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Jun 05, 2017
The 0% offers are a scam

The 0% balance transfers are good only if you use one transfer per year.  Case in point.  I used a 0% balance transfer in 10/17.  I planned on paying that off by 10/18.  However, I used another transfer check in June, 2017.  When I started paying extra beyond the minimum due to deplete the earlier balance, the extra payment actually goes to the latest balance transfer.  So unless I pay off the newest transfer in 4 months, and the old one as well, in October the first balance transfer will go up to 15%.  The more recent one which we be paid off in 4 months will now equal a 12% annual interest since I already paid 4% for the priveledge of the transfer.  Two other banks that I used 0% transfers with actually apply additional principal toward the oldest transfer balance first.  BIG SCAM and shame on US Bank.  That part of the repayment plan is not shown on the paperwork that they send with the balance transfer checks.  

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Jun 28, 2017
They lost pay checks
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They lost a few of my paychecks and it took them over 30 minutes to find them.

They also put mystery charges on my credit card... For Example, they charged me $4.82 worth of interest on a zero dollar balance! They refused to take it off my account. They also lowered my credit limit out of nowhere one day so I called to find out and they transferred me to an underwriter and he didn't know. He said te computer sometimes raises and lowers people on its own and he could fix it. It's just concerning that they are so clueless.

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