BBVA Compas Reviews
Feb 13, 2017
Worse Bank Ever!

Opened a business account with them that was used ocassionally. We could  only make 5 transactions to begin with either in branch or ATM before we started accumulating "overage fees". Had an issue with a deposit that was made. I called them to set up arrangements to bring the account current and everything was set to go. Then a couple of weeks later we received a "blocked" notice and had 10 days to resolve. But wait, we had spoke to someone PRIOR to getting this letter and set up both payment dates. When making the next deposit, the account was charged off 2 days BEFORE the next payment. This makes no sense!  Apparently all their departments dont share the same information. This is very stressfull when you are already rectifying the issue, but get misinformed for the same issue.

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