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U.S. Bank®

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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Oct 18, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I had my account hacked and the fraud department let my card stay open after I called let my account get overdrawn and left my card open for Amazon worst fraud department ever

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Oct 08, 2016
Terrible customer service
wendelb Account Holder

I got a US Bank card, with REI. It had a high credit line, average interest, easy to pay online. However, their customer service, while 24/7 is horrid. I used the card to buy 6 different things, all within an hour of each other. They got declined as suspicious activity. Okay, whatever. I call customer service, verify identity, blah blah blah, get the card "unblocked". Purchases get denied again. This repeats, for another 3 times that day, then 2 more times the second day. That's right, 6 phone calls all to make a few purchases. Talked to supervisors, supervisor's supervisors. THEN, my account gets closed. So the last time I call they say "well it looks like your account is being closed." No reason why. I ask why, say I don't want it closed. And they tell me that in order to "reopen" it, I have to submit it by mail, and include pretty much a written application reapplying for a credit card, have my credit checked, again- in order to reopen the account that shouldn't have been closed in the first place. I burst out laughing, and then hung up.

As for the top positive reviewer, who claims US Bank is military friendly. How? Not all banks charge fees- USAA and Navy Fed don't... they... are military friendly. 

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Sep 26, 2016
customer disservice
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank will limit your ability to download statements, ignore forms submitted with dispute claims, keep you on hold for literally hours, and transfer you from person to person forcing you to explain the same question or request at least a half dozen times. The customer service is the worst I have ever had. I actaully can't believe they get away with it. 

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Sep 14, 2016
A waste of time and effort
JustMe928929 Account Holder

Don't even bother with this bank. It's some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. I easily rank them up there (or down there so to speak) with Comcast!

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Sep 06, 2016
Dont Do It
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is horrible.....the online banking is slow, the customer service is horrible.  I deposited $1,000 cash into the ATM outside of the bank it took them 2 weeks to find the money and they would not offer provisional credit for their error for 10 buniess days.  I withdrew all my money ASAP and opened an account with BOA. 

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Aug 14, 2016
Horrible Car Financial Managers
Anonymous Account Holder

Our household income is $100-120k a year and they can't give us a $30k car loan. We have a surplus of $4000-4500 a month Lol. I believe some of their bank managers do not know how to check for income-debt ratio of their customers. 

I am moving all my money to my local credit union. I am only in this bank because my job only does direct deposits through US bank anyways.

US Bank of Round Lake, Illinois needs a new manager!

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Aug 10, 2016
Inefficient and behind the times
Anonymous Account Holder

If you EVER find yourself saying the words, "hmm... maybe I should open an account at US Bank" STOP and punch yourself in the face. US Bank is AWFUL. It's extremely difficult to transfer money between your US Bank account and an external account (unless it's one of their 6 partner banks - which several of the major banks are not) and their account management system is terrible. For instance, 3 months ago I went to use my card at an ATM and found that it was cancelled. When I called to inquire, the representative informed me that fraud had been detected on the account and a new card was on the way. Really? Fraud? Thanks for letting me know before deactivating the card! Sounds like something I should be kept in the loop about...

YESTERDAY I went to withdraw money from my account and found that the card had been deactivated AGAIN. Apparently it had been reported missing. Want to know who reported the card missing? So would I - cause it WASN'T ME. When the phone representative tried to find when the missing card was reported, he couldn't. There was no date associated with it. I'm gonna guess that's because THERE WAS NO REPORT. The best part is that they're unable to overnight me a new card because I've recently moved and they're unable to overnight cards to "new addresses."

I should have prefaced this by explaining that my US Bank account is my personal account (I have a joint with my husband at Schwab). So, I decided to move the money from my US Bank account to an individual account that I opened with Schwab. Well guess what - it's a PAIN to transfer money to an external account. You literally can't move money from your account to another without going through a ridiculous system called "ClearXChange." Yes. You have to set up an intermediary account to move the money from US Bank to your other accounts. While it's not super hard, it's dumb, unnecessary, and super inconvenient. And you can only move a limited amount of money at a time. 

Did I mention US Bank's insanely high foreign transaction fees? They'll charge you $10 per ATM withdrawal - and that's NOT including the ATM fees... that's literally just the fee from the bank. The only place US Bank actually exists is in the midwest (Mostly Wisconsin, I believe), so fortunately most of the country has been spared their ****tyness. The only reason I have a US Bank account is because 10 years ago I lived across the street from one in Milwaukee. Ugh... they're awful... 

Charles Schwab is way better. Granted they're still a bank (and therefore not in the business of advocating for consumer rights) but they're a major improvement. It's easy to move money around, no foreign transaction fees, they reimburse your ATM fees for all ATMs (and don't charge you fees themselves), and offer a high-yield checking account (that appreciates at 2%). Do yourself a favor and get the f**k out of US Bank. They're the worst.

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Aug 09, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

My wife accidentally withdrew $40 from a US Bank account I thought was closed. We had not been receiving statements for some time so I did not know the account was overdrawn. US Bank charged $200 plus in fees and refused to settle even though I offed to pay the $40.00 plus interest. They eventually sent it to acollections agency which damaged our credit. Don't bank with them. They did nothing to earn that money. 

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Aug 04, 2016
worst Bank ever OMG...
Anonymous Account Holder

listen to what others are saying and trust your glutt.... do not **** with this bank or you will Be Screwed>>

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Aug 04, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Bank used to be good, amazing service so that's the reason I chose US Bank. But now days service is absolutely a joke, when you apply for a card and you are not approved they offer different card in the same screen.

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