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Feb 05, 2017
Kbeck2 Account Holder

Bb&T has to be the most lackluster banking institution I've ever worked with. I opened an account with them last year when my company started to do business with one of their branches. It was convenient getting to one of their ATMs and the savings account was free so I figured, "why not?" I was in the process of saving for an upcoming move so I figured the account would be very helpful and convenient. I had the account for less than a year and it was a horrible experience. 

Shortly after opening the account, the problems began. I tried to make a transfer from my BB&T savings account to my checking account at another institution which id done several times before without issue. Well, unfortunately for me, BB&T's website was having technical difficulties (as it often does, check their reviews and mobile app reviews) and processed the transfer TWICE which resulted in an overdraft fee that I wasn't notified about until days later when I received an email threatening me to pay the fee or else. I called their customer service line confused about why I was charged only to be told that I must have "accidentally" made my transfer twice. Really BB&T? According to them, I purposely made two identical transfers within seconds of each other and intentionally overdrafted my account. That sounds pretty idiotic to me but apparently not to the airheaded customer service agent I spoke with. I'm usually not a name caller but this lady made it a point to ignore everything I was saying and then made it clear that I owed the overdraft fee even though she admitted their system had no record of ever sending me a notification concerning the error AND confirming that the website had been having issues and was not sending notifications about transfers or deposits either. According to her, everything was my fault and I should pay up or shut up. The icing on the cake was when she instructed me on how to close my account with them and when I didn't actually close the account, 2 months later, it was forcefully closed ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT ANY NOTICE OR COMMUNICATION FROM BB&T. The lack of communication was what I was complaining about to her before and then they turned around and did the same thing months later. The free savings account isn't worth the unprofessionalism.

I had the account for all of about 10 months and the website had issues almost every one of those months. If you don't need a reliable bank or don't fear waking up to transactions occurring without your knowledge or permission, by all means, give them a shot. 

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Feb 02, 2017
Kellyko109 Account Holder

If you're looking for a bank do not, I repeat do not use this bank. They will rip you off and take all your money. They will charge you fees and then take your money and tell you that your account is now even and then after they take your money they will tell you they were mistaken and add more fees to your account. They are the absolute worst bank I've ever been to and I would never ever ever ever use them again.

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Jan 24, 2017
Credit score lowering waste of time!
PatrickC91 Account Holder

I had a checking account here for 10 years and finally grew enough credit to refinance my car and they decline it because of I don't have enough credit history. Because apparently not missing one payment in 3 years isn't good enough for them. Long story short unless you are a middle to high class family or person they have absolutely no interest in helping you. They will just sweet talk you and brown nose you and give score lowering inquiries all while knowing that they can't even help you in the 1st place. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO BB&T. IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CLOSE IT.

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Jan 10, 2017
To Big to Care!
Anonymous Account Holder

It appears that creating fees for customers is a main focus of their business. I spoke with several representatives of the bank and each one had a different explination as to what happened. In the end they had no desire to correct the issue.

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Sep 06, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Stay away...they charge outrageous fees for no reason. They do not work with their customer, nor listen to them.

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Sep 01, 2016
Excellent service & customer protection
Ekiii Account Holder

I've been banking with BB&T for almost 10 years now and have never had any issues with them. I felt compelled to leave a review because most of the responses on the internet are from people who wanted to rant, not everyday users who generally aren't inclined to go randomly rate their bank on CK. I have two credit lines with BB&T and each application brought one and only one hard pull (someone in the comments said they had 8 had pulls for 1 application.. Yeah.. Right.). They're a very conservative bank and fared extremely well during the recession because of it; their lending never froze up and they weren't even close to going under. I haven't paid an overdraft fee in ages and it's because if you overdraft and opted out of protection, you can just call them, tell them you're sorry and restore the balance the next day and they waive it. Additionally, I fell on hard times between jobs and was late on 2 credit payments and BB&T made sure it never showed up in my credit history. Instead of dinging me hard for the long term, both times they called me, asked what was going on and gave me a week and a half to make the payment since I've been a loyal customer and they know I'm trustworthy. I made both payments in the time period we agreed on and it never showed in my history, they didn't charge a single late fee, and now they still have me as a loyal client years later making plenty of money with a substantial credit limit that is never near max and is always paid in full early. My father has banked with them for over 30 years because of a lifetime of good service from BB&T and they won my loyalty as well. Excellent bank, easy to get along with, protects it's customers, and doesn't invest in toxic assets for quick cash. Don't listen to the people who don't understand check processing and deposit posting, this bank is fantastic.

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Jul 29, 2016
BBT has lost their customer service.
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with BBT for almost 40 years.   Overall their service is fair if you are looking for a place to deposit your money and pay your bills.  But when looking for a partner in your financial planning, personal and business loans their service levels fall short.   

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Jun 27, 2016
Customer Service is terrible
Anonymous Account Holder

It should not take up to 20 minutes to get either a person from web site services or customer service on the phone. I just wanted to know whether a family member had remembered to deposit a gift check I sent.

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Apr 22, 2016
Scam artists
Anonymous Account Holder

Scumbags ran my credit without my permission and my credit was dinged EIGHT points for a hard inquiry. This should only be done when applying for credit (and even then with permission), which I didn't do.  I repeatedly tried to talk to them to figure out why and first they asked me why would we do that? Uh, hello, that is what I am here to find out! They then asked for proof, I brought it. They then lied to me repeatedly and became increasingly nasty to ME. They are not trustworthy with your info!

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Apr 16, 2016
worse bank ever
ahab5277 Account Holder

I would give them less then 1 star if they had that rating here. I have been with BB and T for almost 30 years When they were a regional bank from NC they were very service oriented and efficient. Over the years since they have grown and assimililated other small banks they have become all about the dollar and less about efficiency and customer satisfaction. In the last year they have managed to lose our requested checks, my debit card and still manage to charge me $2.00 for calling them and closing my credit card account which I haven't used in a few years. I would recommend any other bank then BB and T and if there are servicemen within the BB and T regional branches service area, I would strongly recommend another bank or even better a credit union, one that puts the customer first..

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