BBVA Compas Reviews
Jan 17, 2017

We have been customers for 17 years when it was FirstState Bank and did not have any problems until the last couple years.  I opened a joint checking with my son when he was a minor.  We closed the account and kept receiving notifications and turns out is was a line of credit for 21% interest with a $12 service charge per day.  We were not told any of this up front and took numerous calls to customer service and went physically into the branch numerous times any only received bits and pieces of information.  I requested a meeting with the branch manager and requested all documentation I signed, pol its on closing accounts, etc.  Went to meeting and no documentation was provided and the answers to all my questions were 'I don't know I didn't work here at that time'.  Banks are held to higher standards and should have notes from bank employees.  I received nothing.  They lost our business.  They have very sketchy practices and can't explain them.  Very disappointed and we are moving banks 

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