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Jun 04, 2016
Great company and best products
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I have both term and permanent life insurance with NWML and have been with them for over 30 years. It is always one of the top rated Life Insurance companies every year I check. My dividends go up evey year and my whole life insurance amounts increase every year. I have had sevearl agents and they have all answered my questions and helped me understand the different ways I can use the insurance to both protect my family and also save for retirement or leave some money to my kids and or charity. It has been a good investment and given me peace of mind that my family would be cared for if something would happent to me. I think that every man that is married should have some life insurance and why not buy it from the best company.

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May 13, 2016
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this policy is great. it takes care of my love ones and pays all my expenses at the end. i would recomend

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Sep 04, 2014
Best around
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I've been w/ USAA since 1963 when I joined the US Army.... and stayed ever since.  Best customer service one can find!!

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May 24, 2016
Thirty three year old whole life policy.
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Every year for the past thirty years Mass Mutual has screwed up the reinvestment of the annual dividend. Their systems are so bad that they are unable to fix the problem on a permanent basis. The only way that they can get around the problem is to send us a check and then we need to call and have the check canceled and they will manually fix the problem for that year. This isn't a permanent fix and we need to do the process again the next year.

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Nov 14, 2014
Great Experience

Penn Mutual is one of the oldest mutual life insurance companies in the nation. It's no wonder because they provide excellent products that are second to none. I highly recommend Penn to anyone.

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Apr 01, 2016
they cover what they say they cover
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they dont cover everything they say , during my wife c section they cover only something mininum for her and nothing for the new born and later on cliam for wife hernia surgery they claimed pre existng conditions due to child birth complete the oppposite of what was describe when i signed up for the policy

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Nov 09, 2014
No Accountability for Customer Service

I purchased a 20 year term policy in a different state about 16 years ago.  Unfortunately, the agent I purchased it from is no longer available.  He was much older than me and suspect he is retired or has passed away.  This leads to my my first piece of advice:  When you buy a life insurance policy, make sure you purchase it from a reputable agency that is likely to be in business for years to come, and preferably from an agent who is younger than you are, because otherwise you may find yourself without an agent when you need it the most. 

I had 4 (revocable) beneficiaries listed on my policy, and following a divorce, I needed to remove my former spouse as one of those beneficiaries.  This should be a fairly simple request, but it turned into a never-ending series of headaches.  I submitted precisely what was asked for each time the forms were sent in, but they repeatedly denied my request and ask for additional information.  The most frustrating thing about this is that MO doesn't assign anyone to a case like this and thus, each time you call their customer service reps you have to start from the beginning with a new rep.  So maddening!  I finally insisted that they connect me with someone in the department that handles beneficiary changes.  I then received an Email from a Policy Service Analyst.  The first Email I received from her did not address me by name nor did it have her name or contact info at the bottom.  It was like a text message and in my opinion, very unprofessional.  The only way I knew her name is that it was on the URL.  She approved my beneficiary change, but the first draft of this had several errors on it.  I asked several times to communicate with a supervisor in her department, but she ignored my request.   I eventually received an Email with an attachment that appears to be correct...several months after my first request for the beneficiary change.

I will NEVER purchase anything from MO again.  There does not seem to be any accountability whatsoever when it comes to customer service.  My suggestion to MO is this:  If you receive multiple calls about the same problem, then assign the case to a specific rep who can then become familiar with the case and be held accountable for solving the problem.   

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Jun 06, 2016

I have been trying to cash in this policy every since nov.2015,talked to 8 to 9 different people.Here it is June 6 2016 and have not received the forms yet that I need to cash this policy in. T his absolutly disgraceful for company such as this. Never will I deal with this company again or will I advise anyone else to deal with these unethical people.

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Nov 27, 2013
Easy as 1,2,3!

Went to see my local agent, said i wanted to build up cash value. Got set up to take a test, and started making payments after policy became active! Was amazingly easy! My agent is Kevin Brown in Las Vegas, Nevada and he was very knowledgeable. 

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Mar 05, 2015
Easy to get

it is easy to get, easy process and cheap enough for somebody on a limited income.

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