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Jul 24, 2015
"fixed" rate of HELOC.
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I've had a HELOC with them since 2009 and the rate has been the same 3.49%. Annual fee is $50.  I set up automatic payment and don't need to deal wsith my monthly payment except get monthly email from them my account is paid. I am very satified with them.

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Jan 03, 2015
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I was not qualified, and cannot understand why.   I have no mortgage, few bills other than utility bills.  I will re apply soon and if turned down will question as to why.  I have checking/savings accounts with them with combined balances exceeding required amounts to qualify for $10 each account monthly.

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Dec 23, 2014
Banking Criminals
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The worst loan ever!!!!!!!!  They ripped me off just like the banks ripped off home owners.  From the start they deducted money from checking account automatic and said we were late taking $400 a month payments with $5 going towards the principle for 8 years.  Someone from that compay should be going to jail.

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May 12, 2016
Applied for fixed term HEL
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First off, the branch people have always been professional and I have kept a savings and checking acount with them for years. So I decided to use them for a Home Equity loan.  The process started off well, but the appraisal came in a little lower than expected. Ihad told them I would lower them amount rather than pay more interest, but they arbatrarily raised the interest. The processor never told me this at the time she called to inform me of the approval, and I found this out two days prior to closing when I recieved the paperwork.  So I called the brach that I was to close at and told them to reduse the loan amount, and that I was including the latest statement from the mortgager to show the current amount on the primary loan.  After the processor choosing to not use the latest information, I pushed and told them I expected that they would use it and that I wanted full 79.9% LTV.  She said she would give to underwriting and get back to me, but that closing was set for a certain date.  Day before closing with not hearing anything I e-mailed asking if closing was canceled. She e-mailed stating that it was still on for the next day.  Day of closing the local branch called to confirm closing, I asked if the new amount was corrected, and was informed it was not that the paperwork came through with the old amount on it.  I cancelled closing on the loan.

Their customer relations really need some work at a corporate level, and should have really taken more head to the reviews I had read. Right now if I hear nothing from the formal complaint I filed at the local branch, I may very well close all my accounts with PNC, and even if I keep my basic accounts with them, I will not use them for anything more than that.

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Jun 20, 2016
If you're in a hurry, forget it!
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You'd think I'd have learned from my first miserable, 16-week experience, but NO!, I had to torture myself again. "3-4 weeks to close" they said. "Here's the list of docs you'll need" they said. Hah! 6 weeks of "Just one more doc", finger pointing between the branch and Income Verification, and now sitting in Underwriting for Week 2 with zero communication.

If you're in a hurry forget it. If you love to copy or scan dozens of pages of documents, and make all the follow-up calls, then this is the game for you! Nice people, but severely broken processes. Week 8 and still not closed, with no end in sight...

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Jun 01, 2016

THEY ARE RIDICULOUS!  i've been in my house for 8 years, and have equity, but they have a bull**** system that won't let you take a LOC out.  I've never missed a payment ever!

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Mar 04, 2014
Worst company to deal with!

Loan discharged in bankruptcy, but they continue to call and send me statements. Never answer their phones. I faxed over bankruptcy documents again, but they still continue to pester me.

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Nov 23, 2015
Hardship and revolving line

Number one hardship terms is only temporary to get you though the hardship. Most only go 3x max and yes it goes back to the orignal terms.

2 when you get a revolving line of credit and max it and only pay min due every month you will pay till you die. You have to pay more then what's due otherwise your only paying interest every month. Da

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Jul 24, 2016
Terrible bungle of mis steps

Provide everything you can imagine or think of up front. AsK a lot of questions such as how many n pay stubs do you need, do you need a copy of my birth certigicate, drivers liscence, marriage liscence etc? No question cold be too ridiculous because they will eventually ask for it.

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