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Oct 03, 2016
Huntington is a terrible lender
Anonymous Borrower

I'm currently working with a lender and had to go through my 2014 short sale paperwork. Huntington was an awful lender! Our escrow account was set up improperly and the mortgage payment increased without notice. They returned my mortgage checks and stated "we don't accept partial payments" They wouldn't work payments out with us and within 3 months began foreclosure paperwork! They were impossible to reach by phone and have created such a credit nightmare for us years later! I would never accept a loan from Huntington again. 

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Jun 21, 2016
Owner selling to a Huntington borrower
Anonymous Borrower

Unbelievablely terrible experience. I am the owner of the home that is selling to an individual working with Huntington. We have delayed our closing date every week for the last 4 weeks due to the buyer. They have had horrible service from huntington which is now affecting me and my seller, as I cant buy until I close. Its been an extremely costly wait for all of us. Realator states that buyer is having to resubmit missing documents that are lost by the bank. Slow response times. A 6 weeks closing is going onto 11 weeks and just got a call that it wont be this week because Huntington still is not finished. Its funny that their loan officer is notorious for delaying and screwing up mortages in Indianapolis. I dont have his name. I never ever write reviews and am actually a Huntington checking account owner but I cant do anything to speed up our process but hoping to prevent others from using them.  Hopefully I will close before the end of the year.

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May 26, 2016

I was directed to a mortgage officer by a friend who worked for Huntington Bank.   I was a little leery because my last experience with HB ended up with me withdrawing my mortgage application after 3 months.  HB was not able to provide me an estimate when they could close and the seller was tired of waiting.  

This time, I was just refinancing so time wasn't an issue.  About a week after I emailed all my documents to the mortgage officer, I realized that there was password protection on the PDFs and I never provided the password.  So, I emailed and called telling her to call me regarding the submitted docs.   No reply.  I waited another week, then sent a couple emails and a left voice message.   No reply.  I waited another week or so, then emailed, called, and texted her multiple times.   After a few more days, I called the 800 number to see if the mortgage person still worked for the company!!!!   She did.   Early the next week, I finally heard from her as she called to tell me the docs were password protected.    This was over 5 weeks after initially sending her the docs!   Her response when I asked why she is just getting to my documents was that she is incredibly busy and must have missed the 7 emails, 8 voicemails, and 4 text messages.  Right now, the mortgage is with underwriting, but it took 7 weeks for that to happen.   

I went with them because of a program they have with reduced closing costs.   NEVER AGAIN.   

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Dec 05, 2015
Anonymous Borrower

I have been Banking with Huntington sine I was about 10 years old(I am 47). I had the worst experience this year with a refinance.  This is my 7th mortgage so I know what I am doing. I ended up threatening then with disclosure of this nightmare just to get simple items resolved. 

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Nov 24, 2015

Worst customer service lack of teller knowledge

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Sep 04, 2015
Worst customer service I have ever had.
Anonymous Borrower

I was charged for flood insurance on my mortgage that turned out to be in error.  Huntington admitted the error was theirs but did not refund my cost for insurance- which was well over $1000.  I spent over 10 hours pleading with them that my home in central Ohio was not in a flood zone.  It took them over a year to realize that my home was not an ocean side property- the zone I was charged for.  I have not had an appology or a refund.  I am in the process of moving all of my accounts out of Huntington Bank.  Josh Baisden at Huntington was absolutely horrible to try to deal with.  

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Aug 19, 2015
Lack of communication INTERNALLY!
Anonymous Borrower

We applied for a mortgage Jan 23, 2015 --- The most horrific process I've ever been thru with a bank!!   The left hand does'nt know what the right hand is doing and nobody will call you back.  Columbus calls and asks us for something, we fax it,, next day the Boardman office calls and asks for the same thing!!  Do they not communicate with each other and it's supposed to be a mortgage company and supposedly a team?  If this is their idea of a team it's a sad sad team.  The person is Columbus (Carol) tells us we MUST have insurance on the house on March 23,, ok so we are going to close then.  Call the insurance company, get it all set - they call Carol to verify the date the insurance is to take affect.  We never close until JUNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So now we are getting notices from the Insurance company that the premium was never paid from March until June when we took possession.  Insurance company calls Huntington in July to find out who's going to pay for the premium due when we did not own the house, Huntington never returns their call and the Insurance company does'nt follow up and call them back, so now we get a bill for the premium from a Collection Agency!!  More calls to the Insurance company and Huntington, as of this date still not resolved!!!!   Very frustrating

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Aug 18, 2015
HORRIBLE- worst experience ever!

Had to use huntington to finance a land/construction loan- they are terrible at responding to emails, do not return phone calls, they send you paperwork to fill out, and never update the changes you make. We would have gont to clsoing with an incorrect address on our paperwork. We had to push back our closing 3 times due to their delays and incompetence. We were supposed to have the paperwork to show how much to bring to closing the day before, and we did not get it until 5 hours before closing which only left us 2.5 hours to wire the money in. And then we discovered the whole loan amount was incorrect and they cancelled our closing as my husband, our agent, sellers, sellers agent, closing company were all sitting at the real estate office FOR the closing. DO NOT use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most horrible experience I have ever had.

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Dec 20, 2014
Mortgage and customer Service
Anonymous Borrower

Been a customer for 9 years. Call me crazy! The absolute worst customer service ever. The associates are clueless tell you wrong and conflicting information. They run escrow analysis multiple times a year and don't bother to tell you. Your payments change for and basically you get the run around when you call for help. This is a company that should fold. Stay the hell away!!!!

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Dec 27, 2013
Worst customer service ever
Anonymous Borrower

No customer service except 800 number that they do not answer or call you back

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