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Dec 28, 2013
PNC Equity Loan
gingie7 Borrower

I have a PNC Equity loan which I've had for about 7 years.  They are a wonderful bank to work with.  I've been late a few times and they don't even call.  They never charge late fees if you are late.  I have nothing but good things to say about PNC and their customer service reps are excellent.  I bank with Chase & Bank of America.  I originally banked with MidAmerica.  Then it was sold to National City and then PNC.  There is a branch on the corner by my house, but they changed ownership so many times I decided to go with a bigger bank.  After I switch to Bank of America, they open a huge PNC next door to my building in downtown Chicago.  My mortgage was originally with WaMu and then they closed and Chase took over my loan.  I have my mortgage with Chase on default.  I personally love banking with Bank of America for my checking and credit cards, but PNC for my equity loan has been great.  No complaints here.    

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 17, 2012
Difficulty closing account
Anonymous Borrower

After paying off a home equity credit line (which originated through National City) I inquired about how to formally close the account and was told to fax a signed letter authorizing the closure. No problem. I faxed the letter and never received confirmation. I called several days later to check on the status and received a vague indication that the account was in the process of being closed and that I should receive a confirmation sometime soon. A couple weeks later, after still having not received a confirmation, I see that the automatic payment setup through PNC online banking had proceeded and overpaid to the "closed" account.

I called in and spent 15 minutes navigating the phone menus until I found the right combination that actually let me speak to somebody (I had to start by saying that I didn't have an account and wasn't a customer and then choose the option to "inquire about an existing loan" on a subsequent menu). Once I could finally speak with somebody, who was very helpful, I learned that the account actually was closed, despite not receiving a confirmation, and that the "online banking" function was somehow disconnected from the account itself. This meant that, even though the account is closed, the automatic payment I had setup in the PNC online banking portal was still active and I needed to remove the automatic payment in order for the system to stop trying to make payments to the closed account. They're going to have to offer a pretty good rate to convince me to  use PNC for any banking in the future.

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Aug 22, 2016
Bad business, worthless people
Anonymous Borrower

Stay away from PNC , had a house loan with them for 5 years and needed to refinance from a 15 yr to a 30 year , same bank same loan same people. Said I didn't qualify for the loan, WTF ?????? Wouldn't work with us, stole our house legally. They have no morals . Since then I have built a home out of pocket . It's smaller but paid for. PNC took bail out money and my home for free. Only Americans do this to people. I'll never use a lender again. If I can't pay cash then I don't need it . 

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May 12, 2016
Applied for fixed term HEL

First off, the branch people have always been professional and I have kept a savings and checking acount with them for years. So I decided to use them for a Home Equity loan.  The process started off well, but the appraisal came in a little lower than expected. Ihad told them I would lower them amount rather than pay more interest, but they arbatrarily raised the interest. The processor never told me this at the time she called to inform me of the approval, and I found this out two days prior to closing when I recieved the paperwork.  So I called the brach that I was to close at and told them to reduse the loan amount, and that I was including the latest statement from the mortgager to show the current amount on the primary loan.  After the processor choosing to not use the latest information, I pushed and told them I expected that they would use it and that I wanted full 79.9% LTV.  She said she would give to underwriting and get back to me, but that closing was set for a certain date.  Day before closing with not hearing anything I e-mailed asking if closing was canceled. She e-mailed stating that it was still on for the next day.  Day of closing the local branch called to confirm closing, I asked if the new amount was corrected, and was informed it was not that the paperwork came through with the old amount on it.  I cancelled closing on the loan.

Their customer relations really need some work at a corporate level, and should have really taken more head to the reviews I had read. Right now if I hear nothing from the formal complaint I filed at the local branch, I may very well close all my accounts with PNC, and even if I keep my basic accounts with them, I will not use them for anything more than that.

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May 09, 2016
Equity line of credit
Anonymous Borrower

I had adverse economic situations, was paying on the Equity as agreed. I tried for an entire year to get them to work with me about hardship, stretching out the loan, etc.

 I tried very very often. They refused to talk with me at all. That left me with no other choice but bankruptcy, and now they will get nothing.

