposits show up inmmeditely after depositing on my mobile app (I haven't had any bounced deposits though). If you are a good client and your word is worth something you will have a wonderful experience from this credit union.

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Sep 07, 2016
More Excuses to hold money

They have more excuses to hold your money more than any other bank or credit union I have ever experienced.  You get different answers from calling in to talk to some, to chatting on line and even the drive thru orgoing in the branch.  It is NEVER a consistant answer.  I thought it would be a good idea to be a credit union but Im finding extremely frustrating.  I am hearing from clients that have had account years longer than I have more issues with trying to get mortages or auto loans.  I dont think I will be here much longer.

No one has ever been rude that has helped us but its never consistant with answers.

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Aug 27, 2016


Their ATM jammed mid-deposit. I called. THey said someone was on their was to clear the jam, they'd balance the machine and I would have my funds available in a few HOURS. (I was on my way shopping and now couldnt go). They never made the funds available. I called and talked to 4 people who gave me the runaround-should have been deposited when machine was balanced. Money will be held until NEXT WEEK. I have NO money, and no one cares. It is on "hold" until next week. I can't grocery shop to feed my family.No one I spoke to on the phone cared at all that the only money I have is tied up due to their mistake. One rep said it happens regularly-WHAT? How can they hold MY money so my kids have to starve until next week? I'll be leaving this institution.

Prior to this we were going to buy a home-called THREE times to get the ball rolling. Each time we were told they'd get back to us. They never did. Customer service is awful. Family member did get a loan through them, loan person gave wrong information and they had to come up with thousands more at closing due to inept employee-was a manager too! 

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Nov 07, 2016
Great rates ans friendly employees
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I saw some positive reviews on here and was unhappy with my current auto financing at the time. My credit score had recently improved and didn't want to go with a big lender and I was disappointed with the local credit union. I contacted Akimi at SAFCU and she was easy to deal with, responsive and straight forward. I have Fair credit and a good work history but qualified for excellent rates via promotions available at the time as well as a signature loan when needed.
The only downside is that everything has to be done on paper and sent through the mail which can take a few days. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this place and would recommend it to anyone.

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Oct 18, 2016
Amazing Rates for everything/best creditunion
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Applefcu offer the best rate i am building my credit for 15 months now it was 520 among all in that time. I applied and got approved for 2.34% / 60 Mo. TU 737 FICO. I was really surprised. My first car. GUYS this is a great credit union. I can say only good things about it.

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Aug 11, 2016
Waste of time, awful service
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The credit union wasted three weeks of our time before rejecting our loan application. After they have informed us of their crtieria which we failed to meet, it was clear that our application should have been rejected on day one.  I am not disappointed with the decision, but I am shocked with how the application was handled, how much time was wasted, and the lack of communication even after multiple attempts on our part to reach out. In addition, we consented to the bank running our credit score, even though the criteria that we clearly could not meet was not dependent on our credit. I would highly recommend using another bank. Very disappointed. 

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Oct 24, 2016
Great service, easy approval.

I went to them for a car loan, got approved on the spot and got my car that day. Low rates and payments, I also have a personal loan with them and they are a great bank! The best I've had by far. 

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