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Nov 05, 2016
don't get it trust me!!

I have pay my balance on my account and they still charging me (interest charge on purchases) and I have not use my card for five months its almost $213...

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Feb 13, 2017
They lost my check

This bank needs to be shut down. They lost my check and it took them 30 minutes to locate after I went in and flipped out because they were charging me overdraft fees for no reason at all.

They also charged me interest on a zero dollar balance for my credit card. I asked how this was possible and the lady didn't provide much help. I was basically forced to pay the $4.82. 

Just a terrible bank. Go elsewhere. Like UMB. 

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Mar 05, 2016
Great card so far, approved for $1000
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My First real Credit card!!! I have banked with U.S. bank for about 5 years now and just started getting interested in credit. Way late in the game (I'm 33 years old) better late than never i guess. I was approved with a 560's something credit score with a $1000.00 limit. pretty generous for a first unsecured card and a bad score. My middle fico is now up to 637 in 5 months!!! I can't wait till the day I can afford a house and have the credit to buy!!! I applied in the bank by the way. My banker applied to thcard for me and said the credit report they pulled could be used to apply for every card US Bank offers until i got approved with only on hard pull. so thats a pretty good deal in itself (for a newbie).

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