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BBVA Compass Reviews
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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Aug 05, 2020
Worst Account
cotesashish Account Holder

Just one chargeback on checking and they closed the account as high risk.

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May 08, 2020
Actress3 Account Holder

I have had a 8 year association with BBVA &/or it's other partner COMPASS BANK & they are both awful!  When I banked with Compass, they had many fees for many things and they offered practically nothing.  I have had a credit card with BBVA for just over a year and once the 'zero % interest' went away, they started sticking on $39 fees EVERY month, no matter when or how much I paid.  They are also expecting me to pay the usual amount on the bill as well as the $39 fee they are adding each month and they are charging me interest on these ongoing fees as well!!!  Since my monthly income is under $800/month and we are in COVID 19, I find this completely ridiculous, un-citizen like, very unprofessional, and honestly, downright crooked.  As soon as I can settle this account & get it paid, I will NEVER do business with either of these companies every again!!!  Just awful - especially for those who cannot afford it at all. 

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Apr 29, 2020
Worst bank and customer service
deniceca17 Account Holder

I honestly don't even know how they are still in business. I closed my account with them and my stimulus check went to the closed account. I called and they told me I owed them $149 (overdraft fees from fraud that they told me would be written off) and they would deduct it and mail out the check. 3 weeks later I call and they told me they never received the deposit and there is no notes that I ever called in even though I talked to 3 representatives. Horrible customer service and constant lies.

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May 04, 2020

im going thru the same thing with them!! they told me friday the checks were mailed out the week of the 20th but we still havent gotten them. they wont tell me weather they mailed ours out or not and they have told me so many different things about it all its insane!

Mar 11, 2020
Keep a watchful eye on all transactions.
Rnee29 Account Holder

In August, I’m applying for a credit union and closing my BBVA checking account! After seeing a pending transaction on my BBVAs online banking account, (a few examples: student loan, light bill, deposits, etc.) a week later I’d get an email from the business I attempted to pay stating my payment has been rejected. Afterwards I’d look at my transactions and the amount that was pending has disappeared. My money has not been credited back into my account and customer service tells me there’s no history of it. So now I have to screenshot every transaction I make so my bank can’t get away with robbing me!!

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Apr 03, 2020

Every move you make always get screenshots of anything you do with payments banks keep additional records trust me you will be surprised how many little errors you catch and make sure you dated as well especially if you have to call and speak to someone get names in order to correct them. good luck! I'm a newbie but I was shocked at how many things I wasn't paying attention to that I thought I could trust...

Jan 10, 2020
This bank is a joke
Dgraham81 Account Holder

Stay away from this bank. I have an auto loan with these *** clowns. Ive made all my payments on time never a miss. Woke up one morning and my car was missing. Called it in stolen and the police said it was repoed. I called bbva and asked them why my car was repoed. They said they hadnt received a payment from me in three months. Checked my bank sent them over our statements showing they in fact indeed receive my payments. They said no sorry we didnt. They took my money and took my car and do nothing to help when i made my payments on time. Eat a bag of ****s bbva.

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Feb 19, 2020

If you have proof of their electronic withdrawals then get a lawyer buddy! For one, if they are claiming they didnt take the payments for your auto loan then they illegally withdrew monies without consent, 2nd, as long as you have the transaction ID's or anything linking the payments to their company or subsidies you have definitive proof that they took said payments. 3rd, since payments were made on time and you have said proof, they technically stole your vehicle and trespassed on private property illegally. You would not only he able to sue them for the vehicle and any fees associated with the repossession, you can sue them for lost wages, trespassing, pain and suffering and I'm sure, if you procure a good lawyer, a few other reasons...if you lost employment, insurance costs while the vehicle was in the impound, etc... dont let crooks like this get away with it! No offense to you directly but too many US citizens allow companies and governments to walk all over them, break their own laws and oppress our freedoms and constitutional rights. Educate yourself! Knowledge IS POWER my dude!!! Good luck! State of limitations is 2 years on something of this nature. Dont quote me though, I'm not 100% sure on the timeline on this specific type of "robbery"

Dec 19, 2019
Deceit: False Interest Rates, Charges
bbggg Account Holder

The BBVA money market will display an interest rate online, and then not give you that interest rate, yet charge you fees if you move your money out or terminate the account. Predatory, shady, and overall a terrible decision. In my opinion, do not put your money in BBVA under any circumstances.

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Nov 05, 2019
Predatory Lending
2B4Life Account Holder

Unfortunately, I experienced BBVA Compass Bank predatory lending and banking scam. After a personal loan matured, in which the bank's employee lead me to believe this was an open line of credit, I had to reapply for the line of credit or pay the full amount of the loan. BBVA Compass Bank checked my credit (3) hard inquiries, all within 30 days of each inquiry, for renewal process. After my credit score decreased from 721 to 545, I was offered a personal loan at 28% interest or pay the full amount of loan. I expressed my deep concerns to the branch manager, she stated, "I know we've checked your credit a lot but we can offer you a personal loan". Regrettably, I am paying a high percent interest rate to pay off my loan. I would not recommend this bank!

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Nov 05, 2019
maher1998 Account Holder

I have an autoloan through BBVA-it has been such a FRUSTRATING experience paying my auto loan on time or with ease. Their website locks you out after about 2 incorrect logins, you have to call into the number to unlock the account, when you call in you need your account number ready, put the account number in, not recognized as it's an autoloan vs checking/savings, usally on hold for crazy long periods of time. It is beyond frustrating that this takes so much time and effort to just pay my bill? I'm trying to give ya'll money but you're making it difficult. It's almost a scam to cause you to be late on your payments and accure fees. Just awful. 

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