Provident CU Reviews
Aug 11, 2017
Blocks CK, Mint and PersonalCapital
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Unfortunately I have to change my rating from 5 stars to 1.  Provident has decided to completely block all access to your own financial data!  With no warning they have blacked services like Mint or PersonalCapital from being able to access online banking.  Even the service they (still) advertise on their site Quicken WebConnect is broken.  

Want to aggregate your financial information across multiple banks with PersonalCapital?  NO

Want to use Mint to track bill payments and reminders? NO

Want to use Quickbooks Online or Xero to manage your business? NO

They also completely bungled the roll out of this 'upgrade' with absolutely ZERO communication to members either before OR after the change.  When you call and talk to them they give you a BS line about 'hackers' and rudely hang up.  

If their concern was actually security based, they could implement any one (or more) of many industry standard security procedures and still give members access to their own data.  How about 2FA with a OTP?  How about application specific passwords for aggregator sites?  How about authorization of specific IPs/DNS sites?  How about direct API connection to the services clients use?  

This change is completely short sited and will discourage anyone who lives in the connected world of 2017 to leave.  It is not 1992, and while I can live with an online banking site that looks like it is 1992, I can't stay at a bank that sets up a walled garden and blocks customers access to their own data.  

This is an extinction level mistake.

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