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Nov 04, 2017
Low Credit Line Approved
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My credit card limits average out between $5,000-10,000 and I applied for this card because I bank with them already. My plan was to do a balance transfer from some medical bills I had to charge a few months back. The application process was a little more tedious than other credit card applications I have completed in the past, but it went fairly quickly. My credit score is around a 750, and they approved me for a mere $600. I called a few days after applying to ask for a credit line increase due to wanting to take advantage of the 0% 15-month balance transfer offer. After speaking to a representative and giving her the same exact information I put down in the application just days before, I asked for an 8x increase. I was told I would receive a decision in the mail within 5-7 business days. Two days later the credit line increase was showing in my online account. Issue resolved, and they've got a happy customer.

Overall, I am satisfied with the credit line offered after calling them, and it only took about ten to fifteen minutes of my time. 

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Oct 27, 2017
This bank doesn’t even deserve a 1 star

I have banked with numerous banks in my lifetime and worked for one for 6 years. This bank is by far the worst bank when it comes to customer service, common courtesy and customer relationships. I was in a car accident a year ago and finally received my settlement proceeds from my lawyer. I went and deposited the check in a joint account I had with my husband at US Bank. I was told because of the amount, they would need to put a hold on the check for 7 days. I was fine with this as I understood the policies and procedures that comes with check deposits. A couple of days later, I found my debit card wasn’t working and my husband realized his wasn’t either. When he called, he was told that the fraud department speculated that the check was fraud and that they were closing down all of our accounts. They did absolutely nothing to try and verify the check (which is legit.) They didn’t bother calling the bank the check was drawn on OR my lawyer to ensure that he did in fact issue this check to me. Instead, they took it upon themself to just speculate that the check was fraud and close down the accounts due to speculation, rather then verifying anything. On top of that, we weren’t notified of any of this. They were just going to close down the accounts and send us a cashier check in the mail. Because the accounts are frozen and in the process of being closed, my husband was unable to receive his direct deposit from his work, our mortgage and insurance bills have bounced and we have no access to any of our hard earned money until this is dealt with. Just save yourself the headache and find another bank to deal with your financial needs. 

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