Zions Bank Reviews
Aug 24, 2016
fees, fees & more fees
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i have had a zions checking and saving account for the past 20 years. my husband has several accounts with zions as well. when i opened the accounts i was told that i would have access to my history of statements in case of a tax audit. i requested past statements as i could only access the past 15 months online and was told their charges for MY OWN RECORDS were $5 per statement, $3 per check image and $20 per hour for their 'research time'. WHAT?!?!

zions is  already making a profit on the money i have in  my accounts and they want more? zions.com has a link  where you can 'email the president of zions' and he will 'personally review these messages' i sent an email to the president and one to customer service at zions regarding what i thought of the fees. guess what- the same person answered my emails (not the president of zions). i was told that their fee schedule was competive with other banks. i did the research and found this not to be true.  hey zions- a little honesty and integrity with customers goes a long way. i see a lot of other negative reviews on people being nickeled and dimed with fees by zions. i'll be closing my accounts and taking my money elsewhere.

Zions bank motto is 'we haven't forgotten who keeps us in business'. i beg to differ on that.

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