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Nov 14, 2017
Scam Artists
QuantitiveEasing Account Holder

I opened an account with SunTrust last week. I was getting tired of US Bank manipulating transactions on my bank account and figured I’d just close my account with them and go somewhere else. Opened my SunTrust account online and switched over my direct deposit to them, as well as my brokerage account and EFTs. 

Upon switching bank accounts, I also switched insurance companies. I informed my new insurance company to auto-draft the funds from my new bank account on November 17th, 2017. The insurance company didn’t listen and auto-drafted the funds from my account on November 13th. I called my bank and told them about this merchant error and was told to contact the fraud department. This wasn’t exactly a fraud case, so I asked them if I could have any overdrafts fees waved because it wasn’t irresponsibility on my part, but a merchant error. I informed them that I had my first direct deposit scheduled for November 15th and that it would more than cover the charge. The customer service rep told me that I had to wait until the overdraft fee posted in order for them to do anything on the account, so I ended the call and waited until the next day (today).

This morning, I wake up and try to log into my account to see if any overdraft fees have been charged. I kept getting an error message stating that my log in information was incorrect. I was certain that I was putting in the correct information, but after a few attempts I decided that I’d try to reset my password. After trying to reset my password, I received a message stating that my account was restricted. I was also given a number to call to discuss the matter. After contacting the listed number, I was notified by a customer service rep that my account was being closed. I asked why and if it had anything to do with the merchant error that I called about the previous day and was informed that it was due to “SunTrust Bank ‘rules and regulations’”. I asked to speak with a manager because I had transferred all of my liquidity over to SunTrust Bank (Brokerage accounts, direct deposits and wife’s direct deposits). I also got all of my billing set up under EFT with SunTrust. 

I was put on hold and transferred to a manager who was of no assistance and keep reading from the same script (“Your account is being closed due to SunTrust ‘rules and regulations’”). I asked if there was anyone above him that I could speak with about my account being closed. He said there was no one (as if he was the owner of the bank himself). So I called back and spoke with someone else about the matter, only to run into the same brick wall. I spoke with their supervisor who told me to speak with my branch manager. I called my branch manager who told me to contact the fraud department to see if they could override it on their end. I call the fraud department and ran into get another brick wall (“Your account is being closed due to SunTrust rules and regulations”). He puts me on hold to see what he “can do for me” and nothing. I asked to speak with his supervisor and she can’t do anything. By this point I’m regretting the fact that I even opened an account with SunTrust.

I end the phone call and call back the fraud department asking if I could speak with a supervisor because you get someone different every time you call. I tell yet another supervisor about my situation and still hit a brick wall. She tells me that I need to contact my branch manager or the area manager. I’m infuriated at this point because I have funds due to post to this account tomorrow (November 15th, 2017) which I was unable to get reverse as they were already processed. Now my funds are going to be in the hands of these scam artists who are closing my account without a valid reason.

I called my branch manager back and told him that the fraud department told me that he was the man I needed to talk to. He told me that there was nothing that he could do for me, so I asked for the number of the area manager. He refused to give me the area manager’s number and hung up on me after thanking me for using SunTrust Bank. I called the customer service line again and was able to retrieve the area manager’s number. I called the area manager’s office which wa closed for the day, so I’ll be calling back tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my money will be swept into a SunTrust Bank account by tomorrow morning and I will have no access to my funds because my account is being closed “due to SunTrust ‘rules and regulations’”. 

Please don’t use banks. These are terrible institutions that prey on the poor and middle-class. They are not designed for the poor and the middle-class. Has the interest that you’ve earned in your savings account ever been able to pay an overdraft fee for you? 

They hire and train employees who are desperate for a steady paycheck to treat people with a lack of concern and always seek out SunTrust’s best interest first, even if SunTrust’s best interest is borderline criminal. 

I will be contacting the CFPB and filing a complaint about this situation. I will also be filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve. I will never open another bank account after this experience. They are all the same. Hopefully I get my money back in a timely fashion.

