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Jun 09, 2018
5 yrs no problems!Visa,Ckg&Sav
Anonymous Account Holder

I started with a Secured Visa card then got a gold package no fees ckg&sav accounts no issues. Then my 300.00 secured visa was converted to a 3,000 Platinum visa my new card and 300.00 security check was sent within 5 days. A day later Wells Fargo approved me for a Platinum visa 3,000 and Capital one approved me for a quick silver one MasterCard 3,300.

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Jul 25, 2018
Truckrepairguy Account Holder

This bank does not believe in customer loyalty. Wasted 10 years with this Bank. This Bank should be shut down.

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Mar 28, 2019
Horrible first time customer experience
Wolverine616 Account Holder

Followed their steps to activate card online. Set up online account and log in.

Two days later their IVR system called & said I still needed to activate! What? Transferred me their customer service & said I could only activate if I had the card in my possession or I would have to call back later.

Figured that since I was on the line I would confirm my promotion offer.  Then was told the promotional offer that was mailed to me with a confirmation code that I used to sign up for the card online was NOT in their system!  What? They actually then said I only had the options to snail mail or fax my offer in to get my offer applied! What-who faxes anything anymore?  No option to scan and e-mail like a normal CC company-it was stated that they can't receive "outside" e-mails which is a complete lie.  Escalated 2 levels and that manager would not escalate any further.  I asked her if she just wanted me to cancel the card right now since this was my first experience with US Bank ever and she said no but would do NOTHING to even apply one iota of basic customer service.  No work arounds, no credits for their mistakes-the onus was on ME for THEIR errors-she was utterly rude.

Further, setting up your online account is arduous-it took almost 15 mins. of step after step after step-other cards I have took less than 5 mins.  And they don't even have an outgoing messaging options or a chat option.  While their staff is in the US and not offshore, frankly I came away with the conclusion that I was working with a 3rd World based company.

I can't believe the horrible customer service and rigidity of their processes.  In the end, the three people I talked to completely demonstrated that they just don't care at all.

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Mar 25, 2019
Bank with Poor Standards
Wesley1202 Account Holder

This bank possesses very poor standards at all level, including customer service, management, and even online access. 

I have not been able to access my ccount for a week due to internal errors. Even account messages can't be red due to other 

errors. This bank is an absolute mess. I am only staying with them because I have a loan from them that I am payin so quickly to move to another bank. 

Save yourself and do business with banks high standards, professionalism, and competence. 

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Feb 27, 2019
Worst bank ever
USBankVictim Account Holder

The customer service is horrible. I am trying to get out of their clutches. They have a phone wait times based on the time of the day lasting at least 15 minutes to few hours. So you are screwed if you have to reach to them. Pretty callous attitude from the customer service people. They treat their customers as trash. Looking forward to closing the accounts. Multiple bad experiences with this bank

1. They make policies in the branch to discriminate based on race. I was told by one of their employee who is a friend that they put a policy to not attest documents to shoo away middle eastern customers.

2. Phone wait times are terrible. They will ask you to fax documentation but their is no confirmation from their end as to if they received the fax. Their turnaround times are days each time you have to find information from them. Wait time on phone can last hours. So you can pretty much forget about whatever you want to do.

3. They have a very callous attitude and pretty much treat their customers as trash. Most horrible customer service and the worst bank ever.

4. After closing a CC, there was a refund. Called to get it refunded into a checking account. The guy got information and said it will be deposited. I am past 7 days from the time I put in a request, but nothing happened so far.

If you want your sanity, do not deal with this bank.

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Dec 29, 2018
leidermanb Account Holder

VERY BAD customer service, 6 month since I got the LATAM visa card I am waiting to get the credit miles to the right account, called many times to the bank and LATAM, both forward to the blame between them but they not resolve the problem till today, closing my account and my credit card with them soon.

Opened an account with Chase and got the Chase Sapphire card. 

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Dec 28, 2018
Blairdale Account Holder

I tried pulling money from Atm , unsucessful was in contact with fraud dept whom said they see I tried getting the money but my card was locked try again after midnight I did now $800. Later they denied I filed now denied I called gave proof of that and excuse after excuse I was in contact with them yet they dont communicate and I'm going have to sue to get my money on that insurance. Another is $800 on fraud we were not in area when it happened sent timeline, sent police and report fraud dept still not getting money they are stealing BEWARE.

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Dec 22, 2018
Simple, basic banking
KkSnow Account Holder

Helpful people, my fav bank

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Dec 19, 2018
Very stupid people making daily policy
bermudapalms Account Holder

After being with this bank for 30 years it all came apart 2 years ago---I should have dunped them after all the mistakes and terrible bank managers they had but I stayed.  Excessive hold times.  Ridiculous polices that change at the will of the manager daily.  Different policies from bank to bank---And on and on---Closed all accounts except safe deposit box---I will wait till it expires to save a $160 fee...

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Dec 18, 2018
Dont use them ever!
michael424 Account Holder

As a business owner, they are the worst of the worst. Go check their reviews online, I wish I did. They usually have 95% negative reviews for a reason. We used them to finance new expensve printers for our office and they screwed us to the tune of thousands of dollars extra with horrible to no customer service AND the printers they delivered were defective. When we complained, they immediatly wanted all the money at one and threatened us. Worst. Bank. Ever. Do yourself a favor and find someone else.

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Dec 04, 2018
Mcam01 Account Holder

Trying to make final payoff and the payment took the max time so that by the time it had posted to the account the payoff amount had changed again. Avoid this bank if at all possible ! Any bank/business so desperate to assess fees should not be trusted !

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