Huntington Nat Bank Reviews
Oct 03, 2016
Huntington is a terrible lender

I'm currently working with a lender and had to go through my 2014 short sale paperwork. Huntington was an awful lender! Our escrow account was set up improperly and the mortgage payment increased without notice. They returned my mortgage checks and stated "we don't accept partial payments" They wouldn't work payments out with us and within 3 months began foreclosure paperwork! They were impossible to reach by phone and have created such a credit nightmare for us years later! I would never accept a loan from Huntington again. 

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Oct 20, 2016
Horrible experience with a car loan
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I used this bank for a vehicle loan over a year ago. I recieved orders for a 365 deployment and overseas assignment afterwards, we couldn't take my vehicle. I sold it and then started the serious issues...I owed less than the sale price. HNB owed me the excess and assured me a check would be sent within 10-20 days. Day 21, no check and they sent the title to the wrong place for the new owner (I tracked it down and got it to the new owner). I had to go through several people for them to track down the money they owed me, which it turned out who ever closed my loan and sent the title NEVER had the check drafted in the first place. A month later (i'm not exaggerating fyi) and days shy of deploying I finally recieved what was owed to me. Worst experience with a bank to date.

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Aug 26, 2016
Do not pre-pay

There is a high pre-payment panalty

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