PNC Bank Reviews
Nov 09, 2016
Too much interest on the loan

Don't go to this bank too much interest the staff is not too courteous

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Aug 22, 2016
Bad business, worthless people

Stay away from PNC , had a house loan with them for 5 years and needed to refinance from a 15 yr to a 30 year , same bank same loan same people. Said I didn't qualify for the loan, WTF ?????? Wouldn't work with us, stole our house legally. They have no morals . Since then I have built a home out of pocket . It's smaller but paid for. PNC took bail out money and my home for free. Only Americans do this to people. I'll never use a lender again. If I can't pay cash then I don't need it . 

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Jan 16, 2017
Good Starter Card
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I've been using this card for about a year and a half as my first credit card - I had no established credit at the time and was having difficulty get approved by other banks. However, since I'd had a PNC checking account for several years and had all my income go straight to that account via direct deposit, I figured I'd give this a try. I called PNC and was approved pretty much immediately, and was given a 200% credit limit increase after a year by my request. Not bad at all. 

As far as rewards go...better than nothing but far from the best. You get 4 points per dollar on qualifying purchases, sure. But they don't tell you that you need a LOT of points to redeem anything worth it. For direct points-to-cash, it's 500 points per dollar. So basically, you get 0.80% rewards for each qualifying dollar spent. It's more worth it to redeem for gift cards - for example, right now, a $5 Amazon gift card is 2,270 points: that's 454 points per dollar, or 0.88% rewards for each qualifying dollar spent. 

Other than that, not much to say. I haven't had much reason to contact their customer support, but the few times I have (for example, I lost my credit card once a year back), their customer service was perfectly adequate.

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Jan 06, 2017
Terrible HELOC Servicing

DO NOT open a HELOC with PNC. I took out a HELOC in late September 2016 in order to fund needed home repairs due to toxic mold issues in my house. Since opening the account, NEVER have I experienced such dysfunctional servicing of an account. In order of irritation:

1. For some absolutely ridiculous reason, PNC has 2 separate departments that handle customer service for their HELOCs. One only handles issues and transactions made through the HELOC card, the other only issues and transactions made through the accompanying checks. Neither department can access the information the other has, and both have different hours. This leads to an exceptionally frustrating experience when attempting to resolve any issue that may involve the account as no one at the bank seems to have a global view of your account at any time.

2. Unlike security checks with every other financial organization on the planet, if you call the customer service number on the back of the HELOC card you cannot speak with anyone in the HELOC card department unless you have your full account number with you. This number only appears on your checks and HELOC statements. You can provide your name, address, phone number, SSN, DOB, any and all information off the card itself to the representative, but if you don't have the full account number they will refuse to speak with you. If you are out and about and need an issue resolved quickly, unless you have the account number memorized you're utterly out of luck.

3. While I appreciate the lengths to which banks go to extend fraud protection, the PNC HELOC division is ridiculous in regards to the frequency of how many times card swipes have been declined for even tiny amounts. I had a card transaction for around $30 declined while the very next day a check cleared for several thousand dollars against the account. The several occasions I have had to contact the HELOC card division to clear up issues such as this, I have regularly received misinformation, misdirection, and have had to call back multiple times to resolve issues I was told had been taken care of.

4. While regular checking and savings accounts at PNC appear to exist in the modern day of online banking, the HELOC division seems to still be abiding its time in the late 90s or early 00s. Logging into your online account and accessing the HELOC area, you cannot access any HELOC statements online and cannot view check images that have cleared. The only way to get HELOC statements is by mail and check images by special request.

All in all, working with PNC after the HELOC was approved has been an abysmal experience. If you're considering PNC for this type of lending, just don't. I have worked in the financial services industry for some time, and am staggered by the sheer incompetence with which PNC services this account type. You would have an extraordinarily more pleasant experience whacking yourself in the head repeatedly with a 2x4.

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