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Woodforest National Bank

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Jan 02, 2015
good second chance bank
spgomez08 Account Holder

only challenge i've had is they have very few locations. in addition, they charge for atm fees on top of any fee other establishments apply.  

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Jul 26, 2013
MrsKelly1 Account Holder

My ex husband stole a check book and forged my signature on some of the checks and did not even bother to sign the others.  This was at the Center Tx location.  I pressed charges and he finally went to jail for it.  He is currently on felony probation for this also.  When I went to speak to the bank manager because they continously have this on my credit report causing me an issue on getting a bank account his response was, "Mickey Mouse could have signed the check and it would have gone through".  This has been about five years ago and still no resolution for me.

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Sep 04, 2016
Second chance turned standard checking
Jessiesquirrel Account Holder

I have had all the issues you can imagine with my account--divorce, ex stole my card, stranger stole my card, unauthorized debits from a place where I had taken out a loan, online retailer charging for an item I never received. Wood forest has been super efficient and easy to work with which each concern/problem and I ALWAYS had my funds returned within 1 business day. What other bank can say that? After opening the second chance checking and not bouncing any checks or overdrafts for a year, they automatically converted me to the standard checking which has no fee. Mobile banking app is 5 stars! Mobile deposits sometimes have to be sent twice to get them to be accepted.  My only gripe is when I would use my card to buy a drink out of a machine, my card always got shut off and I had to call to get it turned back on. They said it was because there's a lot of fraud associated with vending machines that take cards and people can steal your card number off of these machines. 

There used to be a branch in every Walmart when i lived in Austin, but now living in Fort Worth the branches are harder to come by. 

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Aug 22, 2016
Pretty good, but I have mixed experience

I like the bank opportunity that Woodforest offers, they're open longer hours and are often in the WalMart store I am close to.  I have had terrific in person experience at the teller line and new accounts, but having dealt with the bank over the phone was a nightmare. Just like another comment I read, they put small sums of money on hold. I understand rules about larger sums, but the check I am speaking of was $4,000.  I called and asked for the manager, I was told I was being transferred to the branch that opened my account, and I wasn't.  I was speaking to an individual with no bank knowledge or customer service experience. Finally after a long begging process I spoke with someone local and the problem was resolved instantly. 

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Aug 10, 2016
Not Great
tonwor Account Holder

They are not easy to make deposits. Mobile deposits rarely go through.  You are forced to take the deposit item into a branch.  In my area, branches are few and far between.  When you are able to make a deposit, they are very quick to put a hold on the money for a week.  I deposited a government check and they put a hold on it "just because that is our policy" according to the Branch Manager. If it wasn't for this issue, they would be pretty good.  The customer service reps / tellers and branch mangers all seem to have the attitude "thats our policy" and you are just supposed to accept it. 

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Aug 18, 2016

Of course you have to accept or you can go to another bank. There are plenty of them out there.

Jul 17, 2016
okay but...
Anonymous Account Holder

I like this bank, they are open a lot. Just recently someone tried to use my debit card, but they somehow caught it! I was so happy they did. I went in and everything was great, nice people, friendly, helped me get new card. The next day I see he charged me 15$ for my new card. I'm thinking,okay...he never mentioned this, and really, they charge for fraud replacement of your card?! I was a bit surprised? I called the main bank number, come to find out, he wasn't supposed to charge me. I had been so happy with them, till this. I'm pretty sure I may know why he charged me. Now I feel a bit uncomfortable going to this branch now, but it's the one near my home. :(

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Jul 01, 2016
good bank to do business with.
matt041 Account Holder

good bank! opened an account with them during the ressession in 2008-2009. treated me very well. very nice people. truely a great bank to have an account with. 

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Jun 14, 2016
This bank sucks to be honest,
larrybruce1970 Account Holder

they like to change thier rates and fees alot, poor customer service too

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May 25, 2016
Excellent Bank
WMTKody Account Holder

This is a great bank, the branch hours are really good because they're open 7 days a week. The only suggestions I have are that they need to get updated ATMs. Our local ATM doesn't use the chip reader and it's pretty old.

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Aug 27, 2016

Update: Since this has been posted, a new ATM has been installed. :)

May 18, 2016
smalltown bank
wakeelah Account Holder

this bank is conveniently located in heart of Walmart. so 7dys a week and nice hours. immediate availability of deposits funds... same day no timeframe restrictions. direct deposits are available atleast 1dy before original payday. But no signup perks  or ATm are limited to prevent fees. so i just use pin on my card during purchases which is cumbersome. i had started with a second chance when other banks were acting snooty- Usbank  and Tcf for example were being very picky over a small debt owed to other banks 7yrs ago .

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May 01, 2016

Woodforest has been (AWESOME) for my Business and Home. ((; Thank You Woodforest!!

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Apr 29, 2016
blmccro Account Holder

I had a joint bank account. The other person on the account over drafted me by $200. Woodforest wiped the slate clean after I explained my predicament. I also work at walmart. She came to me when it was time to sign papers and all the exta stuff no need to go and stand and wait.

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