Fifth Third Bank Reviews

Fifth Third Bank Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Jul 19, 2020
arc060959 Account Holder

5/3 gave a credit card with $4k limit, I have a balance of $800, they reduced my limit to $1k, though I have good credit! This impacted my credit score, lousy service! DO NOT USE THEM! 

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Apr 24, 2020
Worst Bank Ever
luvajb Account Holder

I had a credit card with them for $1500 .. I had used it and then paid it off in a couple of months. Once I paid it off they lowered my credit limit to $300. A couple of months later, on my birthday no less, they canceled my account completely. They never even informed me, I found out through my credit report. Seriously, I cannot stress how bad this company is. Even if you are desperate do not use them please.  

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Mar 10, 2020
Worst Credit Card Ever
MannySMiami Account Holder

This is an archaic bank where you can't automatically set up auto payments. They don't seem to care about their customers no matter how faithful you were to them. Don't get a credit card with them. 

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Mar 10, 2020
Old School Technology and Ungrateful
ticketfl Account Holder

Pay absolutely all my bills on time and they reduce my credit limit. Fifth Third Bank is an ungrateful company. Also, very difficult to set up autopay. You can't do it online. You have to call. They are in the dark ages on technology. Really bad credit card company!

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Feb 05, 2020
Worst bank ever
Hariya Account Holder

I thought that I was going crazy until I seen the reviews. The customer service is very rude. My customer service agent when trying to help me kept saying "I'm not Trying to be funny" the whole time we were talking. The overdraft fees out of nowhere is a reoccurring event and comes out of nowhere when your available balance in your account is greater then what's being taken. This is by far the worst bank and I will be leaving immediately !!!!!!

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Dec 17, 2019
serious concerns:poor data security&tech
DSMS19 Account Holder

This is a question to all 53 bank customers.  we ( my husband and I ) have received a verification of contact information change by mail from 53 bank claiming that we added a phone number which we both do not recoginze , the date of the change is the same date that we made payment over the phone but we have never requested a change of our contact info. The payment was posted on the online portal and after 5 days was reversed and not processed, the bank did not notify me of the unprocessed payment at all. I called to inquire about the verification of contact information and inquire who made it and what was that new phone number about, over 20 min on the phone with the custmer services, their conclusion was that I should neglect that mail because there was no change to our personal contact info !!! at the same time the customer services lady ( Roxan) asked me why we are not paying our dues when I told her we already made a payment on the 11th of Dec , she answered that the payment was rejected ( on the online account it says REVERSED ), I digged deeper , turned out that my bank ( US BANK ) never received the transaction and it was never pending and was never rejected and they suggested that I talk again to 53 BANK which failed even to notfiy us of a reversed payment. to add to the confusion 53 bank actually uploaded a doc to our online account saying that Auto Billing was cancelled upon our request , which never happned , we never cancelled the auto billing, I submitted this time the payment online 2 times the online portal failed to get the payment go through and prompt a note saying " attention we currently experiencing tehinical issues. For assistance contact customer sevices". I tried after an hour , the payment went through finally.

I believe it is too much to handle : there is a serious poor technical infrastructure at the 53 Bank ( payment was not processed although all info are correct and failing to explain why ) and poor communication ( failing to notify the customer of payment reversal) , and there is serious neglegance of customer data's security and safety ( the change of contact info that never happened and the cancellation of auto billing that never happened as well) , there is a very suspicious and questionable pattern here of jeoperdizing customer's info, customer's finances and delayed payment processing incurring late fees and accruing interest while failing to communicate with customer and notifying them of any declined payments and claiming falsely that customer is changing/ cancelling certain payment options. 

I wonder if any one had the same experience with the 53Bank . These people might collect late payments fees thousand of dollars a day fraudulently and jeoperdize with their poor cyber security infra structure thousands of customers data. 

Please advise if you have experienced the same issues with this bank.

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Sep 04, 2019
This bank has horrible customer service
Banksumwearelse Account Holder

Please do not get a mortgage with this bank.  I have had my mortgage with them for years and their customer service is very comparble to bad credit lender customer service. There support team can become very confrontational when you do not agree with them. Many of the issues that I have faced include long hold times, being told I will get a follow up letter and not recieving one, not get proper explanations for unique issues, because the agent is not trained how to think out of the box. There CSR's are very quick to transfer you to another department. I have been on hold for 40 minutes just to retrieve my banking user name so I can pay my mortgage. 

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Aug 21, 2019
Biguglys Account Holder

Called yet again to get the overdraft fees fixed, the person on the phone was extremely rude, told me they would not remove the charges even though I don't have overdraft protection, I asked for a supervisor, she got another customer support person on that said they would go back over the recordings of my previous calls and see about how many times I have called about it, I started giving times and dates, told her i had also recorded the call and was currently recording, she told me that they weren't going to "bother" with it and they weren't removing the fee because it was my own fault even acknowledged that I did not have overdraft protection on my account said it didn't matter, this was all because they delayed my deposit from my credit card machine, I guess I am going to have to join in the new class action suit being arraigned by the lawyers from the last one they lost

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Aug 15, 2019
Absolute worst! Excessive non-stop fees
BeekmanBeavers Account Holder

Anyone considering joining this bank should RECONSIDER it. They have so many hidden fees and the poor employees are only allowed to remove 1-2 fees a year NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!! While we were hiking in Alaska Amazon charged two orders to the wrong account. We had 2 charges reversed from Amazon yet we were still charged $74 in over the limit fees from 53 Bank then $8 per day until we deposited funds including Sat & Sun. Then...a $29 fee appears...of which $11 is monthly service fee and an $18 'internal over the limit fee' after already hitting my account with over $100+ in various fees. Do NOT use this bank! Let me repeat myself...DO NOT USE Fifth Third Bank. They will churn you until you finally say: ENOUGH!

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