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Apr 12, 2012

 I have banked here for years. I get interest on my 2 checking accounts, they carry my mortgage and went out on a limb to help me to start my own business. I have never had a problem with them and if one would arise they would help to fix it asap. LOVE THEM !!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 04, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

They can't seem to get anything right.

1)  Debit card, credit card and checks took several weeks to arrive.  When I received the checks, my address was listed simply as "Brooklyn, NY".  I live in Boston.

2)  Website is barely functional.  Only let me log in about 50% of the time.  Online statements look like they were drawn up by a caveman banker.

3)  When I finally visited my local branch to close my account, I was advised to leave in a couple hundred dollars to cover any charges that might come in, so I wouldn't be hit with fees.  I said ok.  Three months later, I received a letter notifying me that my account had been overdrawn and I owed $160 to a debt collection agency, including $100+ in fees charged by Citizens.  No phone calls or e-mails during that period to notify me of the charges.  No apology or explanation when I visited my local branch to ask what happened (and pay in full).

Needless to say, I won't be going back.  I switched to TD, which has provided flawless service so far.

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Oct 18, 2016
bank with a bad habit
BdRN Account Holder

I've been banking with Citizens for over 10 years. They have a bad habit of reordering withdrawals and transactions to cause the most overdraft fees. They do it late at night so that by the time you see it you can't correct the mistake as to not be charged a fee. I had received a settlement a few years back after they were sued for doing this. I figured they would stop but they have not. I have even opted out of overdraft protection so that nothing will go through if I don't have the money but they managed to charge me for a bill that was first to go through yesterday but was last on the online statement today. Customer service is not helpful at all and not friendly. I'm very disappointed in the bank.

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Sep 30, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I would put no star if I could. 

This bank even does not provide clear contact information because they do not want people to contact them. Even if you finally find the way to contact them, they would provide someone overseas who cannot help you except telling that they do not have authority to answer the questions.

This bank also charge you every month minimum interest fee for the checks supposly having zero interest. But first you pay fee when you cash these checks, then they add interest fee every month.

Surprisingly checking account working fine but I guess different management works.

Stay away from this credit card. There are much better options for you.

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Sep 13, 2016

Just applied to refi my student loan.  Checked my Equifax score on CreditKarma while doing the over the phone application and it showed 751.  Despite advertised rates of 2.2% variable/4.7% fixed, they quoted me rates between 6.5% variable and 7.6% fixed- both of which are higher than my current federal student loans.  I asked them what they ran my credit score as and they said 719 from Equifax.  Pretty suspect.  I thanked them for the junk mail and for wasting my time.  Who would refinance with these clowns?

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Aug 09, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Horrible Customer Service

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Jul 31, 2016
CitizensBank violates my rights
Anonymous Account Holder

First of all, the loan or line of credit was opened by Apple iPhone without letting me know that they actually opened the line of credit under my SS#. Secondary, I paid it off in 2 days after it was opened, but when I tried to close the line of credit, the Citizens One Loan that is part of the Citizens Bank reps refused to do so stating that I have to wait 30 days, then after 30 days passed, I was told that I have to wait 45 days, then after 45 days passed, they say I have to wait 60 days, then after 60 days passed, I was told that I have to wait 60 business days that do not include any weekends. Citizens Bank violates my rights to close the line of credit per my request. I do not understand the reason they keep the line of credit opened, I am sure that reason does not benefit me, but it seams that I cannot close it even if I call them every 15 days with my request. 

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Jul 22, 2016
Re-orders transactions
Anonymous Account Holder

The way they re-order transactions to make you overdraft your account several times is sickening. I have had a transaction not show up in my online banking for days, then all of a sudden when it goes through, it is posted for a few days earlier.....causing several overdrafts to my account instead of just one....they are SHADY when it comes to this..intentionally deceitful. Keep in min they just had a 14 billion dollar overdraft settlement they had to pay because they would reorder transactions based on the highest amount per transaction...they will screw you anyway possible for a profit

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Jul 19, 2016
Citizens Bank is a nightmare.
Anonymous Account Holder

Do not bank with them.  They lost my paycheck last weekend, closed my account on monday with no notification, and have sent and lost 3 debit cards in the mail in just the past 8 months.  Nightmare. 

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Jun 12, 2016
Worst credit card ever
Anonymous Account Holder

Be careful. They would charge you with hidden fee. Do not care about the customer.

Was told by clerk in the bank office that will not be charged for using their checks sent in mail. but then was hit with the fees.

The site is not convenient? Have to do several steps before find something useful. Email contact does not exist although the phone is working on Sundays unlike some other financial companies services (i.e. Toyota).

Look for better luck with the other credit cards.

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May 24, 2016
Clearly WORST credit card service
Anonymous Account Holder

I was shocked to find out that they suddently decreased my credit line by $800!! The reason they gave me on phone is not true(I downloaded my credit report from Equafax to verify Citizen back credit card allegations). I have two bank accounts with them and I always paid my card balance in full.  I shall close credit card account also my bank accounts.   

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May 20, 2016
Clearly WORST Business Checking
haifury Account Holder

I would NOT recommend the Clearly Better Business Checking from Citizen's Bank. Unlike Bank of America, there is NO way to send wires online in the standard online banking. I was told it was possible, so I opened an account. After getting a run around with their "cash management" department (one lady who manages that for the whole county, Berks County PA), I was told I would have to change the account type to Analyzed checking. That's $20 a month, plus fees for literally everything. Analyzed checking charges for each check paid and every deposit. In addition to that, there's a $20 charge for the "wire module." And finally, $3 each (PER MONTH, YOU HAVE TO RENT THESE!) for a security token to authorize the wires, since this bank lacks technology and can't just use text message verification like Bank of America. So all in all, $43 a month JUST to be able to send wires online. I was quoted $49 (three tokens) even though she could have looked to see I was the only signer on the account, so I'll just assume that I could have opted only for one token to calculate the $43 total. In the mean time, I'll continue wasting 25-35 minutes to send each wire in the branch until I switch to another bank. I will continue to tell other small business owners to avoid this bank.

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