Utah Comm CU Reviews
Dec 14, 2017
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Dealt with UCCU 3 different times:

In 2015 - Wife worked on car loan with them.  Got an ok rate, they set up on the loan, the guy was real good to work with.

In 2016 - I was looking at a car and called UCCU.  The guy was real nice again.  I told him my credit was really low in the low 500's.  He said to try anyway, so we did.  He ran the credit report, he sent it to the underwriters, however it was denied.

In 2017 - at the beginning of the year, I did a bankruptcy and finally things were on an upward track.  Later, an unforseen thing with the car (oh joy).

Wife called UCCU - they guy from before was no longer there, so we worked with another person.  They ran her credit and accepted her income documents from her own business as a health professional.  The credit score came back 740 and UCCU sent us an email saying the loan was "approved" (their words).  But the next day, they changed their tune and said that they couldn't verify her income from her own business.

She sent them bank statements, copies of customer checks paying her, copies of credit card transactions of customers paying her through the Visa/Mastercard/creditcard system.  They said the amount of money was good, but that they couldn't "verify" the income.  But if she had a 1099 for 2017, they could use that.  She said the accountant won't be doing 1099's until January 2018 as we're still in 2017.

Then UCCU said they could add my income to the loan and verify that (I'm a W2 employee).  She told them that my credit was low and I had a bankruptcy earlier this year, but they said that they would "use the better of the two credit scores" (their words again).

So I sent my info and I called them and gave them my ok for it and they reiterated that they would use the better of the two credit scores.  So they run my credit score...higher than before at 581, but still lousy, which was expected.  They said they'd run things and get it processed.

Another day - then their story changes again.

Then they said that since my credit was bad, they couldn't approve the loan.  What about the story of using the better of two credit scores?  They wouldn't answer that.

So then the loan person says that they could go forward if the debt/income ratio was lower, so we look at cars that were smaller and lower cost and talk to them again.

Then their story changes again.  

Then they said that it's due to the bankruptcy for me.

Well we knew all that even before they did a hard-credit-check on me.  They knew that before they suggested going to spend time and effort to look at lower cost cars.

They just gave us the runaround and now there's hard-credit-checks on me for no reason at all.

They change their story often.

They communicate one goal we're working for, then the goal that they set, they move the goalposts.

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