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Jul 28, 2017
Worst mortgage co./ rudest customer serv
Anonymous Borrower

Refinancing next week after only 1/2 a year. I sent in a mortgage payment early with correct month's payment slip and July payment written on the check. They applied the funds to June (to extra principal). I called to tell them that I did the same w/my other mortgage companies and EVERYONE else applied the early payment to the correct month. Now the paperwork is a mess and I have to go through the 6 months of payments to see if they correctly applied funds. Worst of all, the woman rep. was the RUDEST person ever. I think they do this on purpose because she seemed a bit too ready with her responses. Today I got a notice in the mail stating that I owe July payment and August with over $100 in late fees.. ALL FOR PAYING EARLY AS I WAS IN EUROPE FOR # WEEKS. Punished for their inability to read and paying on time!

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Aug 25, 2016
Deceitful Practices
UkitenaJere Borrower

We had a very bad mortgage and the servicing rights were sold to Round Point from Flagstar Bank.  We went to court with Flagstar, Queens Park Oval Assets and Round Point in Houston, Texas for Statutory Mortgage Fraud and Wrongful foreclosure and won the case.  Round Point, Flagstar and Queens Park refuse to accept the judgement of the court which deemed the Deed of Trust, Mortgage and Promissory Note wer not enforceable and awarded the property to us.  The case was settled in April on 2014 and is now turned over to the Department of Justice.  Round Point is not a good company to do business with. 

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Aug 18, 2016
Avoid this company!!!
Anonymous Borrower

Avoid this company!!! My rental property’s mortgage was sold to this company, and they have been a nightmare to deal with from day one. We refinanced with a nationally known and reputable bank. I had no idea they would sell to such a horrible company that is notorious for mistakes and poor customer service. We've definitely learned a lesson with this refinance. Upon the sale, we received a letter requesting proof of insurance which we promptly provided. Weeks later we received another letter noting our failure to comply with their request. We called and were told that the insurance was never provided. We then again provided said insurance via email and fax. Again, we received another ‘failure to comply’ letter. Upon speaking to the fourth Roundpoint representative we were told that they needed the policy from our HOA because it was a townhouse. This detail was never detailed in the letters or previous conversations with Roundpoint representatives. I reached out to the HOA for exactly what I was told by the Roundpoint representative. Upon providing the updated information, I was told that there was specific language required and this would not suffice. Additionally I was told we had seven days to get the HOA’s insurance vendor to provide the updated certificate or else Roundpoint would purchase then back bill us for the coverage we already had and were desperately trying to provide. When I expressed my frustration with Roundpoint’s failure to detail and communicate what was being requested, I was told that this was a known problem internally. I’m not sure why they don’t they fix the problem instead of repeatedly letting customers jump through a continuum of hoops. This ongoing issue could have been easily resolved had Roundpoint spelled out what was required. This has been the biggest headache and waste of time. We fully intend on taking legal action should they attempt to bill us for the coverage we’ve been trying to provide since day one. I hope my review helps someone who considers going with Roundpoint.

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