Huntington Nat Bank Reviews
Dec 03, 2016
Terrible experience, incompetent process

Huntington will not meet closing dates in sales agreements. Their service commitments are not met and their communication are worse.  No one takes responsibility for delays or lost information or changing information requests.  It's a round robin blame game.  

Ours was a smal mortgage with ~50% down with a credit score of over 800.  They missed the closing target date by 3 weeks and did not send the proper or correct documentation to closing. They caused us to be homeless for a few days.

We have had many homes and mortgages in the last 40 years...dealing with Huntington is worst banking/mrtgage experience ever.


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Nov 22, 2016
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5 Stars for these reasons: Excellent customer service in every Huntington bank I have been to, Overdraft protection, An excellent website and App, Rated as the best bank in Columbus, OH, and The availability of banks present in town.  

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Nov 07, 2016
The Worst!

They are TERRIBLE! I have been charged several late fees, despite paying my bill on time. Everytime I would call they would say it was my fault, even if I paid the bill the day it was due! I have never paid it late, and since you can't pay ahead of the due date (they told me if I did it wouldn't count towards my monthly bill it would count towards my total but not my monthly) it was impossible to pay on time! They would tell me it takes at least two business days to process, and I should pay before it was even due, but then I would try and they would still charge me my monthly after I paid! I am fed up with this bank and look forward to working with a decent bank asap!!

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