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Nov 29, 2016
Take money to bank that appreciates it
Vreayla Account Holder

The only way to complete auto payment for your loan is using snail mail in which they mail you a form and you fill it out and mail it back... Extremely out of date on processes and very inconvenient website overall. They do not offer text message alerts or automatic phone calls as reminders for those of us who have a loan to pay on through them even though every other bill I have offers this conveneint feature.  U.S. bank seems very aggressive about phone calls if you are only a few days late (both my cell and my work #), yet send no reminders and make auto bill pay very inconvenient. Their escalation process for people who've forgotten to pay that month is a little offensive to say the least. Also, the script about why are you late on your payment maybe should wait until the customer is 30 days behind? Quite an intrusive question when someone is simply a few days late... Frankly I would have refinanced my loan with another institution if it weren't for the hassle. I am very not fond of the way they handle their customer service and would not at all recommend them to any associates. I have made these complaints several times and never hear anything but "there is nothing I can do about the policies they put in". Wow. I have excellent credit, a house, a car, several credit cards, and a few small loans... apparently that is not enough to be treated like a "forgetful customer" instead of low life who doesn't ever make their payment...

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Nov 17, 2016
No online wire transfers!
Anonymous Account Holder

If you dont live near a physical location, do not bank with US Bank. I recently purchased a home in Texas and tried to set up a wire transfer online and through the phone. I was told you cannot do this unless you go into a location. Well, the closest location to Dallas is 500 miles away! I had to drive to get a cashiers check and almost had to delay closing on my house because of this. The funny thing is, the exact thing happend to a friend of mine. Get with the 21st century US Bank!

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Nov 06, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I got a notice that my login had been disabled due to suspicious online activity and I needed to call them to re-enable my account.  I called them on Sunday, got transferred to 3 different departments before I got the online service department, who told me he couldn't do anything on Sundays.  I asked why and he said that the fraud department isn't available on Sunday, so he can't access my account.  I asked him why the account was locked out and he said he doesn't know and can't look it up.  Then he says there was fraudulent charges on my Credit Card and thats why I'm locked out.  I tell him that my Card is still active, I just can't log in to the website to see what's going on with it.  He gets all ****y with me and says to just call back tomorrow.  Then he stops talking.  So apparently theres some fraudulent charges on my Credit Card that I can't see because I'm locked out of thier website and he doesn't see the problem with this...

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Nov 05, 2016
This bank is great!
Anonymous Account Holder

They are so helpful!

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Oct 31, 2016
butterfly1432 Account Holder

1300 miles away from home and I stopped at an ATM in North Little Rock on a Saturday I was taking my kids after dinner. Will putting my ATM card into the machine the machine had a power outage and turned off and ate my card I tried to contact customer service for hours to get my card back but no one was able to help me. I had to wire money to myself and then crosses and then I waited until Monday to call the branch to get my card back however I was told there is nothing that they could do to help me unless I was a u.s. bank member that they only give ATM cards back to members of the band members have to order new cards they destroy them this is an outrageous that considering I'm 1300 miles from home I pay a fee to use that ATM they have no customer service at all there I spoke to the man who was an assistant branch manager who only wanted to give me his condolences but however his only guidance to me was to order a new
card. This wouldn't have been such a slap in the face except for the fact that I hadn't done anything wrong I'm really just stopped to use their ATM and the Machine ate my card the worst part about it is knowing that they give their members back the cards but the nine members who didn't do anything wrong have to suffer I would say I warned you never to use their ATM that they say US Bank on them the bank is not helpful and as far as I am concerned crooks in addition the employees are clueless and not helpful at all.Do not trust your money to them!!!!

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Oct 26, 2016
Horrible - Bait & Switch!
ASoni84 Account Holder

Of all of the banks and credit cards we have accounts with, U.S. bank is literally the worst. We have had a savings account with U.S. bank for a long time and rarely use the account. Recently I received a targeted offer to apply to the U.S. Bank Cash+ credit card, which indicated if I had an exisiting accout and spent a certain amount in 3 months I would get a small bonus of $100. Since I already had an account and the credit card rewards were somewhat attractive, I applied and spent the minimal amount to earn the bonus anyway. Months went by and no bonus was rewarded. When I inquired they basically said there was no record of applying with the bonus - what?! I told them I never would have even known about the credit card if I didn't receive a targeted offer! It seems like from other reviews that U.S Bank often does this type of bait and switch where they don't pay out rewards. In addition there have been several issues with this credit card in the few months I've had it - incorrect rewards categories being set, frauduent charges, horrible customer service, where they never solve any issues,etc. Needless to say I will be cancelling this card shortly and closing the savings account as well. 

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Oct 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I had my account hacked and the fraud department let my card stay open after I called let my account get overdrawn and left my card open for Amazon worst fraud department ever

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Oct 08, 2016
Terrible customer service
wendelb Account Holder

I got a US Bank card, with REI. It had a high credit line, average interest, easy to pay online. However, their customer service, while 24/7 is horrid. I used the card to buy 6 different things, all within an hour of each other. They got declined as suspicious activity. Okay, whatever. I call customer service, verify identity, blah blah blah, get the card "unblocked". Purchases get denied again. This repeats, for another 3 times that day, then 2 more times the second day. That's right, 6 phone calls all to make a few purchases. Talked to supervisors, supervisor's supervisors. THEN, my account gets closed. So the last time I call they say "well it looks like your account is being closed." No reason why. I ask why, say I don't want it closed. And they tell me that in order to "reopen" it, I have to submit it by mail, and include pretty much a written application reapplying for a credit card, have my credit checked, again- in order to reopen the account that shouldn't have been closed in the first place. I burst out laughing, and then hung up.

As for the top positive reviewer, who claims US Bank is military friendly. How? Not all banks charge fees- USAA and Navy Fed don't... they... are military friendly. 

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Sep 26, 2016
customer disservice
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank will limit your ability to download statements, ignore forms submitted with dispute claims, keep you on hold for literally hours, and transfer you from person to person forcing you to explain the same question or request at least a half dozen times. The customer service is the worst I have ever had. I actaully can't believe they get away with it. 

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Sep 14, 2016
A waste of time and effort
JustMe928929 Account Holder

Don't even bother with this bank. It's some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. I easily rank them up there (or down there so to speak) with Comcast!

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