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U.S. Bank® Reviews
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Jul 20, 2020
Trh1978 Account Holder

This is the biggest clown outfit of bafoons I’ve come across in a very long time. From the local branch in Jefferson City Missouri to regional manager based out of Illinois. These people are lost, as a matter of fact the sent me other people’s highly sensitive personal information through DocuSign that included income and the whole families social security numbers. Avoid this company and their employees at all costs. If I could give negative stars, I would. WORTHLESS

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Jul 15, 2020
Fees and charges
nutulicu Account Holder

They will set you up so you cannot avoid interest payments. 

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Apr 09, 2020
Incompetent, ignorant, useless, evasive.
Cscoreisascam Account Holder

Good luck. Thye will screw up whatever they can. Good luck trying to speak to somebody in the correct department, epect long wait times on the phone. Expect the rep to NOT follow up on anything. Have an issue? 6 months minimum to even get anywhere (for me i refinanced and left this godawful bank), and thats ONLY going to be via mail 30 days later.

I have never, NEVER had such bad luck with a bank. To the point im here leaving a review AFTER i refinanced with someone else. These guys dont know anything and will tell you nothing. Nothing but lawyer lingo in multiple confusing (and duplicate with small changes made) documents. 

I can only pray our corrupt government will some day be corrected and you all will be in prison. 

You still owe me money that you cant account for. KEEP IT.


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Mar 05, 2020
SpyderScott Account Holder

US Bank is a joke, do not bank with them. Customer service is horrible, they lie to you on the phone and then turn you away when you show up. Seem to be always short staffed and don't watch their counters. What happens when you finally have had enough and call them out on it? Instead of fixing the problem, they just turn around and shut down your account. Apparently the customer isnt the first priority with US Bank.

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Feb 15, 2020
No customer loyalty
Packerdawg76 Account Holder

Stay away from US Bank. I was a customer for about 10 years. No more!

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Jan 31, 2020
Go somewhere else
aquaseaninja73 Account Holder

If you research them, you will see they were fined millions for adjusting people's accounts; basically moving money around to make nsf fees. Guess what? They are still doing it. They say they charge a maximum of 7 nsf's and that is wrong. They recently got us again at the end of the year and charged 8, and then their "extended" nsf fee just to get more money out of you. You can never change the monthly automatic savings withdrawal, which they make you do to take your banking fee away. You can also never call or visit another location as they said you didn't open your account at that one, and can only talk to the actual location you opened your account. If you need a different location, you actually have to open another account and close the original. They are always rude, never work with you on nsf fees even if you try to show them how they manipulated your account to make more fees on the lower amounts that supposedly came in afterwards. Run. Just run. We are now considering Capital One and Chime for our new account as we cannot deal with this bank anymore. We have had them for at least 5 years and have never been happy. Ever! You can't even choose your own login info, they set that up. 

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Jan 29, 2020
Awful, rude
sqeezer Account Holder

Can't pay the card online. The customer service is so rude!

At the the end of the call I asked for the representative name and she said Shy :)

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Sep 04, 2019
Fees for everything
Rob4949 Account Holder

They have fees for everything, even thing they make mistakes on. And don't try to get it back. will not happen. Will stop using this card.

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Aug 21, 2019
Bad...Just BAD!
TeeJay60 Account Holder

Auto pay setup online doesnt work. Thier open a credit account and balance transfer is a scam. Ive had nothing but issues with this bank and will be looking to transfer ALL my banking activity to another bank.

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