PNC Bank Reviews

PNC Bank Reviews
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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Aug 23, 2019
Gary0711 Account Holder

F*** PNC with their janky over draft charge with money in my account and their janky bulls*** babble on why it was a legit charge.

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Aug 21, 2019
Worst customer service
DanielleChirico Account Holder

Here are a few experiences that should deter you from every using PNC.

1. I was pressured into opening a virtual wallet account, even though I already had a checking. They assured me, “this is a free acct so you should take advantage of some of the features!” Fast forward about 7 years later. I get overdrafted on one of the acts I don’t use. Why? PNC charged me a fee for not having money in the acct, and then another fee for over drafting. When I called to find out about it I was told “it’s not free anymore, sorry there’s nothing we can do.” So I had to park money in an acct I don’t use just so I don’t get charged fees.

2. There was a fraudulent charge on my acct. I called to dispute. They filed a claim stating the wrong dollars amount, and the wrong name of the fraudulent charge. 

3. I logged in to check my balance and due date for my credit card. $10 due in August. Shortly after I received an alert from credit karma stating that my credit score dropped because I missed a payment. Again, I logged in and checked the date that clearly stated it was due in a few weeks. I called and they told me that no, it was due last month. No email. No call. No text. No alert on my online acct. I called to complain and they told me they could not reverse the report to the credit union. Now my credit score will suffer for 7 years because they didn’t have the decency to alert me that I was over due on a $10 payment.

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Jul 08, 2019
frednet2 Account Holder

Tried to cash a check for $45 for $450 cant even read. Waited a couple months and then took the money out of my account with no notice. Terrible!

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Jul 01, 2019
Your Money is not Yours
Nermar4 Account Holder

I have had a bank account with PNC now for 4 years and I can say that since the beginning I have had so many problems with them from closing a non-profit account for lack of funds to having a DIRECT DEPOSIT take TWO days to go into the account, but if they are going to charge you the $7 fee they will take it from the amount, you just cannot touch your own money. Get a real bank, this one is now a joke in my book. I am so sad I opened an account for my children there as well. Changing banks as soon as possible. 

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Jun 05, 2019
No longer customer oriented
Carolb2019 Account Holder

I have had PNC for many years. In recent years I find their Customer Service to be condescending. Each time a problem occurs, PNC is quick to put the blame on you, their valued customer or any third parties involved. I opened a new account at another, smaller bank. So long to a bank that I used to trust to be there.  

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Apr 24, 2019
PNC is a disaster
tiggerdaisy Account Holder

I've had many, many issues with PNC, I have no choice but to deal with these crooks because my mortgage loan was sold to them a few years ago. You can't get descent customer service when you call them, they either put you on hold, always get their answering machines, they don't respond to emails, the chat is never available on their mortgage payment website. They want you to do every thing by mail, I'm disputing a late payment that they reported on my credit report that was not late and now I can't get any results from them, they want me to write a letter, I thought writing letters was for the most part an obsolete thing anymore, I believe this is their way to get you off their back. I've had it with them.

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Mar 29, 2019
PNC deceived me to make a quick buck
gk98 Account Holder

I had a terrible experience where i was decieved, ignored, and ultimiatly thrown to the side. I have zero trust in this bank which is the most unsettling thing someone with finances can feeel with their bank. Dont give them your money unless you are okay with them taking unnessary fees behind your back dispite telling you to your face that there are no assocated fees. TERRIBLE EXPERIECE. Your money is safer under your pillow than with PNC

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Mar 19, 2019
Dont do it
Movylewis Account Holder

I disputed a transaction with the bank. PNC claimed to never receive any formal dispute paperwork and decided to deny the dispute almost 45 days prior to the expiration.  No warning or phone call.  Onlay a letter in the mail for which the reversal the next day.  I called and emailed PNC.  Received a call from retail escalation team and I had to refile the dispute. I submitted the formal dispute form twice since PNC claimed not to receive the first one yet again.  I even fax copy of communication with the vendor to show proof of my dispute. I even faxed the copies to the retail escalation team.  I received another denial just within 45 days to the investigation.  I called and asked why.  I was told the vendor responded that I was trying to take advantage and PNC just went with that statement.  I said I even sent you copies of the communication and in it the vendor was apologizing and willing to give me a credit.  I was told I should have given all this to my case manager.  I was never given a case manager or was given option to have a case manager. 

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Mar 04, 2019
Online Interface Helps with Budgeting
jacuzzi15 Account Holder

I have not had a personal issue with PNC. Sometimes their procedures change so you have to be aware of fees/changes. I really like the online Virtual Wallet. I can finally save and budget my money without worrying about setting aside money and forgetting what it was about. You can title different 'buckets' to save for a car or a future payment. I have the account that is split into 3 accounts including a savings account. It has worked very well for me. The downside I've noticed is that money transfers take a few days. I will be keeping my PNC account as long as in the interface online stays active or until other banks create a budgeting system. 

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Feb 15, 2019
Avoid if you use Bill Pay!!
SAJ5212 Account Holder

Confusing, unorganized bill pay system. I set up autoPay and to cancel 1  PAYMENT you need to cancel your complete autopay and SET IT UP AGAIN. BUT they don't tell you this so you think you have canceled a payment then they make it anyway. Checks bouce and they don't refund you the overdrawn fee because you are somehow supposed to know that the "Canceled Payment" isn't really canceled!!!!  After 6 different times being really confused I finally figured it out. 

Shame on you PNC. I will be changing my bank immediately to somewhere where their bill pay acutally works.

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