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Oct 19, 2016
The worst mortgage company ever!
Anonymous Borrower

The lies they're unreal. Had to contact FHA just to get things straight.Still not over. Stay away !

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Oct 15, 2016
a pre schooler can do better
Anonymous Borrower

This has been one of the worse experances of my life when it comes to dealling with a bank. 

1) Now after paying extra to principle for the first 3 months they decid to sell my loan

2) The original agent actually got in an argument with my insurance agent and keep demanding they do things that was not in the legal limits for VA

3) closing date keept getting moved due to variuose reasons, even the attorny doing the clossing said they never had this many issues. 

4) My final paymen and my initial payment changes by over $100 

5) The primary agent went on vacation thru the middle of the process

6) Had an inspector who did not kow a light bulb from a 2x4

This is just the main things, but there were other little things throughtout the process. I am now at the point I am ready to close all my accounts with suntrust . 

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Oct 14, 2016
Collection started on paid loan
Anonymous Borrower

You may have no way of avoiding these people if your loan gets transferred to them, as mine did, but if you have a choice go anywhere but here for a loan!  They failed to credit an electronic payment made by Wells Fargo and continued collection actions, even after Wells Fargo provided proof of payment!  Customer service is terrible!

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