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Apr 21, 2017
Can't get it straight!

SunTrust is THE WORST lender! They are slow and unorganized. Some people who work there are dumb. What a mistake seeking busibness with SunTrust! Stay away from them

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Oct 07, 2017
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I must say that the process to open up an account with this particular bank has been unnecessarily inconvenient for me. Signing up for online banking and having trouble multiple times logging in even AFTER I've registered, waiting several days to receive not my card first but a LETTER explaining that my signature was needed in order to even have access to withdraw my funds, I mean really! If a person already has to wait a week to receive their card then why not offer a temporary card like most banks so that they can have immediate access to their money? It makes no sense. What if a person doesn't have a local suntrust? Realistically speaking they'd have to mail off the letter with their signature and probably have to wait another 7 days making that 2 weeks total, just to be able to have access to their funds. If a person has to go through all that just to have an account with this bank I feel as though there should be customer service with a SENSE OF URGENCY available 24/7 to atleast assist those who have basic problems as far as logging into their online banking, PIN number help, etc. I mean this is just ridiculous! All these obstacles to open up a basic checking account and I can't even receive assistance when I need it. I literally can't. What should have been a quick and easy process has turned into a huge unnecessary inconvenience!

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Oct 17, 2017
Worst Auto Loan EVER in over 30 years!
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I ended up with Suntrust through the dealership where the car was purchased because they were quick to approve the loan with a decent rate because I had stellar credit.  That's where the joy ended.   And let me say that I am not generally one who leaves a railing review but this bank deserves it.

For the first 3 YEARS of a 4 year loan, Suntrust REFUSED to send us a payment booklet!  Every time I asked for one, I was told they don't provide them.  Finally, recently - in the last year of the loan, out of nowhere and without asking (again) a book for the entire loan term showed up in the mail.  WTF?!  They were happy to tell me the next due date (and take payments, of course) over the phone but they weren't about to send me a document that would tell me when to pay on time and avoid any late fee...  

It took well over a year and many phone calls just to get a CSR to give me a balance on the loan over the phone!  And that's only happened a couple of times... They always say they won't give that info out over the phone and there is NO way to get ANY information online as you can't create an online account without opening a checking account with them.  The only recourse was to ask them to snail mail a balance report to the address on file.  Of course, every time I have asked for one, the report never - not once - has shown up. 

There is no way that some of their practices can possibly be legal - no payment book, no access to remaining balance, or any other info for that matter... seriously come on!!!  Racketeers!

Their website seems never to work, and the password reset function always says (to me anyway) "This function is temporarily unavailable..." - AND I can ONLY use an online experience temporarily IF I can persuade a CSR on a phone support call to give me a temp account/login that seems to expire in 1 day - which is almost never - because I don't have a checking account with them.  Which now, I sure as hell never will after finding out how they operate!  They have some absolutely unbelievable reasons/excuses for everything.

I will NEVER, EVER do business with Suntrust in any way, shape or form again and certainly recommend others stay as far away as possible.   
Based on my experience, this bank SUCKS.  They should rename it NoTrust...

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