USAA Federal Saving Reviews
Mar 21, 2017

I was in the market to refinance my auto loan through USAA. I had submitted all online paper work and faxed over a the signed disclosure form, but USAA did not receive it. USAA never made an attempt to notify my of the fact they had never received the letter or anything even though I had filled performance of the contract. Having faxed over the signed document I was under the impression that USAA now serviced my loan and would not owe a payment until May 1st. However, upon returning from vacation I find out through Capital One that USAA never payed of the loan and that I was passed due. I contacted USAA only to be told it was my fault that they didn't receive/process my fax and that I would have to reapply for a new loan and they could not guarantee me the same rate. This is completely unacceptable. I have been with USAA for 8 years and have recieved amazing customer service from their insurance, but the auto financing was terrible. I was basically told that they did not have enough man power to properly service my loan and that I should have realized that USAA did not receive the document even though I was told to allow up to two weeks for processing. From a customer service stand point, complete failure! I was under the impression the customer was right but I guess here, only the USAA "Dispute Resolution Specialist" was correct. From a customer standpoint, never again. If USAA does not have the man power to properly service a loan (This is what the "Specialist" told me), then how can I expect them to competently handle any of my banking? I pray that the insurance division of USAA stays separate and keeps its customer service or I will be switching to GEICO MILITARY. Thanks to USAA I am now locked into a higher rate for my car loan because I passed up a credit union's lower rate to stay with USAA, I was late on my payment so my credit took a hit and I lost the insurance discount from having the loan through USAA. Thank you USAA Auto Loan, this is exactly what service members want and need!

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Apr 25, 2017
Too many fees, not enough options

For a company that is so stellar with insurance, the expectations are high for banking...their rates and fees are so out of line with the market, I'm not sure where to begin.

1. Performance First Savings - With a $50k minimum, the interest rate is 0.3%. Ally Bank is 1.05% with no minimum.

2. Brokerage Fees - $8.95/trade, underwritten by Fidelity. Fidelity is $4.95/trade...why pay the middle man??

3. Fund Transfer Process - I tried to move $5,500 from my USAA checking into my USAA IRA. They put a 6 business day hold on the funds...from one USAA account to the other!!  WTH?

4. Transfer Charges - I moved my IRA/Brokerage accounts from USAA to FIdelity. USAA charged me $70 for the brokerage and $35 for the IRA. Unfortunately, due to the above delay, they are now charging me $35 twice for the IRA transfer. Thankfully Fidelity is covering the cost.

I've been a USAA customer since 1994...and I'm moving every nickel out of their bank.

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Sep 07, 2016
Starter Credit Card
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Easy to obtain. Requires opening a CD to obtain.

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May 14, 2017
Be prepared for no one to know anything
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I opened this account this year and for the first month after I made my initial deposit no one could tell me when I would receive my card. It was not what I expected from USAA. They don't report every month either, once every three months.

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Feb 05, 2017
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Applied a couple weeks ago. 636 Experian FICO. I actually applied for the basic platinum through my account and they somehow approved me for this with a 2k CL. Maybe it's because i have had a secured card with them for six months with perfect payment history. Really grateful to USAA for helping me with my credit rebuild. 

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Mar 31, 2017
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I was approved for this card yesterday with a $1,000 CL. My FICO scores are TU-655 EQ-624 and EX- 615. Been wanting to get my foot in with an USAA card for a while now. It's definitely not the limit I was hoping for but I'm rebuilding so, I'll take it!!! 

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Feb 13, 2017
Excellent for building/rebuilding credit
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Got rid of all my debt a few years ago. No credit cards, car payments, mortgage.  Wanted to get a new credit card as I've recently started traveling and needed to rent a car and make hotel reservations.I applied for a visa through USAA, and got one, but it only had a $500 credit limit. A few months later I applied for the American Express offered by USAA and received the card with a $1000 credit limit. Great bank! I've been a member or over 10 years. I also carry auto insurance with them.

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Jul 20, 2016

I've had a few emails from asking to apply.. They offered 12 0% on transfer and purchases. I use them as a main checking acct. my CS is low 600. I have 100% on time payments and few other cards. They approved me 2000k. FYI keep the email (if you get one) usaa didn't give me my 0% at first so I had to send in my offer email to prove the expiration date of the offer. 

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