USAA Federal Saving Reviews
Nov 04, 2016
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I applied for a loan jointly with my girlfriend to see what kind of interest rate we could get on a fairly inexpensive used car that is only a year or two old. We both have credit scores close to or higher than 700 with all 3 credit agencies, combined yearly we make 15x the value of the loan, I've been a USAA member for 22 year (CC holder with them for 5), and we live well within our means.

We were very surprised (and appalled) to hear our interest rate upon approval: 13.75%!!! This included the meager discounts for using their car buying service and automatic payments. I told the lady "you have got to be kidding me" when she told me the result. USAA was supposed to be this amazing place where customer service and low rates were offered to military members and their families, a place where you could get a lower interest rate than the giant loan shark corporations would give you. Apparently they're just as bad, if not worse! All the best customer service in the world won't make me feel any better about this ridiculous rate! MY CREDIT CARD--WITH THEM-- HAS A SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER INTEREST RATE THAN THE AUTO LOAN THEY OFFERED ME!!

I received rates that were ~7% lower from both Capital One and Bank of America.

You used to be great USAA, what happened?

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Apr 21, 2016
Took months to cancel the card

The year I had this card was awful. Despite asking for paper statements over the phone, I did not receive a single paper statement. EAch time I called, they would say, there had never been a request to receive paper statements. I would give them the dates/times/names of each request.  The next month would arrive and yet again, no statement. I then paid the card in full and called them to cancel it. Same thing happened. I continued to get emailed statements so I could call and they would say, they had no previous request to cancel!  It took me months of calling them to cancel this card. They have nightmare customer service. Rates might be great but if customer service isn't there, I would not recommend them.

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Dec 17, 2016
Great exprience so far!
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Great bank. Good customer service. USAA refunds you up to $15 in ATM fees.

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May 16, 2016

I just applied for this card and I was approved right away with 7000 limit. There is no hussle in applying for this card. Im glad that USAa is my bank.

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Sep 07, 2016
Starter Credit Card
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Easy to obtain. Requires opening a CD to obtain.

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Jun 05, 2016
Great Card

My credit sucks, got this USAA secured Amex and its good, i dont see how people wouldnt get approved for it though since its a secured card?  Either way, ive been happy with it, i dont use it that much but ive loaded a few thousand bucks on it so it comes in handy.

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Aug 05, 2016
Rewards Visa Card
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In credit disputes they require documentation mentioned nowhere in the card literature or on the USAA website.  I am a 40+ year USAA membership and the service keeps going down and down and today it bottomed out.  To avoid further charges since the dispute process requires hidden documentation I determined to cancel the card.  This the representative Ally could not do and she would not transfer me to the "cencellation team" since wait times were in excess of her limits.  I could only to a call back which would take 1 to 2 business days.  Could I talk to her supervisor - no this also requires a call back of undetermined tiime.  Could I talk to the disputes team - no and the callback was 4 to 5 business days.  Worst customer service ever.

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Sep 15, 2016
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Received a 7K credit limit on this card instantly, and this is with starting from a credit score of 500 one year ago!

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Nov 11, 2016
It's okay.
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It takes a few days for payments to post unless you have an bank account with USAA.

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Jul 20, 2016

I've had a few emails from asking to apply.. They offered 12 0% on transfer and purchases. I use them as a main checking acct. my CS is low 600. I have 100% on time payments and few other cards. They approved me 2000k. FYI keep the email (if you get one) usaa didn't give me my 0% at first so I had to send in my offer email to prove the expiration date of the offer. 

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