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May 09, 2017
Worthless as a financial institute
CalensCreditKarma Account Holder

Exceptionally rude teller and indifferent branch manager at the South Burlington branch in Vermont. I've never met a bank employee who can be so condescending even when I lived in a major cosmopolitan on the coast. And then there were these two dynamic duos in this small rural unpopulated state. It's not like they were busy because there were NOBODY in the bank, but they just choose to be nasty and rude because they hate their own lives. Avoid at all cost. 

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Jul 29, 2017

That's why I closed my account when they were Charter One where I live. Also hated the fact tat they charge a fee for everything!! Get much better service from USAA and haven't been charged any fees.

Apr 13, 2017
Garbage bank that tries to take money
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is the worst bank to deal with. Beware!!!

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Mar 28, 2017
Awful do not use
Teresathetaco Account Holder

They are awful there online banking does not match what they show when you go in. Also you show a positive account then 2-3 days later you see a 35$ fee then you see two sustained over draft fees for 30$ each this bank has in the last year made at least 400$ of me in fees. They also fee you for using a different ATM and they just fee you for everything. There customer service sucks I have showed them what my online says and they say I don't understand why it's showing that but here it says different. I will never recommend them to anyone. I know 3 people having the Same issue and there dropping them too. Also you don't get any notice until 3 days later and like most banks where you see it pending on your account they don't have that. They also had a direct deposit issue where they messed up and it my check didn't go right in and they charged me two days later a overdraft for something that posted I called and they stated that the item posted the day before which it did not. Sincerely a very angry customer.

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Feb 27, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Beware of Citizen Bank, I used this bank to pay off my new i-phone 7, but you cannot logon to their system (to check balance oweing etc.) while in "incognito" mode.  "incognito" mode is how I login to all financial related accounts as it is more secure, but CO does not allow you to do so.  It is obvious to me that they are collecting data from each of us, OMG. This practice should be illiegal.  I just paid off my loan and will never use this rip off scam company again!

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Feb 22, 2017
Apple Payment Plan / Upgrade iPhone Loan
puakela Account Holder

No way for you to know your balance/payoff unless you call in an get dragged through the stupid automated system that repeatedly asks you for an account number, even though Apple customer are not given an account number.. I emailed, hoping the response might be quicker (just wanted to pay off!!) since nearly all companies have online customer service and it took 2 WEEKS for a response. I emailed on 02/08/17 and got a response on 02/22/17 - telling me to call in with my account number. OMG

By then, I'd already called in a few times to finally talk to someone who could get me the information I needed to pay off. Worst customer service for sure. If it helps, all of their "Apple Core Operations" info is below from the email signature. In quotes because to me, core operations sounds like they know how to operate, which it doesn't seem like they do.

Citizens One Bank - Apple Core Operations

Apple Payment Plan / Apple Upgrade iPhone Loan

Telephone: 855-764-6395 / 888-427-9671 (option 2) / 888-201-6306


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Feb 15, 2017
Do Not Report To Credit Bureaus
FredrickVegas Account Holder

I got this loan through Apple Program.  I called to ask why they do not report positive remarks to Credit Bureaus.  Was told that it cost them to do so, but they will report negatives, such as late payments etc.

I am almost done with payments and perfect pay history.  Shame they do not report as I could use a loan payment such as this to add to my positive history as a recurring loan type.  Also, they said they do not report any loan info on any type of loan.  Can not use this to rebuild credit etc.  Will never use this bank for anything again.  Bad of Apple to pick this bank

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Feb 13, 2017
Citizen's Bank - The Fee Machine!
Anonymous Account Holder

I missed making a deposit into my checking, so they hit me with a $9.99 fee. Now when my Loan Payment was processed, I went negative. Boom, $35.00 fee, and NO NOTICE that I was in overdraft. Then, every four days they apply another $30.00 fee for "Sustained Overdraft". I only check my account every few weeks because all that I have on it is the loan payment - $180 in fees later I happen to log in. After 15 minutes on the phone with the branch - I'm told there is nothing they can do locally, and to try the national number. The call ends with the Branch Rep. wishing me good luck with the national team - sounds promising right.

I spend an hour on the line with the national team. Their solution, either pay the fees or leave the account in negative for another couple of weeks and let it default.

Thanks, Citizen's, for taking banking to a new low.

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Jan 25, 2017
lilokast2012 Account Holder

Been with them 1 year and it been so bad I rarely use their credit card only once a month I rarely carry a balance. I made a purchase for $14 and Already paid my money for the month and only owe $14 for that transaction but 2 days later I got charged $5.49 for interest. When ever I pay with their credit and pay it off before due date I still get charged interest.

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Jan 16, 2017
they will scam you
jbhuang Account Holder

my citizens bank credit card posted 2 payments of the same amount in the month. They insist it was my fault but why would i schedule 2 payments of the same amount!

This put me over my account  balence in my checking account by $100. Instead of overdrafting to my savings which had plenty of money. They hit me with a $35 over draft fee. Then every 4 days they hit me with a $30 additional overdraft fee. EVERY 4 days. They did not notify me via email, phone, txt anything. Apparenty they only notify you by your account dashboard which you have to login to see. WHAT A SCAM! If you only login once a month like most people and you accidentally overdraft you will be hit with $150 worth of fees before you realize.

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Jan 10, 2017
Rips off customer
KaySHuff Account Holder

A business double charged me on a debit transaction.  I put the claim in.  Never hear another word from Citizens.  Nearly four months later I learn my claim was "closed".  No communication, explanation from Citizens.  I'm out $50.00.  Taking my money elsewhere.

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