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Nov 03, 2016
Inconsistent and Unforgiving Policies
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I'm closing my account with Simple this week because of their arbitrary and inconsistent application of their policies, and don’t give notice to customers when they decide to change their policies (or in this case, enforce an unknown policy that was never enforced before). 

I normally have a direct deposit split between my traditional credit union and Simple. Pretty frequently over the past year or two, I would write a check from my credit union and deposit it in Simple with their app. Easy, secure, never had any problems with deposits. It is also much faster to deposit a check than an external account transfer, which is usually a couple of days late if they work at all.

Three days ago, I went to do the same thing and my deposit was rejected. I was informed because my name was on both accounts I cannot deposit that check. Now, this normally wouldn’t be a big deal, although frustrating, but I just switched jobs and my direct deposit has not been set up yet. In my budgeting timeframe, I had planned on that deposit working, just as it has in the past. That means all my automatic payments - think housing payment, student loans, car payment, everything, will be late and I’ll be hit with late fees (and probably a credit score drop) because their customer service flat out refused to help me out with depositing this check and told me it was impossible. They have taken a “hard line” in June 2016 with this policy that I’ve never heard of and was never informed of. Well, it’s November I have certainly deposited many of my checks since June. Impossible? No. Stubborn? Yes. Completely unwilling to help a customer? Absolutely.

So if you want impersonal, canned customer service (“I’m sorry”, “I understand that must be frustrating”, “Have a great day!”), you will never change jobs or direct deposit methods, and you’re OK with external transfers that always complete two business days after the date they quote you, then go ahead, sign up with Stupid Simple. 

And this was all to put a few thousand dollars INTO the bank. That’s what a bank wants their customers to do, right?

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Nov 24, 2016
Good people

I love fingerhut and webbank they gave me hope  to buy things  from fingerhut I love these people  thank u fingerhut and webbank 

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Dec 01, 2016
They make good on their word!
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Have had Merrick for 18 months now. The few issues I had were of my own misdoings and they showed concern and were willing to work with me, in a way that didn't reflect my standing with them. I received the line increase after the first 6mo and then another one about a year after that. I try not to max the card out unless I know I can pay it back entirely within 90 days. I've taken cash advances out with no issues and their fees for that are very reasonable. Keep your balances paid each month, don't be late, don't wait to pay the bill 2-days before it's due (For the life of me, I don't understand why people do that.) If you don't have the money, idk, a logical thing to do would be don't use the card. If you get a card that has an annual fee, and you're trying to reuild credit, it's dire to keep the account open for at-least 2 years. If in the process you get another card that has 3x higher limit, it's still more benefical to keep the Merrick card, just don't use it or use it and pay the balance in full like every 2-weeks. You can see how having a balance vs not having a balance will drastically change your Fico score by the month. I know I'm spoon feeding this but it's important for people to know and understand. If you have a card with a $1,000 limit and your score is 550, maxing that card out will drop your score by 30+ points, the minute you pay it down to zero and it's reported, your score will jump again, that fast. Just because Credit Karma updates every 7 days doesn't mean your creditors do. Some are every month and some are every other month. Once you know when to expect your creditor to report, you are better off having your balance at or near zero during this time. I really thought people understood credit but I'm seeing now that most people with bad credit, still don't seem to know how to get it back in order, once they do get a card such as Merrick Bank. When you ace this process, you end up going from a $500 limit with one bank to over $6,000 combined limits with just a few banks, in just a year or so. It works, it worked for me and in the process I had a voluntary repo. It was unfortunate but I made sure to keep my revolving credit in good standing during this ordeal. One late payment on revolving credit can hurt your score for at-least 9 consecutive months.

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Oct 27, 2016
Friendly and good banking programs

This bank is perfect for those that can't cary a minimum balance on an account

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Nov 30, 2016
Very poor communication skills at their
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They are eager to accept you as a client and then the problems began....had to use my daughters address as we travel. They wanted to see my name on a utility bill....closed the account after that

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Oct 31, 2016
Horrible customer service!

Too many service charges!  When I asked then to take some off - they refused and told me that I should go bank in Canada where I live!!  When I reported this to customer service they didn't care.  Have taken all my money out and am going to a friendlier bank!

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Jul 27, 2016

Was treated very poorly while getting a checking account.  Refused my promo code for 200 cash back, banker got me another promo code and was going to use that one.  Had me wait almost an hour for how to open my checking account.  Then said they would call when they found out how to do this.  Never called me but I called later that day, they had me come in to process the checking account.  I had a promo code that was emailed to me from Harris bank website and it wasn't expired.  So they found a different reason to turn me down and said my credit was too low. 

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Nov 08, 2016
never had any problems
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I have their Money Market business business banking. They have superior interest rates than the high street banks offer. Also, their fines/ fees are lower than BoA.

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Nov 01, 2016
Avoid this one!!!!

Received a pre-aproval in the mail and after seeing the decent rates I decided to accept it. After applying I got the 2-4 week review notice which was surprising since I thought I was already "preapproved". After two weeks I received a notice via email that I was declined and would receive a letter in the mail stating the reason. All of my 3 scores are all well above 700 with no baddies or collections and less than 10% credit utilization. All I got from this deal was a hard pull on my credit report that I didnt want. Stay away from this one even if you get the "pre-approval" letter in the mail. 

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