Vantage West CU Reviews
Sep 30, 2016
Meh - not impressed.
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For your basic daily transactions, they are fine.  However, they have a tendancy to make you feel like a criminal whenever you are dealing with checks.  We got an $800 refund when we closed on our home (it's not like it was an outrageously large check).  We went to deposit the certified check from the title company.  Despite it being a certified check from another local bank, they put a 3 day hold on it.  We were not able to immediately cash the check and only the first $200 would be available after 2 days, and the rest another business day later.  The teller refused to call and "confirm" the check with the other local bank.  This was huge unessecary inconvenience, especially since the funds were certified in the first place.  

Additionally, their online bill pay sucks.  It takes forever.  Even the ones that are "electronic".  It takes three business days for the payments to come out of my account, and another day or two for them to post with the payee.  I hate it, I've gone back to paying each of my bills individually - it's easier. 

Quite frankly, I am afraid to try to take any loans or credit cards out with them based on the reviews here.

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