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Bank of America slanders credibility of Credit Karma
I had 3 weeks ago a 720 from T-Union, now I see I dropped to 703 and for some undisclosed , unsolicited reason B of A making hard inquiries , 6 of them) against my card!

O called and complained and a B of A rep called back and said that Credit Karma is not reliable and that they do nto even see the hard inquiries made.

All I know is that the common man suffers these injustices from pukes who create this system and do not even have it working correctly , makes me ill!

You are punished in this country for not having to pay for things with credit and when you finally need it to buy a home or for some ridiculously over overpriced commodity in your life you are screwed.

It is about time to start lining these pukes who devised these credit systems against the wall.

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for a FREE site it offers alot when all the benefits are taken into on CC's a estimate score approval for said CC....answers about real life financial issues you otherwise couldn't remidy on your or have to PAY for when others can share there experiences for FREE.....the list goes on because in the grand scheme of things CK may be 30 points off your real score but for an indicator and everything you can learn still so worth it even more so once you know its off by 30 points and can readjust

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Those "pukes" are the same ones

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That line the pockets of the Law Makers.  The same ones that make their millions per year of the pain  of the little man.   Learn to play their "Game" and even if you can't win you'll have a fighting chance. 

I don't know what your rant is all about. But I don't think venting here will solve the problem. 

Credit Karma isn't perfect. The info here is slow to update and I don't find the scores that they show for me very  accurate. My FICO and all 3 CRAs generally are closer to the Vantage score. So I just go by that. I spent quiet a bit of time learning about repairing my credit. CK was one of the best things I came across where I could learn from other people and their experiences. 

Its a tool to educate. It shouldn't be your only way of monitoring what's happening in your credit file. 

Just sayin' 

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In retrospect...

... I see the logic in the adaption to point system give or take 30 points , extreme as it maybe. Also the exchange of ideas (and vents/rants) is a plus. Rants and vents are what mde this country. I was not slamming he site persay , in fact it was B of A tht did all I did was replay what the representative told me.  "Just saying", if you go to the page page. Then look at the type (ad) just under "Your home Insurance Score" it should read "Score data provided by Transunion that feeds a CK algorhytm, to give you and estiimated Credit Scrore,  instead of current "Score provided by Transunion" to be more accurate, but ironically , accuracy is after all what is in question. QED

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Your Credit Scores Should Be Free. And Now They Are.

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