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Dec 06, 2016
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This was a very bad decision on my part, I had my car refinanced with this company, this is a loan company not a bank there willingness to help with deferments is long and disappointing, I have my daughters car financed with capital one , there deferment process with them was quick and satisfying. There customer service is blah to say the least. Unfriendly and unapologetic.

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Aug 25, 2016
Deceitful Practices
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We had a very bad mortgage and the servicing rights were sold to Round Point from Flagstar Bank.  We went to court with Flagstar, Queens Park Oval Assets and Round Point in Houston, Texas for Statutory Mortgage Fraud and Wrongful foreclosure and won the case.  Round Point, Flagstar and Queens Park refuse to accept the judgement of the court which deemed the Deed of Trust, Mortgage and Promissory Note wer not enforceable and awarded the property to us.  The case was settled in April on 2014 and is now turned over to the Department of Justice.  Round Point is not a good company to do business with. 

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Nov 19, 2016
I would do it all over again.
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PennyMac is about to foreclose on my home.  I tried getting a lower payment, couldn't.  Ultimately I had to choose, medical care or home.  I chose medical care.  Now I am getting well but faced with "how to find a home, rent or otherwise, with bad credit and pets.  PennyMac did try to help me.  The laws and investers controll a lot of the actions of all lenders.  Just because they cant help you in your time of need, does not mean they did not care.  They listen, searched for options, and worked hard on my behalf.  For that I give them a 4.  I took 1 star away because they made an error on my streamline refinance that caused my house payment to increase by $900 a month and left me without options.  Their error, I paid the price.  

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Nov 01, 2016
They fundeD a great loan for me

I started off with a low credit score and the loan officer took the time to not only explain my credit but became my mortgage credit coach.  She walked me through the steps and the process.  It took about a year to get my credit to where I could get a loan.  Talk about commitment.  Now in new home and I'm my own landlord.   Thank you new American funding!

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