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Huntington National Bank Reviews
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Apr 01, 2020
doesn’t care
FFMORGAN09 Account Holder

first I want to say I haven't applied for any loans for them but I know their credit requirements as a former employee. 

They advertise that they do what's right for the customer but that is certainly not the case. While working there it was evident that they only care about sales and not helping the people who actually need the help. They shut down many customers credit cards (even when they were being paid) with little to no notice because they upped the credit score requirements for the credit card. When you make a mortgage referral upper management asks why you didn't also do a HELOC application. They make their lending requirements insanely high and expect their employees to make sales goals. They are quickly becoming the new Wells Fargo. I'm very glad I left when I did before it comes down on them 

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Feb 11, 2020
great bank and service
smoofy02 Account Holder

pros: home loans

credit cards



24hrs deposit without getting over draft fees


having to notiify them if you want to withdray $2000-$5000

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Jan 27, 2020
Not what it used to be.
katwain58 Account Holder

I have had a checking and savings account with this bank for over 3 years. First, they never paid the bonus I was due for signing up for a checking account. Customer service has gone downhill. The app is always having technical difficulties and I cannot access the information I need. Now my branch is closing. There is no reason to continue with this Bank any longer.

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Jan 14, 2020
bill734 Account Holder

delt with them two times. fell on their faces both times with lies and incompetance. do not waste your time

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Nov 26, 2019
Poor service
Kelsm Account Holder

This banks gives you a credit card with a reasonable limit then some months later at two different times drastically reduces that credit limit. They are horrible.

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Oct 24, 2019
backward security
MadalaineFabre Account Holder

I noticed an almost 2K charge that came through and on that same day, I disputed it. It stayed pending for several days and today it went through even though it was being disputed. When I called, I was told that the bank has no mechanism to stop pending payments. Excuse me, but if you can stop payment on a check or do anything else that requires manual effort or programming, you could do this. I have never heard of a bank that would clear the charge during an investigation. They usually go back to the bank, if it has already gone through and at least put it in a separate account or give it back saying that they may take it back depending on the investigation. Meanwhile, I get to twiddle my thumbs for another 85 days until there is an outcome. I will be looking for other banks. This is the first time on my business account but our personal account has been hacked several times in the last few years. I am done with this bumbling group of people. 

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Oct 14, 2019
WENDY6483 Account Holder

My husband & I traveled out of state to purchase a new RV in August of 2018.  After putting down a substantial deposit the dealers finance provider offered us a loan for the remaining balance thru Huntington Bank.  Our intention was that when we got home, we would rearrange some funds to pay the loan off in full within a month or two.  Our credit rating is A+++ and we have no outstanding debt.  Due to a unforeseen issue were unable to make the necessary finance arrangements to pay it off immediately but were able to make substantial additional monthly principal payments as well as the monthly loan payment itself.  We had to JUMP THRU HOOPS to arrange the additional principal payments.  I could not make the payment in person because the bank was out of state.  First, I had to create a special form letter including all the necessary account information and special instructions for application of payment.  Included I provided a personal check and had to mail it to a special address. After mailing the payment I had to wait weeks for it to be cashed and then I had to police on-line how that extra payment was being applied.  Several times I caught them applying it to the whole loan and charging me interest on it.  Forcing them to back the payment out, re-apply it and recalculate my interest.  The customer service rep I spoke with was annoyed with having to deal with this.  This was not because of me….it was because of their poorly designed system and it was MY MONEY.  Upon speaking with a friend of mine who also had a RV loan thru them I discovered that he was having the same problem with them.  My recommendation before you shop for your RV, shop around for your RV loan and stay away from Huntington Bank if you can!!!  The loan is now paid in full & I am glad to be finally rid of them….FOREVER!

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Oct 07, 2019
Fred789 Account Holder

For people who think that this banks credit policies are bogus or are not transparent crack me up every lender has the right to review your credit and determine whether you still meet the requirements of said product... capital one discover and chase have all lowered my limit numerous times... just because you pay it off every month doesn't mean that's a plus yes it's good payment history but what's that doing to your credit utilization.... come one people credit utilization is 35 percent of your credit score you can have excellent payment history but max out your card and pay it off when the statement cycles it's sent to the credit bureau and if you have only 2000 dollars in available credit and you max it out that's almost 100 percent utilization which is terrible for your credit... it's in the disclosures they can soft hit your credit and review it to determine whether you qualify or not just read the lovely disclosures you receive and maybe you will understand it better ;) I love Huntington they're nothing but nice just because you don't get your way doesn't mean you have to be mad at or blame someone else for your mistakes even with getting overdraft fees... their free checking account literally gives you 24 hours to bring the account to a positive balance before you assess a fee I'd say it's hard to assess a fee unless you're broke and overdraft it all the time... 

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Sep 04, 2019
Do Not Go With Huntington!
AshleaA Account Holder

Save yourself years of headache, stress and fear. Loan officers do not care, in fact, they will barely even talk to you. They will put incorrect numbers on your closing statements, lose your sensitive information, set dates and not inform you, and not update your escrow accounts then a year later try to make up for those funds by making you pay. Despite these issues needing to be fixed before hand, Huntington cannot handle that responsibility on making sure your FHA loan is correct before and after closing. Despite ensuring everything is good, they will come after you a year later wanting more money up front and monthly as if I was renting a home a renewing a lease. Huntington refuses to take responsibility or apologize despite telling you they messed up, they still expect you to fix it yourself. The entire process from start back in June 2018 to now, Sept 2019, I have been treated poorly despite being a client.

Go through a credit Union, or Chase, but do not go with Huntington

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Aug 21, 2019
Worst credit card ever/Banking is OK
rzza Account Holder

I have made exery single payment on time.  For the first half a year I paid off balances each month but after buying my house I decided to use this card for renovations and planned to pay minimum payment for a while until I can pay it off again.  Well, right before xmas they cut my limit from 6500 to 5000 (my balance was nearly 5000) I planned on using this for xmas presents, gee thanks Huntington.  Then 8 months later I get an email saying that my card is now closed and I have to keep making payments and I should cut my card in half.  The only thing I have done is make minimum payments, I thought they like interest.  This is ridiculous!  Oh well, theyre loss! 

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Oct 07, 2019

Well let me correct “they’re” to their* but it’s in the disclosures they can review your credit while you have their credit card and see if you still meet the requirements obviously you don’t and you didn’t read the disclosures every lender has the right to do this it’s not like it’s not common it is for every lender read the documents you get with the card and maybe you will understand how banking works....

Apr 01, 2020

I used to work there and I 100 percent believe they did this. They did it to ALOT of customers. I don’t miss them one bit

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