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Huntington National Bank

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Apr 29, 2013
Love 24-hour grace Checking
Anonymous Account Holder

I opened this account for a feature I never hope to use. If you overdraw your checking account they alert you (text and/or email) and you have a day to fix it before an Overdraft fee is charged. Love it.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 03, 2014
Huntington National Bank is a JOKE
Anonymous Account Holder

I used Huntington National Bank (HNB) for a loan I took out for my car. I paid the loan for about 2 years until I built up enough money to pay-off the loan in full.

I called the bank to pay-off the laon and all was good. I told them that I am taking the payment out of a seperate account than I had been using from my monthly withrawls. The representative took the new account information and repeated it all back to me with the amount that would be withrawn from the new account. She reassured me that the amount would not be taken out of the account I had previoucly been billed for. All was good ... until 1 week later. I looked at my account and I have -$500. The representative had taken the pay-off amount from the WRONG account and over withrew from the account she and I confirmed it would NOT be taken out of. After 2 long hours on the phone with Huntington filing a dispute, they listened to the recording from the conversation I had with the rep. and apologized ... after being rud eto me over the phobe. At one point the manager said, "I'm sure our representatives would not take down the wrong information." Well, sorry buddy THEY DID.

Finally, I received my money back. Of course HNB was so disorganized, they credited my account AND sent a check (real smart).

I thought all was good, until 2 weeks later a larger amount was taken out of the account AGAIN, WITHOUT my authroization.

I fought again on the phone, mind you I have an 8-5 job, so this was quit disruptive.

I went to my bank to dile a dispute and charge them for the over draft fee.

Three weeks later, I FINALLY have my money back AGAIN.

Now I can pay-off the loan and I ask to have the amount reduced tot he original pay-off amont they messed up in the first place. The rep. confirms wt will be that amount. low and behold ... it was not the amount taken out of the account and I have to file my THIRD dispute.

It's still ongoing ... and yes, I'm still waiting for them to reimburse the $35.00 over withrawl fee.

Huntington Nationla Bank is a JOKE and their Customer Service is rude and irratating.

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Oct 20, 2016
Horrible experience with a car loan
Marsh14 Account Holder

I used this bank for a vehicle loan over a year ago. I recieved orders for a 365 deployment and overseas assignment afterwards, we couldn't take my vehicle. I sold it and then started the serious issues...I owed less than the sale price. HNB owed me the excess and assured me a check would be sent within 10-20 days. Day 21, no check and they sent the title to the wrong place for the new owner (I tracked it down and got it to the new owner). I had to go through several people for them to track down the money they owed me, which it turned out who ever closed my loan and sent the title NEVER had the check drafted in the first place. A month later (i'm not exaggerating fyi) and days shy of deploying I finally recieved what was owed to me. Worst experience with a bank to date.

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Sep 29, 2016
Avoid car loan at ALL costs.
dcreeves88 Account Holder

Car loans are a joke through this lender. Customer service is OK, but laregly unhelpful. Will never go near Huntington for any reason again.

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Jul 26, 2016
Auto Loan
Anonymous Account Holder

They are completely incompetent, every employee I've spoke to is rude and not very intelligent. A process that takes a week at a normal bank takes a month with Huntington. I can't wait to pay this car off and NEVER use their services again.

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Jul 20, 2016
6 years of good banking at HNB in IN
HKMITCH Account Holder

I have banked with Huntington bank for 6 years and like them very well. I wish they had more branches, locations, or even "deposit" HNB ATM locations around that would make it a lot easier. Their 24 grace period, text, email alert has been nice a few times so I did not overdraft my account. I had problems with other banks, larger banks in the past and had no problems with Huntington in my 6 years with them. Very friendly to me at branches as well and helpful.

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Jun 30, 2016
1st time customer and horrible experienc
Anonymous Account Holder

I called Huntington customer service to ask a simple question of why there is a difference in the original loan amount and current principle balance on a new loan. I have not made a payment as yet and what is that difference. I got multiple answers that did not make sense, when I called them out on it they say it is interest but you cannot calculate it, you need a special calculator to calculate this, and that they cannot calculate it. Then I got a response look at you loan documents and go back to the dealer for an explanation, when the issue is on Huntington's website. I did not choose them as a bank, unfortunately the dealer I bought my car with selected them...I wish I can easily switch banks, because their customer service is not informed and not helpful. I spoke with a supervisor that told me that she cannot explain the difference and I need to read my loan docs...I ask her if she had those in front of her, cause I did not and she said yes and it was not her job to explain that......extremely horrible service and speaking with them for a simple question ruins your entire day.

