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Oct 29, 2016
Horrible bank!

I had been banking with them for 6 months. I opened the account just for my weekly deposits and Convienience because it was close to my job. After 6 months, three account holds on my direct deposit and horrible service I'd had enough. In all my years of banking I've never been with a bank that freezes your account after 6 months of weekly reoccurring deposits. Their excuse was they needed to verify my ID. Sure they did I just come in weekly to withdraw cash and get money orders with my good looks and no ID. Even after verification this last time the Rep handling my account was the main reason I closed my account. She lied about calling me and claim my AZ DL and registration wasn't real. I would not recommend this bank at all.

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Dec 16, 2015
Terrible experience
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Applied online back in May 2015. Due to the website's problem, my application was submitted twice, then it said someone would call me next 24 hours to verify my information, which never happened. So I called them the day after, the lady said my application was declined because they couldn't verify my information (WTF, they didn't even try to). I asked her to verify it, or reconsider my application. She responded for verification I had to write them a letter (WTF, even in 2015 banks prefer slowly doing things offline), and they wouldn't reconsider it as the application had been closed, I had to re-apply (WTF, not worth another pull). I sent them a letter anyway. Guess what, 2 weeks later I received 2 rejections, one saying they couldn't verify my information, the other saying I submitted too many applications (WTF!!!). And I never heard back regarding the letter I sent.

Forgot to mention I had 9 credit cards (I like collecting good cards), CK credit score 750, and always got instant approval when I applied for my last few cards. And I have each of 49ers, giants, and sharks cards, I really wanted a warriors card so I could collect all my local teams that I support.

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