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Feb 24, 2017
Loan process is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Try another bank and let this bank be a last resort or don't applyat all. I applied for a secured loan that I was approved for until the underwriter got it. He asked for a million documents, all of which I provided to him. Out of nowhere I got a call saying that I was denied using some excuse that I could not even understand. I had to email the bank to have someone call me to explain the denial. I'm still waiting for that call. I have excellent credit. I own three homes already. I have no late payments, collections or leins on my report. My credit is wat I would call super clean. I was only applying for $50K, which was secured from another property that I have more than $100k in equity!

Do not go to this bank!!!! It's a waste of time, paperwork and effort. If they can't approve a secured loan for $50k for someone with excellent credit history and plenty of eqity to cover the loan, GOD help them. I'm sure they'll get bought out by another bank very soon is this is their practice.

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Jan 29, 2017
Approved with 650 credit score

Just got card. Applied but didn't get decision right away, recieved card in mail with $3000 limit! So far no problems.

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May 07, 2017
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I would rank TD Bank and its credit card among the worst in the industry as far as predatory practices go. If you want to put your credit in a death spiral, apply for and gain one of their cards. Be late on a payment (no ten day grace period as with all of my other cards) and you're immdiately hit with a late fee and your credit allowance is immediately reduced...and the interest rate spikes.  They call it a "trigger". Good luck in trying to get them to reduce it.

Look elsewhere.

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