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Mar 06, 2017
Don't use there atms
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I made a deposit in the ATM . It was a new machine and it took the cash, didn't give me a receipt. I went immediately home, called customer service and filed a dispute . They told me it could be up to 14 days for them to give me a provisional deposit of the money and then 45 days for permanent depending on the investigators findings. I went tot he branch the next morning and told them what happened . They told me they had a new machine and had had several complaints about it but they were not in charge of the ATM it was outsourced . So I would have to wait on the company to balance the machine . I called chrome setice today just for an update it has been 12 days with nothing from the bank. I was informed that they did find my cash in the machine and that I would not be receiving the deposit . Unfortunately it was not a small deposit so I will be changing banks immediately !! Don't use there new ATMs they are terrible !!

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