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Jun 06, 2016

Don't trust them. I signed up for a fixed rate but they kept increasing the interest rate without my knowledge or consent. Even worse, I found out that some of the money I was paying for the loan wasn't even contributing to the loan. AVOID THEM.

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Mar 18, 2016

I have NEVER had a loan with Citizens Bank aka CIT but all of a sudden, they appeared on all of my credit reports as owning the same mortgage that was being serviced by Seterus since August when troubles began.  Long story short, the fact that they are CLAIMING to have the same mortgage even though I have never borrowed anything from them for any reason, is blocking my ability to resolve issues with Seterus.  CATCH 22 with NO ONE at CIT bank able to help me at all!

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Feb 22, 2017
Apple Payment Plan / Upgrade iPhone Loan
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No way for you to know your balance/payoff unless you call in an get dragged through the stupid automated system that repeatedly asks you for an account number, even though Apple customer are not given an account number.. I emailed, hoping the response might be quicker (just wanted to pay off!!) since nearly all companies have online customer service and it took 2 WEEKS for a response. I emailed on 02/08/17 and got a response on 02/22/17 - telling me to call in with my account number. OMG

By then, I'd already called in a few times to finally talk to someone who could get me the information I needed to pay off. Worst customer service for sure. If it helps, all of their "Apple Core Operations" info is below from the email signature. In quotes because to me, core operations sounds like they know how to operate, which it doesn't seem like they do.

Citizens One Bank - Apple Core Operations

Apple Payment Plan / Apple Upgrade iPhone Loan

Telephone: 855-764-6395 / 888-427-9671 (option 2) / 888-201-6306


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