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Jul 25, 2016
Great member service
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Been a member for a couple of years now.  Love the super-convenient branch on Market St in San Francisco.  (If you want a safe deposit box in the city, look no farther.  It's right near BART, and is very affordable.  Also love that you access it just by going to the tellers, so you can wait in line instead of standing around waiting for somebody to figure out you need something.)

Have multiple products (checking, savings, credit card) and have been really happy.  My credit card was approved on a Saturday, so they work convenient hours for members.  Only small drawback is that they limit you to four ACH transfers in progress, so it's not a good "money transfer hub."

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Aug 12, 2016

Been a member for years now. Plenty of ATMs in the Madison area. Easy to qualify for free checking, and never have had an issue with them. Highly recommend if you live in the Madison Area.

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Jul 04, 2016
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I am glad to see so many people are part of Schools First , Ive been a member for four years now,  it is a great establishment very knowledgable staff, I was in the same position like many others. I had screwed my credit up went through many banks so very young and immature, they gave me a chance and I am grateful everyday. to this day i've have cleaned up my credit, and not looking back. 

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May 21, 2016
Great Credit Union
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I've been with them for a year. I joined initially because my company will deposit funds with them a couple days earlier than most banks, so I get paid on Wednesday instead of Friday. They've been pretty fantastic the whole time I've been rebuilding credit. However, the customer service is pretty sub-par. Currently TU - 698 EQ - 657 - Ex Fico 649. They approved me for a $5,000 Travel rewards card. I requested an immediate CL increase of $12,000 and they approved it instantly!

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May 11, 2016
Contemptful Card Application Processing
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I have several chargeoffs and a collection account from 2011. Several years ago, I have started to reestablsh my credit history, and my payment history has been perfect. I have several credit cards, and use them quite heavily, paying off the entire balance up to several times per month.

I am very happy with my credit rebuiding experience. In 2015, my credit scores were around 620; this year, the latest FICO score I've seen was 688.

I've been recently approved for a Visa Signature card, and another one was upgraded to a similar level.

Yesterday, I saw official Star Trek credit cards being offered by NASAFCU. Now, I don't really need a new credit card right now, especially a regular one, but I am a a Star Trek fan and decided to apply for one.

Today, I logged on to check the application status, and it says it was denied for the following reasons: "Collection action or judgment. Income insufficient for amount of credit requested. Number of recent inquiries on credit bureau report".

(1) Apparently they did not pull any of my credit reports (they may have used the one from 2015?)

(2) The "income insufficient" reason is ridiculous; they did not ask for a proof of income; and they manually changed the Total Monthly Income in my application from the one I specified to $0

Very contemptuous and disrespectful treatment. 

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May 02, 2016
Elements is the ideal CU for terms
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Elements pays 2% interest on checking with better terms than any other I could find.  They also have great HSA benifits with the option to move money into a TD Ameritrade account for investing.  I've searched for hours over months and couldn't find better terms.  I've been with them over two years and love them.  They really seem to believe in the best terms for members.  You can join no matter where you live.  The only things I'd ask them to improve are payouts on credit cards and better webpage technology.  Their web pages are good, but could be better.

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Feb 14, 2016
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I got an Auto Loan about 14 months ago with US Eagle Federal Credit Union and have been very pleased with them they are very friendly and professional recently applied for a credit card and have had it for a month now and was approved with a 6.9% APR wich is amazing.    Keep it up US Eagle :)    

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Jun 14, 2016
Doesn't report to TransUnion
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Auto loan rates are a bit high and also doesn't report loan information to TransUnion.

I have auto loan and they have not reported the information to TransUnion.

+ves - easy approval process, actually Car dealer did all the paper work on my behalf.

Customer Service and service at the branch is THE BEST in San Jose area.

-ves -

Auto loan interests are hight, I got it for 4.49%

Checking account dividends are very low, 0.05%, higher than Wells Fargo 0.01% :-)

KeyPoint doesn't report to TransUnion.

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Aug 05, 2016
Great service and good rates

I have used GTFCU on multiple car loans and have been very happy with them.  the only thing I would caution anybody on is the fact that this bank does not do direct fund transfer from my bank to them.  Even though I have automatic payments, my bank has to print a paper check and mail it to them.  the process takes about 3 days.  all other banks/ and other similar instutions allow bank to bank funds transfers that take 1 day to process.   not a big deal, but allow sufficienit time to get payments made on time.

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Aug 23, 2016
Great rates and they care

Have had an account for 30 years. They give the highest interest rate on their Premier checking account of anywhere. Recently had trouble making a wire transfer while traveling and the customer service rep went so far above and beyond to help me I couldn't believe it. I would never bank elsewhere. 

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