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Oct 07, 2017
287Mon Account Holder

I must say that the process to open up an account with this particular bank has been unnecessarily inconvenient for me. Signing up for online banking and having trouble multiple times logging in even AFTER I've registered, waiting several days to receive not my card first but a LETTER explaining that my signature was needed in order to even have access to withdraw my funds, I mean really! If a person already has to wait a week to receive their card then why not offer a temporary card like most banks so that they can have immediate access to their money? It makes no sense. What if a person doesn't have a local suntrust? Realistically speaking they'd have to mail off the letter with their signature and probably have to wait another 7 days making that 2 weeks total, just to be able to have access to their funds. If a person has to go through all that just to have an account with this bank I feel as though there should be customer service with a SENSE OF URGENCY available 24/7 to atleast assist those who have basic problems as far as logging into their online banking, PIN number help, etc. I mean this is just ridiculous! All these obstacles to open up a basic checking account and I can't even receive assistance when I need it. I literally can't. What should have been a quick and easy process has turned into a huge unnecessary inconvenience!

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Jul 20, 2017
Pure garbage
Anonymous Account Holder

I opened up an account last night. My direct deposit had not made its way in my account yet. I scheduled an external transfer for a week from now to pay my rent, I edited the amount slightly to accommodate for their fee. This morning I found out they closed my account. My direct deposit is just in the air now and I have to figure that out because "they can't help me". Stay the hell away from these idiots.

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Jul 19, 2017
Now I understand why their rating was low
Anonymous Account Holder

Poor customer service.

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Jun 23, 2017
Awesome service.
Anonymous Account Holder

If you check your finances frequently there should be no problem. 

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May 28, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I have NEVER in my life given a bad review, however, I think people need to know that this bank is absolutely HORRIBLE! I have a car loan with them, and called in January to change the bank to which my payment was coming from. After two hours of trying to get someone to help me with the automatic payment switch- I THOUGHT it was finally fixed. However, it was not. I tried multiple times to get this situation sorted out, but in the meantime received two late fees because of errors on THEIR PART. I have been a loyal customer (never missed a payment) for four years, and they refuse to refund me the money for the fees even though the lady in research who had to listen to our phone call concluded that there were clear misunderstandings in the conversation. This is all because the lady in the tech department had NO IDEA on how to instruct me on how to change my automatic payment online. They spent five hours total going back and forth with me, and doing their "research" on the phone calls when they could have just refunded me the $32 instead. They spent more money paying their employees to refuse my request, than they would have if they just refunded me the money I did NOT deserve to be charged. That is how much their customers are worth to them. I will never use them again, and I strongly suggest you do not either!

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May 20, 2017
Money Grabbing
Anonymous Account Holder

Scheduled auto-pay system is hidden. You can set it up and not view what you have set up unless you dig through several hidden menus. 

The best part about their autopay system?

It will selectively make your payments late. Whats the point in an autopay system that is late?!

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May 03, 2017
A credit report nightmare.
Anonymous Account Holder

 I had a car loan through SunTrust. They asked me if I wanted online access, I said sure. Next thing I know, someone had accessed my account online, and started opening up new accounts in my name. I noticed this quickly and immediately had SunTrust shut the new accounts down. I told them not  to let anyone open new accounts in my name. They still let someone open up new accounts anyway.  When I pointed this out SunTrust advised that I freeze my car loan and not make any payments to it until we figured it out.  After literally days on the phone with SunTrust, I just decided to pay my car loan in full to be rid of the headache of dealing with them. I thought my nightmare would end there,  but it was only just beginning. SunTrust then attacked my credit for late payments and credit inquiries, after telling me not to pay on the loan, and allowing people to open false accounts in my name. What's more, they specifically told me that would not happen. Six months later I'm still dealing with getting my credit fixed. Polly Brubeck in Suntrust's misnamed Consumer Advocacy Division, has had me chasing my tail since I first talk to her in November. I will never ever ever deal with SunTrust again. I advise anyone against doing business with SunTrust.

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Mar 31, 2017
Not perfect, but not bad
Amavise Account Holder

The process of getting this card was a month long fiasco, but it turned out well.  A local branch rep called me to offer me consolidation lines of credit, something I'd been toying with for a few weeks anyways.  It was a well timed call on their part.  Having been denied in the past, twice over 15 years to be precise, I didn't have much hope that I'd be approved this go around.  I was misled by her offer and she wasn't well acquainted with the rules of the card she was offering me.  Turns out, I couldn't do what she said I could use the card to do; defeating the purpose of the entire deal.  Still, I ended up with a $7000 line of Suntrust credit and the branch rep and her manager bent over backwards to work with their superiors to right their wrong.  When I applied my FICO was about 730, I had a card utilization of about 23%, 2 small personal loans, and student loan debt.  This is definitely a card you need good credit to own.  

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Mar 17, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

The only bank i know that you could make 7 payments in 6 mo and still have the same ballance.

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