Xceed Financial CU Reviews
Sep 22, 2016
Out Dated and Out Sourced
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I refinanced in August of 2015 through Xceed Financial Credit Union. I was able to cut my APR in half and the deal was easy to complete through a company I used to find the best refinance deal for me.
The paperwork all seemed normal but when I researched Xceed I noticed they seem to be based in one area and the call center seems to be outsourced completely. I figured, "Oh well, I usually handle my business online anyway so this will work out fine for me."

When my first bill came it had payment instructions I enrolled online. I'm pretty tech saavy and I could not for the life of me figure out how to pay online so I paid through the automated phone system (which by the way only works during regular business hours 9-6 Mon-Fri). I did that for August, September, October, November and December (since maiing a check came with all these crazy stipulations about how they can take a ridiculous amount of time to post the check to your account). I got an annual statement and it showed a late fee of $20 for October, November and December. I looked back at my previous statements and NONE of them showed any late fees. I was making the payments on time but the phone system I was using was taking days to post the payment to my account. It's like they just slipped them in there! I filed a complaint on the BBB and someone contacted me and removed the late fees. I also told him about the automated system only working during regular business hours and he assured me it works 24/7. To this day if you call it outside regular business hours there is no option for it. Sorry, I just find this all so inconvenient and almost shady business practice. Especially how the late fees weren't appearing until the end of the year statement... What's that about??

Anyway, I'm considering trying the online payment option because I'm tired of having the fight with their super sensitive automated payment system and paying $5 to do it. But to pay online you must either open a checking account with them or link your current checking account... I'm just still not comfortable doing that.

Overall it's not the worst experience ever but it could be better. Lesson learned I'm sticking with reputable, more well-known banks for my business. At least I'm more motivated to get it paid off now!

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