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Dec 08, 2017
Poor customer service and high fees
Anonymous Account Holder

Charge fees they can't even explain and it's "outside their authority" to reverse them.
They have known technical issues since their online banking "upgrade" and they can't fix them and won't provide a work around.

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Nov 25, 2017
Worst bank ever!!!!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

Don’t ever have a loan or an account with this bank. Nunca tengan un prestamo o una cuenta con este banco, yo ademas de tener un prestamo con ellos, fui vendedor un un dealer, y es el banco mas malo que he visto. No ayudan en nada. Y para colmo despues de que me hicieron una extencion de pago, me remolcaron el carro desde mi casa. 

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Nov 07, 2017
Worst bank ever!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

Do not get a loan through them. They will not cooperate and if you fall behind, they will refuse to take a payment.

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Sep 22, 2017
Worst customer service ever
Mike35789 Account Holder

Requested a hardship defferement after hurricane Irma and was not granted the request. No help during a persons darkest hour and time of need. Even after years of making all mortgage payments. Horrible bank, profit driven! 

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Sep 02, 2017
Telephone customer service is horrible
Anonymous Account Holder

 I traded my car in for another, switching banks in the process.  Approx one month and a half after, I started receiving calls from Fifth Third bank stating I owe a ending balance of $38 plus a $200 early cancellation fee, which is crazy since I had the car loan for 4 years. Most creditors only charge that if you cancel within 1 year.   I couldn't afford the full amount and offered to pay a partial payment, half the balance, and 5/3 refused. Stated if it was not the full amount that they could not accept my money.  I spoke with two customer service reps over the course of a month over the phone and both  refused my money.  I have never done business with a bank that would not take my money.  

Over the course of these several months (including the first two that I wasn't contacted about the loan) I was charged $40+ late fees resulting in my final total to be $370.  I went to a local branch to try to resolve the issue and try again to make a partial payment.  The local tellers are nice and I had not had a issue with them in the past, just the telephone customer service.  I tried to pay $200  CASH (over half of the amount due) and my money was refused again.  The loan officer I spoke with stated if I didn't pay the full amount then it would "do no good".  

The final straw was when they started to harass my mother with phone calls, even though they were NEVER given the number.  I still have no idea how they even got it.  I finally spoke with a lady, explaining her the entire ordeal from start to finish, she stated she was unsure why they refused my money but she was willing to set up a payment that day of $250 and then I pay the remaining balance the following week when I got paid.  I didnt have a  routing number (which they require to do over the phone payments) but I was assure I could call back and make a partial payment, no problem.  Gave me a specific number to call back for the building she worked in and left a note in my account.

When I called back later to finish the process, I was told that I can't make a payment over the phone since my account was "close to being sent to collections" and I had to go to a local branch with cash to make a payment. There was some hang up with my account being late in the past, Im not sure.   At this point in the conversation, the gentleman I spoke with was getting irritated (at his own job), I didn't want the situation to escalate so I ask for another representative.   That just make the gentleman aggressive, insisted that whoever I spoke with would say the same thing and kept asking me why I wanted to be transferred and laugh at me for insisting I wanted to speak with someone else before finally doing so. After him was another lady that didn't have the information I requested (which was a complaint hotline, apparently it doesn't' exist) and I spoke with a supervisor Jason where I told him my story ... again.  I was so upset that I was in tears on the phone and had to calm myself several times when speaking with him.   The supervisor was nice enough, although his attitude was still one that didn't care much and not once did he ask about my previous call with the rude associate and I would assume that they are close co workers.  I could hear people talking in the background clearly (as others have stated too).

 I was so distraught with the entire situation that I begged and borrowed just to get the full $370 to pay the balance off.. Even when I went in with cash, it took a extremely long time to process the payment, the teller stating that I wasn't  allowed to at one point but that was quickly resolved.  

 After 4 years of being a customer, the way I was treated, I felt as if it meant nothing and that the years I spent with a account in good standing, making double payments at some points didn't mean anything.  The associates don't have enough training, different departments don't communicate with one another so the information that they tell the customers does no good and doesn't match.  Anytime I would ask a question, I never received a answer.  The question was dodged and they seemed to  read from a list of  ten approved statements that they are told to say from corporate.  It's finally over with and I will never step foot inside of a 5/3 bank again and  I will do whatever is in my power to stop any person I care about from doing so.

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Aug 03, 2017
No free checking...mail adds for life
digitallife Account Holder

No free checking ...costly to waive monthly fees. CS not very good or helpful. Worst part is they will send you letter in the mail til you are blue in the face...forever btw. No way to stop them. I opened it to get a bonus...wish i hadn't. Not worth it

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Jul 10, 2017
Fraud dept may stop payments at any poin
MomOf3G1B Account Holder

I have had this account almost 2byears. I just went to make my gas payment online like I do every month and it was declined even though it was $10 less than my available balance. I got a text from the fraud dept asking if I was making the purchase. I called and verified, and was told to wait 5 minutes and make the payment again. I was told the fraud dept could stop payment for any out of state transactions and, if I take a road trip, I have to call the bank every time I go to use the card out of state reporting the city and state I'm in and waiting for the card to be unlocked for that location before I use it. Never thought I'd have to report my exact location every transaction while on vacation. Definitely changing banks before travelling.

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Jun 29, 2017
Frontier for banks
Anonymous Account Holder

Everything is poorly done. No account statements for installment loans and customer service is very cumbersome to deal.

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Mar 23, 2017
They are a terrible mortgage company
Anonymous Account Holder

  I had a mortgage with fifth third before and they overcharged me on taxes they had two years worth in the bank and they wanted another years worth now that I close that mortgage out and got another mortgage with them for less than half they are doing the same screw ups  my escrow account keeps going up and up and I've only been in the new house one year and I have proven to them their mistakes as well as core logic's is at the root of all evil and they won't correct the problem and I'm not allowed to talk to anybody about a supervisor and that's all you're a lot to do 

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Feb 06, 2017
Awful customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

Made an arrangement and paid on a debt I owed for over a year. The last $400 came and they sent me off to a third party collection agency for no reason. Per our arrangement I was 2 months away from closing out the debt. Now I'm dealing with a shady 3rd party simply because they felt like it.

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