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USAA® Federal Savings Bank

2.5 out of 5 stars
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Customer Service

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Nov 26, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Never had an issue in over 13 years. Great customer service!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 07, 2016
Not the same
amona100 Account Holder

I once raved about how great USAA was, but the past few weeks have been a nightmare trying to get access to funds from checks I deposited into their ATM Machines. This is the first time I've ever had this issue with 8 years of loyal customer service and satisfaction. Basically my funds were on hold for 10 days. I've made the decision to close out my accounts with USAA and go over to Navy Federal  and use AAA insurance. I can't afford to wait 10 days to pay bills and use funds that should be available to me in a much more timely fashion. I can't believe the horrendous customer service I recieved yesterday; it never used to be like this. It makes me sad to have to close out with them, but I can't afford to be put on hold, my funds put on hold and treated as if the money I deposit is no good to them. Good bye and good riddance USAA.

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Nov 26, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Never had an issue in over 13 years. Great customer service!

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Nov 22, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

They're thieves. They steal money. How? THrough banking laws that disadvantage the poor and benefit bankers who own multiple homes. Instead of charging a moderate fee for overdrawing an account or declining a charge with jsut one penlaty they can leagally take three penalties in the amount of $30 for one decline transaction. That's $90 for being shor $5. This has happened to me three times. They could also just decline the transaction totally so that it doesnt go through or get paid out but this makes them much more money. Banks literally make tens of millions of dollars using this banking law. When I first opened an account banks could legally decline a transaction once and charge you a small fee of as litte as $5, now they can clean you out. And if you don't pay their ransom they lock you out of your account.

USAA are sociopaths. And I am not playing. 

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Nov 22, 2016
Not here for you
Anonymous Account Holder

Here for our service members, more like here to screw you over. I cant even get my funds available after deposite. They hold them for a week before they are available! Now all I want to do is payt my insurance through them but can't because they won't give me my money!

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Nov 07, 2016
Virewile Account Holder

I went against reviews and advice. I got a card through USAA. For years I had no issues. I guess because I didn't really use it. I did have a balance on the card but nothing crazy high, from a major purchase that was required near the beginning of this year. I have, in the last 90 days made 8 small charges, all which have been paid off along with extra toward the major bablance, with each payment though my statement always said I have no min payment due. I go to the store today and my card is declined. I'm thinking, it's just a mistake. I use my bank card, leave and call USAA. The woman that answers informs me that it was declilned due to there only being $35 avail. I say, this can't be, I have $$$$ limit and I'm no where near that or someone must have used my account without my knowledge. She then says, no, your limit is $$. WHAT??? SINCE WHEN??? No notice and decreased my limit to just above my balance, for usage habits (no the exact words used but something like that). So I have been penalized for using my card. Unreal!!! I kindly thank the lady for doing her job and informed her that I will be transfering the balance and will no longer give them a dime of my money. I get home, and do exactly as I told her. It actually works out for me in a way, I get interest free to pay it off now and a lower payment than what I was sending them. The biggest downfall though, my credit score dropped drastically because I now have a 99% used credit card on there. LIVID!!! I'll get over it but I will not use that card again. As long as they leave it open, I will also. I'm not willing to take another hit to my credit for closing the account all together but I will not use it ever again! 

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Oct 26, 2016
Looking fora new checking account
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had a checking account with USAA for a couple of years.  But one thing that highly needs improvement are the extreme delays in posting trasactions.  I swiped my call last Wednesday for example and received a receipt for a payment. However, the transaction did not show up in my bank account until today (it is the wednesday of the following week).  The extreme delays on card transactions can make it very hard to monitor your transactions. If you bank with them, its best to have an alternative way of tracking or transactions and spending because the transaction dates will not show up accurate on your USAA accounts. This also makes it impossible to audit if you needed to make sure that there are no mistakes. You may have some transactions billed for your one month, which actually were charges that you made the month before. Be careful.

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Aug 30, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

USAA insurance is top notch, but that's where it ends.

I filed for Chapter 13 due to astronomical medical bills and student loans. They immediately locked me out of using the full site and force me to use the mobile version, which is fine for most purposes. Apparently it wouldn't have mattered if I claimed them in my case or not, they demonize anyone who doesn't have stellar, amazing financial history. I had better luck with the big banks then these yahoos.

I had a CD backing a secured credit card. Instead of using the CD to pay off the card (which is what I was told would happen), they are taking money from the bankruptcy and holding the CD. Interestingly, I was never late on paying my bills on that card, was @ 50% of balance, and had it for 7 years. 

They screwed me with deposits, too. My husband got a check from the VA for backpayment of disability benefits to the tune of $24,000. They held the check for 30 days, saying it's because of the "amount". It was on a **** US Treasury note, and easily verifiable. 

Run, far far away. Even as a service member, you're better off using a credit union.

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Sep 15, 2016

USAA they are very good in all the services 😉

Oct 01, 2016

They did the same to me. I had a job loss and had to file Chapter 7. Nothing from them was included the filing but I got condemned to mobile banking hell with limited access to features. Yes , they kick you when you are down. Such a nice thing to do to one of your loyal customers of over 10+ years. Oh and its funny they "now" have something in place for those having financial difficulties, how convenient.

