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May 04, 2016
Best Customer Service ever!
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I love the app and I love the interest accrued.  I love the "Goals" perk.  I have goals set up for Christmas presents, vacations, taxes, a baby fund... tons of things!  

But mostly I love the people!  I've contacted Simple customer support several times with varying questions and concerns.  Each and every time they surprise me with the level of service they provide and personality they bring to the table.  And they seem to honestly love their job.  It feels more like talking to a friend rather than talking to a typical cold, miserable, hate-my-job customer service agent.

Also, no bank fees!  NONE!  I went to Cancun in September 2015 and worried about picking which credit card I wanted to take with me that would charge me the least for international or currency change charges.  But it ended up staring me in the face!  My SIMPLE DEBIT CARD!!!!!  Best epiphany ever!

I tell everyone about how much I love this bank and will continue to do so.  

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Mar 05, 2015
I'm a forever customer of this bank!
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I first opened an account with this bank in 1995, and have enjoyed a wonderful relaltionship with it ever since. I got my first credit card through them, and they even recommended a security program for my computer, with a trial to try! If I had issues with online banking that I needed help with, they were there for me. No question was to insignificant to be answered in a professional, thorough way. I'm just the average custormer, but always been made to feel like royalty at any branch I go to. I would gladly recommend Union Bank to anyone.

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Apr 08, 2016
Great checking account
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I haven't had my account for too long, but I'm very happy with it. Unlike some banks I have experienced, they do not find ways to hit you with fee after fee. They really do reimburse all of your ATM fees at the end of each month, as long as the fee it is itemized on your receipt.

To get a High Yield Investor checking account, you do need a brokerage account with them. You don't need to do anything with your brokerage account, however (you can have a zero balance in it and be fine). Your checking account is not instantaneously opened once you hit the submit button - it is subject to an approval process, which can take merely a few hours up to a few days. There will be a hard pull on your Equifax report (even though you are not applying for credit), but I thought it was worth it. Once approved, they will send out your debit card after you fund your account. The debit card comes with high daily limits ($1000 ATM withdrawals, $15000 purchases), but you can call to have them lowered for security reasons.

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Apr 29, 2016
They check your credit for a loan????

I was on Credit Karma checking checking my account out and JUST LOOKED at the mortgage loan. I DID NOT APPLY FOR A LOAN AND I RECEIVED 4 LOAN DENIALS! Thank goodness because I did not apply! All the companies I received the denial paperwork were from the  subdivision of WEB BANK!!! How dare they!! I am trying to bulid my credit back up and I do not need this on my credit! I did not appreciate the Web Bank doing this! Now I read they have done it to others too. I know how they fill! Stop playing with peoples credit.

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May 01, 2016

Woodforest has been (AWESOME) for my Business and Home. ((; Thank You Woodforest!!

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Mar 28, 2016

OneWest took over for IndyMac when they folded. I had a written agreement that stated my first and second mortgage could not be sold or separated. They did exactly that and it ended up costing me tens of thousands and our familys home. They cannot be trusted and should be jailed. Don't do business with this bank!!!

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Apr 07, 2016
Not the same
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I once raved about how great USAA was, but the past few weeks have been a nightmare trying to get access to funds from checks I deposited into their ATM Machines. This is the first time I've ever had this issue with 8 years of loyal customer service and satisfaction. Basically my funds were on hold for 10 days. I've made the decision to close out my accounts with USAA and go over to Navy Federal  and use AAA insurance. I can't afford to wait 10 days to pay bills and use funds that should be available to me in a much more timely fashion. I can't believe the horrendous customer service I recieved yesterday; it never used to be like this. It makes me sad to have to close out with them, but I can't afford to be put on hold, my funds put on hold and treated as if the money I deposit is no good to them. Good bye and good riddance USAA.

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Jun 11, 2014
Best online banking I have found

I have been with for over 10 years, and their service, and perks are almost unbeatable. They always have a higher than average interest rate on their free checking. And the ATM refund fee program is great too.

When I started their rate was 6% now its about .40 but its still better than a lot of other bigger banks, and I use the prepaid deposit envelopes without any issues. I highly recommend them!

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Jul 02, 2015
Wachovia was my first bank, love it!
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Wachovia was my first bank when I was still a teenager turning to 18, I have this bank since 2004 until it turn over to wells fargo. Wachovia is nice and professional staff, they work with me all the way and also recomment me to use the cards that benefits me in the futures. So to me, they were rating 10/10... my parents have Bank of America, but I don't like there policy... there always a limited on wiithdrawing funds and withdrawing limit even though the money in my the account, and staff at BofA always being unprofessional and keep asking questions when everytime you make a withdrawn. 

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Jul 27, 2015
Waste of time

There are other online only banks that have the same interest rate.  If you have excellent credit, I would recommend Ally Bank, but if your credit is less than perfect Ally will decline your application.  FNBO Direct really is not a great choice.

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