Zions Bank Reviews
Apr 20, 2017
Arrogant, bureaucratic,

Zion took over Nevada State Bank and has ruined it.  It used to be a good place to go to and bank.  I have been a customer for 20years. Recently I applied online for a home equity loan...I have great credit, a lot of equity, but didn't want to take money out of a 401k and take a tax hit when they were offering good interest. Well...it has been a nightware.  They ask ridiculous things, lose things I have sent online (which scares me), have this process which, security wise is very frightening.  I would advise that no low interest is worth what you have to do with Zion in order to get it.... Beware..I am not sure they are secure.  They are certainly bureaucratic and arrogant.  They require their name on insurance policies BEFORE they have even approved the loan...they won't go further unless you do that...and when you complain, they say if you are turned down you can always take them off!  Who does that!!! 

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