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SunTrust Bank

1.6 out of 5 stars
14 Reviews

From Account Holders in the last year


Application Process

2.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Service

2 out of 5 stars

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Aug 31, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't use Suntrust!! They lock your account for know apparent reason.. Can't even get your own money out..!!! No a customer service skills at All!! Even Management!!!

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Aug 30, 2016
Bad bank
cdkand Account Holder

They closed my account because a check I deposited was "suspicious".  The check has cleared and they still won't release the funds.  They also accepted the direct deposit from my employer (after their customer service department advised me it would be returned to my employer) and won't release those funds either.  It has been 8 business days since the check was deposited and two business days since the direct deposit went through.  Their customer service department is not helpful and sounds like they are reading a script. 

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Jul 26, 2016
Sun2016 Account Holder

This bank has excellent customer service and offered me the lowest APR for my truck loan compared to everyone else! And I have great credit. Very smooth so far with them! 

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Jul 24, 2016
Comparable to the Bermuda triangle
jmitchell465 Account Holder

Find another bank and learn from my mistake! It took me nearly one year to wrap up a construction loan approval process with SunTrust. Each person working on my loan knew absolutly nothing about what each other person knew. I think that they either do not train well or don't have an effective 'notes' option in their software. They also do not have an effective way for customers to upload documents to them. This resulted in me having to send documents to them via email that contained sensitive personal information multiple times. I attempted to secure them using password protected PDF's. However, they were unable to open them with the passwords that were provided. It was almost as if their email system behaved like the bremuda tringle meaning that the information they requested was 'lost' by them. I learned to simply forward emails from my sent folder to re-provide them with their requested items and never once received an acknowledgement of their incomptence or apology. All in all, SunTrust has grown to the point where it can no longer function and now exists at a level of extreame disfunction. It's really sad that big banks like SunTrust buy up all the small banks that were able provide excellent customer service, efficent processing, and knowledable staff. I will NEVER do business with SunTrust again. 

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Jul 12, 2016
Not bad so far
Anonymous Account Holder

I just wanted to put a review up here to ease some people's minds after reading the other reviews. There are a lot of reviews on here that say that SunTrust does not offer an online banking option unless you have your bank account set up through them. This actually isn't true. I opened up my coupon book today to make a payment, and like a nerd, I made a point to read through the first few pages of the book. On the very first page, there's a line that states that you can set up online banking and pay from any account, even with a third party bank. Upon reading this, I went to their main website and signed up for an "online banking" account. During setup, it asked me for my account type and number. I selected "loan account", and entered the account number listed at the top of the first payment coupon. Lo and behold, I was able to set up an account, see my loan balance, payment amount, and payment date. I was also able to hook up my PNC personal checking account, and made my payment right from there. You can make monthly payments and even make one off smaller payments too. It even saved my PNC account info for easier future payments.

I just saw a lot of misinformation in the comments that was very discouraging to me, so I wanted to dispel the myth that's floating around here. Trust me, you can set up online banking and it's actually pretty simple to do. As far as the poor customer support that everyone has been mentioning, I haven't had to deal with customer support yet so I can't give an opinion, but I have my fingers crossed that it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to seem.

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Jul 01, 2016
Did not honor a $200 promotion
Anonymous Account Holder

Suntrust Bank offered a $200 promotion if you opened a checking account and did a direct deposit of at least $2000.  I did these things but they refuse to pay the bonus, saying simply that I did not qualify.  

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Jun 29, 2016
Froze my account for 10 days
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't fall for the customer service you recieve when you open it. I graduated from school, opened an account, and made check deposits from relatives. Suntrust thought this was "suspicious" and shut down my account for 10 days. All of my bills were suppose to come from the account, as I had set up auto-pay for everything, and I needed to pay rent. I called and tried explaining this and they wouldn't even tell me what was suspicious about the checks.  This bank wasted my time, caused me to almost fail to pay all my bills even though THE MONEY WAS THERE. Told my friend- apparently the same thing happened to her a couple years ago and she closed the account. Will be doing the same when the money is unfrozen. 

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Jun 22, 2016
Suntrust is simply behind the times.
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't use Suntrust if you want to have the most modern apps, ATMs, or features that other banks of their size have.  They have strange cutoff times for deposits, outsourced customer service, and supervisors either lack the ability to help you or just don't care.  I've been with them since 1997 and have had much better service from Bank of America in the last two years.

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Jun 01, 2016
Abysmal Security & Customer Service
Tibal Account Holder

SunTrust cashed a bunch of counterfeit checks on my account. An account that, I should mention, has never had ANY CHECKS ordered on it EVER! The checks they cashed looked like they were made from a home inkjet printer, With a PO Box for the bank address and THEY WERE SIGNED "TRUMP". All of this and into the second week of their "investigation" they are still holding all of my money in the account hostage and tacking on overdraft fees as they go. It would take any sane person two seconds to see that they were fake checks that they never should have allowed through. But they have to take weeks to research their own stupidity. SunTrust is just another big bank that operates more like a machine that grinds it's customers in it's gears to squeeze out fees and gain interest on held money, rather than treat them with care and common sense. I not only would not recommend SunTrust, I actively advise anyone I know to avoid dealing with them. 

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Jan 23, 2016
Not The Bank It Used To Be
ZxKobra Account Holder

I had this bank years ago and it was great. I closed the account when I moved. Now I opened an account online with them and have had nothing but problems. They did not submit the initial deposits via ach so I made a deposit using another linked bank. They took the money from my external account and put a "stop" on it holding it in some kind of escrow outside of my account. I called to find out why as there had been NO communication on this and they said I needed to visit a branch several hundred miles away to verify my identity. They now have actually blocked my ip to their site, and suspended my online id so I cant even see any of my accounts. They have thousands of my dollars tied up for no reason. I don't intend to keep this bank very long as my trust in them has gone out the window at this point. Too bad.

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