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Nov 03, 2017
Quite Happy so Far
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I switched to this bank after closing my Chase accounts (checking, savings, and credit card), and the process was fast and easy. I did some damage to my orginally very high credit score during college, but this bank has served all the needs I had to get me back on track with finances (I work at a civil engineering firm and am no fool about financial matters).

I'm not sure why the reviews from others are so bad, as I've had nothing, but positive customer experience both personally and online. The day I set up my account I paid some bills two days before my next paycheck and had an overdraft (no big deal because I'd selected the overdraft protection and payday was close), when I'd also set up my PayPal account to be linked to this new account; PayPal does two "dummy transactions" for a few cents that they deposit then withdraw from the account to verify your bank, which caused a $29 fee to me via my checking account at Woodforest, BUT I sent an online message explaining the situation to WF and they both responded and refunded me the $29 within 24 hours. --- So, quick and efficient banking from what I've experienced so far.

It would have been nice to get some checks upon creation of my checking and savings account, but in the day and age we live in, I'll manage without. 

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