Citizens Bank Penn Reviews
Jun 06, 2016

Don't trust them. I signed up for a fixed rate but they kept increasing the interest rate without my knowledge or consent. Even worse, I found out that some of the money I was paying for the loan wasn't even contributing to the loan. AVOID THEM.

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Mar 28, 2017
Awful do not use
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They are awful there online banking does not match what they show when you go in. Also you show a positive account then 2-3 days later you see a 35$ fee then you see two sustained over draft fees for 30$ each this bank has in the last year made at least 400$ of me in fees. They also fee you for using a different ATM and they just fee you for everything. There customer service sucks I have showed them what my online says and they say I don't understand why it's showing that but here it says different. I will never recommend them to anyone. I know 3 people having the Same issue and there dropping them too. Also you don't get any notice until 3 days later and like most banks where you see it pending on your account they don't have that. They also had a direct deposit issue where they messed up and it my check didn't go right in and they charged me two days later a overdraft for something that posted I called and they stated that the item posted the day before which it did not. Sincerely a very angry customer.

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