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Jun 08, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Basically I'm out for over $500 and my business almost went under due to their lack of knowledge, their lack of following up and not passing along important details! I don't know how they stay in business with all the bad reviews.

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Jun 03, 2016
Absolute worst online banking EVER
Anonymous Account Holder

Just don't do it. Go anywhere else.

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May 25, 2016
Karmabug0212 Account Holder

I've been with Huntington for over a year now. Getting approved with a credit score in the 500's was pretty simple. They required a $50 deposit and proof of income. After getting my debit card, i was good to go.
I've never intentionally overdrawn on my card but I have always had a habit of putting a lot of money in and then either spending a lot of money or pulling a lot of money out. At one point, I've put in around $2,000 and went on a home school shopping spree and debt paying spree so I had activity with spending in store and online. I've had one purchase denied, and with a quick text message setup of fraud alert, I was good to go!
If your savings is at 0 for a while, it will close without any indication and won't show on any bank statements anywhere. On the app, I could transfer money between checking and savings account and they would immediately post (there is a popup in the app that says it could take 2-3 days to transfer). When I applied while logged into my checking account, the savings account was approved immediately online, no credit check or anything. Easy to set up as well. Their customer service over the phone is easy to get to. I'm always amazed when I call them that it only takes one or two voice recognition responses to get to customer service. And they all have American accents so it's easy to understand them.
If you've had any fraudulent charges put on the account, you have to wait for them to process before you can dispute them with the bank. I've rented a uhaul while moving and have had them continue to post a ton of charges to my account despite my disputing them immediately over their customer service (they do not care, they will bounce you around over and over again and talk to you like they don't respect you. I had gotten paid and they took my entire paycheck before I even saw it post to my account, along with the rest of the money I had in my account and going into overdraft). I talked to huntington customer service and they advised me to do this- they will take a dispute form. I can close that account and immediately open a new one. Since uhaul doesn't have the account information for the new account and the other account would be closed they can't charge it anymore. They will review the dispute and see whether or not the charges were intended. About two days later, I got a call and continued through the dispute process. They refunded all of the money that uhaul took out of my account and waived the overdraft fees that were incurred during the process. After I set up the new card, I chose no overdraft abilities, so it'll decline when it hits 0. Now, no fraudulent charges or accidentally overcharging my account.
This bank recognizes my use for the card and my habits and I haven't heard anything from them that would upset me. I would absolutely recommend using them. However, apply in person with your proof of work and address and stuff like that and they may be much more lenient than they are online.

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May 10, 2016
Customer Service Staff
mmac51 Account Holder

There are four National Huntington Banks in my immediate area; the one located in Meijer's Marysville MI is the one I usually frequent, the Staff is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  They are courteous and friendly while remaining totally professional, answering any quiestions that arise and constantly go that extra step to insure that my questions are answered to my satisfaction.  Stopping at the other three locations when I am in the area, the staff members are so positive, courteous, friendly and professional, I urge family and friends to open a Huntington Bank Account.

Maryellen M

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May 07, 2016
ksmiley5 Account Holder

While I have many, many stories I could share, I'll only divulge the most recent problem I've encountered with Huntington Bank...

We had a car loan with them & decided to incur the pre-payment penalty in order to fully own the car finally. To be fair, my husband forgot to cancel his automatic transfer from our checking account to the loan account, BUT the loan account no longer showed up on his online accounts so it naturally slipped his mind. Well, one morning I was expecting a different automatic ACH to come out of our checking account in the amount of $500, but instead I see that the normal payment for the car loan (which is already paid off & supposedly closed) in the amount of $375 had been taken out. When I called them, I was told that either the loan department would see this erroneous payment & automatically credit our account OR, the more likely outcome they said would be, it would take a "few days longer" to be credited. Needless to say, it will be 7 days this Monday (today is Saturday) & I have yet to see OUR MONEY! This is money that we live off from day-to-day & we haven't had access to it.

I was told on Monday to call back in a couple days if I haven't received the money, which I did -- the gentleman told me he would go ahead & credit my account then & the money would be there the next day. NOPE. So I call again. I was essentially told that since they didn't give me a case number the first day, that there was nothing they could do & issues are resolved 3 business days after a case number is created. Even though they had ALL the information in their system on Monday, no matter! The case number wasn't created until Wednesday! Idiots!

I can NOT wait to move our money & loans away from their inept company!

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