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Aug 02, 2016
Slow, difficult, and impossible to reach

While the statements are at best okay, if you ever think you need to contact customer service, go elsewhere!  Twenty minute wait times have been the norm for me (payoffs, address change, etc.).  

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Mar 15, 2017
Poor/Careless Customer Service
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I had my banking information stolen while with BB&T, and the experience was an absolute nightmare. WORST customer service expereience I've ever had anywhere, to the point where I was in tears on the phone. They didn't tell me my information was stolen- just turned my card off. I was out to lunch with some work friends when my card was declined out of nowehere and it was incredibly embarassing. The young man I got on the phone with when this happened didn't even verify who I was- just started rattling off my personal infromation as soon as I gave him my debit card number. He was rude, and if I'm being totally frank- quite useless in handling the first leg of that issue. Everytime I come into BB&T I'm given different information about the same problems. There is no consistency and they don't care or do anything to make it right. Fees are quite high in comparison to other banks, so you'd think that the service would make up for that, but no. I'll be closing my account as soon as I can make it in to their office. I've been considering closing it for some time and I think I've finally hit the last of my patience with BB&T today. 

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Mar 07, 2017
Construction loan

Processing of the loan is moving at a snail's pace.  Flies caught in a honey jar move faster than the BB&T loan processors.

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