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Fifth Third Bank

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Oct 17, 2016
Don't trust Fifth Third
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been with 5th 3rd for many years and had no issues, until recently.  I made a property tax payment through online banking scheduled to be delivered 10 days before due date.  They mailed it out a month late, even though they dated the check the correct date.  I got a $110 penalty for the payment being late.  They would not reimburse me the late fee because they said it was dated correctly and the city must have held it for a month...right.  Then I was told in the online agreement (that nobody ever reads) that it states "not" to use online bill payment for taxes and that they are not liable if you do.  Next they had a customer service person from call center in India call me to read from his script and deny any wrong doing on the part of the bank.  It was absolutely ridiculous.

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Oct 02, 2016
very bad messy bank
realityreviewer Account Holder

Insted of credited me for fraud transaction they debited me the same amount, customer service bounced me arround with no real help

If you want to sleep normal then dont deal with that bank!

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Sep 30, 2016
Awful experience closing account
Anonymous Account Holder

Absolutely awful experience attempting to close an account when moving out of state. Incredibly unhelpful customer service and conflicting messages from branch, phone and online staff.

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Sep 30, 2016
They took my money/called me a liar
Anonymous Account Holder

I frequently would do cash deposits at the ATM since it was convenient for me.  One day the machine shut down in the middle of my transaction.  After about 10 min of waiting I went into the branch and they told me there was nothing they could do but if I call the dispute number they would see that the machine was over and put the deposit in my account.  They credit my account that day and then a month later took the money back.  I called they told me that the machine wasn't off.  I asked them if it would have given it to the person who came after me and they told me it was impossible.  They could see me on camera doing a transaction, I know they could see in their system that I choose deposit.  After arguing with the Rep for 15 min ( he basically called me a liar) I asked for a supervisor who told me to reach out to the branch manager because they get daily ATM reports to see if he had something different then what they had.  Well he did find that his report showed that the machine was off $40 instead of the $60 I deposited, which at this point I was willing to let the $20 go.  Well, it's been almost two weeks and they received the branch manager documentation and they still haven't put the money in my account and every-time I call the have an attitude and tell me they have up to 14 days to resolve the matter.  

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Sep 16, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I love 5/3 Bank in Schaumburg IL by Woodfield mall

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Sep 06, 2016
Cares little about customers
Okage Account Holder

I find bank sometimes dishonest in some of their dealings. Their customer service is really poor and they only think about their own bottom line. using their credit card can sometimes be painful since they block their cards at the very slightest suspicion.

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Aug 08, 2016
Poor business practices; cant be trusted

My husband and I have done business with Fifth Third for years.    I would highly discourage anyone from obtaining a mortgage or doing any type of business with this company.    I am told one thing when I call customer service on one day and told something different when I talk to someone else the next day.   There is constant confusion and when we challenged them on this confusion they always find away to shift responsibility.  Plus, interests rates and customer service are better with smaller banks/credit unions.  We have moved almost all of our banking business to a local credit union and are very happy.    

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Jul 21, 2016
Belligerent loan managment
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been with 5/3 for decades - before it was 5/3 in our area.  Multiple checking, savings, mortgage, safe deposti box, and my last car loan.  I am ready to chuck it all and go somewhere else.  I pay my bills on time and have great credit.  I've never been one minute late with my 5/3 mortgage payment.  Once in a blue moon I will forget - simply forget D'oh! - to make the car payment.  Maybe twice in four years.  A simple "hey - this is a friendly reminder" email would have me pay it instantly.  I just forget.  But no - they call and call and call and call incessantly.  In the past seven business days, I've had 43 - FORTY THREE - calls from them.  Are you freaking kidding me??  43 calls because I've forgotten a payment twice?  Do we really need 11 calls in a SINGLE DAY?  For only very occasional lapses?  There's no mechanism to start with a reminder email?  I will never, EVER, have a consumer loan through 5/3 again. The next time I buy a car, I will kill the deal if the dealer wants the financing to go through 5/3.  And i will have to calm myself down to avoid marching into my local branch and cleaning out everything I have there.  

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Sep 16, 2016

My same experience! They even called BEFORE my due date! My due date is the 25th, my bank send out auto bill pay on the 15th, Fifth Third Bank starts calling on the 20th. This went on for so long that I started ignoring the calls. Then I had a lapse in pay-date to to switching jobs and had to work with their loss mitigation department to move that missed payment to the end of the term of the loan. After submitting the documents I never heard from them if it was approved or not, not email (after I requested this department correspond with me via email since time zone differences and their office hours make it impossible for me to contact them via phone), and no letter. So I think it was approved and all is well.....even though the calls continued, which was "normal" by this point (and they never leave a message....even after I had requested they do this as well). Fast forward 8 months and now my account is "seriously delinquent" by two months....wait?! Where did that second month come from?! I call one knows. I am told by collections "I have to go through 600 pages of notes on this account"....600 pages of notes?!!!! What do they say? "They're notes that we attempted calling you". What?! So essentially notes that don't mean anything, say anything, are useless. This bank is a joke.

Jun 19, 2016
Could be better, could be worse
iGreyBeard Account Holder

Been banking here for over 10 years now.  Setting up accounts is easy, tieing accounts together for spouse and for children easy, and seeing all of this online is seamless.  Cannot remove an account owner, however - which is painful when you have to close one and open another, and then adjust any direct deposit / payments.

  Mortgage process actually hurts (yes, my current mortgage is here).  Got a pre-approval -- hard pull on credit.  Took 6 months before purchased -- and that was another hard pull, twice.  So, 3 hard pulls with one bank certainly hits the credit rating, even though it was for a single loan at the same bank and NONE of the information changed.

They do have fees, but stick to garden variety banking, don't overdraft, and use only Company ATMs and these are minimized.

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Jun 06, 2016
Bad service, high fees.
FifthThirdSUCKSBALLS Account Holder

Customer service hates customers.  They charge a fee for everything.  You want to enter the branch office, pay a fee.  You want to leave the branch office, pay a fee.  Need a restroom, they don't have one, but you need to pay a fee for asking.  Make a deposit, pay a fee.  Make a withdraw, pay a fee.  Breath while thinking about your account, pay a fee.  Hold your breath while thinking about your account, pay a fee.  Paid a fee, pay a fee.  This bank could make Bill Gates homeless in a week with all the ****ed fees.  If you complain about the fees customer service will insult you, and then charge you a fee for complaining.  3 months after getting the account and I am closing it.  Worst bank I've ever had!

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