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Jun 27, 2017
Home Equity Line of Credit

We applied for a home equity line of credit over the phone with a customer service representative.  Before completing the application, we were assured that my wife's bankruptcy almost 7 years prior would not be a factor and that we would not be required to close any credit cards as that was not negotiable.  We were then emailed by the loan processor who told us to email our documentation to her.  This was completely contrary to what their site states in bold letters when you check the status of your application.  So we faxed the information as a more secure means of sending her the information.  This was met with irritation and rudeness.  We eventually sent the information via email and stated clearly that we would not close any credit card accounts to receive the home equity line of credit.  After 5 weeks and a lot of jumping through hoops and providing additional information, we were only offered a far lesser amount than we requested AND they wanted to closed two credit cards.  What a complete waste of our time and energy!!!  I am truly disgusted by how calously this bank approaches its potential customers.  Why would they spin our wheels when they had no intention of offering a legitimate line of credit option?  Waste of time!!!  TD Bank should be ashamed of their lack of customer service and their completely unprofessional behavior.

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Jan 29, 2017
Approved with 650 credit score

Just got card. Applied but didn't get decision right away, recieved card in mail with $3000 limit! So far no problems.

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Nov 08, 2017
Bounces you back and forth in phone call
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The departments seem to be super fragmented at TD Bank, where I call in to speak about an issue and had to loop through different departments to get it answered. Also, I had an issue with an account opening promotion, and heard different things from the online specialist, phone agent and in-branch manager. In the end, the promotions department (which is separate from everything else) failed to honor what was promised to me from phone agent, even when presented with evidence that such a promise was made.

Terrible customer service. I am closing the account out of frustration. Sorry TD, your bank may be more convenient, but the experience in-branch and over the phone is just subpar.

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