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Nov 19, 2015
dont use pnc

if you want a loan try another bank i have banked with pnc for years and have never been abel to get loans there i have great credit and have to get loans at other banks when i need one if you are a evryday kind of person this is not the bank for you go figure i dont even bother to ask them anymore i just apply elswere and get approved

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Mar 18, 2016

This bank is the worst I had nothing but money, and lots of it in there bankc. Theynever ever gave me a equity loan, car oan and evn took a shot at me when my card was stolen in Chicana asking if I had been there when I was at their facility that same day. They are not a bank for the people. GREEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 10, 2015
Anonymous Borrower

Excellent credit score, 10+ years with them.  Time to refinance balloon home equity loan and they want more information about me than I even know about myself.  Absolutely ricidulous and time wasting.  Moving on.  AVOID!

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Nov 16, 2015

Glenda K. Gibson I totally agreed with you when we refinanced our home I could not be add with his for my credit score was to low Just because I had a few cards in my name. But guess what I have no job . but his scored was very good. and we have been with them when they was National City and another name I can not recall we have been married for 45 years and bank with them for 40 years So if he dies I will loose my house for paying his bills and some times forgetting to pay my .But I have always paid them off are got them caught up . So thanks to them I will not have a home..

Jul 20, 2015
I have a Home Equity Loan from PNC Bank
pittsfan1 Borrower

My wife and I have a PNC Home Equity loan, and we could not be happier.  While opening the account was a bit time consuming, with all those papers to be signed, the entire process ran smoothly.  In fact, we were so impressed with our banker at PNC, that we moved our retirement accounts to them.  The man handling our account has become a close, personal friend, and he has been a wonderful source of information on matters beyond finance.  The quarterly reports are written in terms that it does not require an MBA to undeerstand them, and their fee structure is spelled out most clearly.  I would strongly recommend that anyone considering getting a Home Equity Loan consider PNC.

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Nov 26, 2014
Horrible, Unfair
TiredofSystem Borrower

Was military bought a house in Kentucky n due to Countrywide goin to Bank of America they had me listed as my home 2 times in Texas, so I couldn't be on the loan but was on the deed. Went through a divorce paid the mortgage 3 yrs n gonna refinance but between ex messin up the credit n doin paperwork,  strokes n gettin to Texas to refinance was heck.Each time I called them they wouldn't talk to me but they sure took my money n Insurance was in my name only n property taxes. Finally got him to do a Quick Claim but he wouldn't sign the paper at PNC. I faxed it to them as they told me n once again they went back n what happens he files Bankruptcy but yet I own the land lol n he owns the loanon the hhouse pls tell me this makes sense? Well after almost losin my life. I came home to Texas n a year later they r goin after me cause he filed Bankruptcy. ...After all my tears, arguin, pleadin, paperwork. ...So beware

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May 21, 2015

Thank you for your service. And what a disgrace this company/bank/*******s did to you is horrible. I'm in Texas and it makes me sad to hear that someone in my great state has had such a horrible experience.

Jun 13, 2015

PNC Bank is the worst Bank to work with ever! I have home mortgage and they have been trying to foreclose on home for two years working with them on modification loan and nothing even after trial period with them and continue paying payments for 6 plus months and then they said they ddi not offer me a modification and had to get attorney involved and still fighting them on lies, delaying tactics for modification, many temp employees that lost information on loans etc. lies and more lies have all documented info and hope there are others out there that PNC has tried to rip off with the mortgage and the Presidents Hamp program pls reply to this to discuss... The are really bad bank to get home loan on. Don't do it go somewhere else if you can.. I had good credit and even paid extra payment first 5 years on loan and still have not gotten a decent modification from them and still fighting them in court for home!!!!!

Jul 09, 2014
Don't hold my breath

I am waiting 4 months for either an acceptance or denial from PNC for a home equity loan I have great credit

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Apr 30, 2014
Regina Lashley
Anonymous Borrower

I know they are nice. I don't have to pay my mortgage. They call, but unless I know who it is, I won't open that door. It's a crazy amount of money that went with the housing market, but I suspect the people lending the money on the eve of the crash knew what was coming and just kept the pedal to the metal!! Same here, pedal to the metal! And don't ansa that phone! Peace!

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Apr 15, 2014
Hidden Fees!
Anonymous Borrower

I encurred multiple hidden fees on the account. After speaking to a PNC customer service representative, Jason, I received little information about the fees and I was told that they couldn't be reversed. The reason I was told that they couldn't be reversed is because most of the transactions that go throguh are automated but this one has to be hand written by somebody so it really causes more work for somebody to have to hand write a fee reversal. GIVE ME A BREAK! The fee was the fault of PNC so why am I getting charged?! His other answer was, "just because we can't." Fantastic communication skills sir, I am sure you deserve the money you make...

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