Aug 19, 2016
Better than ANY bank, fantastic service.
flyboy1996 Account Holder

I had to transfer a LARGE amount of money out of USAA to another bank, but there are safety limits to prevent fraud (and protect the members). With one phone call I was able to get the transfer done and was advised it may take up to 3 days for it to complete.... it took ONE.  ATM withdrawals are also limited, but can be lifted to allow immediate access to funds with a simple call to the bank. They will close your account if you do not manage your account properly just like ANY financial institution. Online banking is a breeze and they refund ATM fees (probably limited to how many). Customer service is some of the best anywhere, especially since they only have one physical location in San Antonio, TX, but it doesn't stop you from depositing checks, managing your money, or making withdrawals. 

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Aug 11, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Multiple bad experiences one when i tryed taking my own money out for a vehicle they 21 questioned me and would only let me take a small sum out each day. The final straw was they charge me Fees of ($29.00) 12 times and never informed be of the negative charges. I have 2 other banks that will inform you of any negative fee. USAA is just out for your money they dont give 2 F#&%$ about our military service members.

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Aug 02, 2016
stinaxoxo Account Holder

I have been banking with USAA for years now, and I used to rave about excellent they were. I recommended them to family and friends, telling them, "Every time I hang up with USAA, I'm in a better mood than I was when I called, because they're THAT good at helping resolve issues." That level of customer service is gone now, and the bank has been slowly going downhill for the past couple of years. I would like to say that with the exception of one or two times, the customer service representatives are extremely friendly, but their banking/company policies and supervisors are no longer customer-friendly. 

A few issues... 

One: I called with an issue with my debit card. They helped me figure out what was going on, and I thought that was the end of it. However, a week or so later, a new debit card showed up at my mom's house (the address that was still on my account, as I was temporarily working out of town), and around the same time, a pin number was mailed separately, also to my mom's house. I called them, and asked why they sent a new card, and they couldn't tell me. They tried to do a little research, before just telling me, "We don't know. You should just destroy it if you don't want it." This is scary, and a HUGE security concern. A debit card was not ordered, yet one was sent without my authorization along with a pin number. Anyone could have taken the card and pin number, and once activated, my existing card would've stopped working and they would've had full access to my accounts. The customer service rep was unconcerned with the issue and treating me like I was over-reacting.

Two: I deposited a small cashier's check ($500) into my USAA checking account. This is not my primary checking account, but I do have automatic deposits that go in twice a month for at least 4x that amount, which I always withdraw immediately and take to my primary brick & mortar bank. I deposited the cashier's check via mobile, because that's the only way to do it, and was not told that the funds would be placed on a hold. I was out of town for work at the time and due to an issue with my primary bank, I needed those funds to be available immediately. As any person in banking should know, cashier's checks are VERIFIED funds and should be available instantly. I called IMMEDIATELY about the hold, they told me it's because my current balance was less than the amount of the check. I reminded them about the automatic deposits I have (one of which was due within the next few days) that would more than cover the cashier's check if it bounced (which would not happen, because those are verified funds). They said it didn't matter. I told them, please cancel the deposit, because I need this cash immediately, and I planned to take the cashier's check to the bank on which it was drawn so I could cash it and receive funds immediately, to sustain me until the issue with my primary bank was resolved. They said they can't cancel the deposit because it was already made through the mobile app, and there was no way to cancel it. This was within 5 minutes of making the deposit, and they're telling me there is NO way to cancel it.... that doesn't make sense to me. I asked them, "What if someone made a mistake and accidentally deposited the wrong check into the wrong account - you're telling me there is no way to undo that?" They confirmed, there is no way to do that. So don't make any mistakes, ever, because USAA will screw you over. 

Three: The mobile app always gives me an error when I try to increase my debit card daily withdraw limit, something about needing to verify identity with a text code, which I never receive via text. I need to increase my limit at least once a month, because it defaults to $600, and I always have to withdraw the money from my auto-deposits to take it to my primary bank. So every month, when it's time for me to withdraw the money, I have to call them to change the limit. This, in itself, is frustrating enough, especially when I'm often on hold for 10-15 minutes just to change my limit and get access to MY money. Last week, I called them as usual to change my limit and was told that they can't do that, due to some issue with my auto-insurance policy payment. I haven't had auto insurance with USAA in over 3 years (because they screwed me over in regards to a claim, but that's a whole different complaint.) I asked what issue they were seeing, and they couldn't tell me. They told me I had to speak to the auto insurance department, so I was transferred to them. At this point, I've been on the phone for half an hour while sitting outside the ATM that I planned to use. I spoke to the insurance department, they assured me that there were no issues with the long-closed policy/account, and transferred me back to the banking dept. Banking again told me that they wouldn't change my limit. The guy checked with his supervisor/"specialist" and they were the ones who would not approve it, and told him no. I asked to speak with that person. He said, "No, you can't speak with him. He told me what to tell you and that's that." So basically, they're barring me access to my money, because their departments aren't properly communicating with each other. I told the rep, verbatim, "This is bulls***. That's my money, and I need to withdraw it NOW." He told me that I was being abusive, and hung up on me. 

Which brings me to number four: As a workaround for these idiots not letting me increase my limit to withdraw my cash, I told them to transfer the entire balance of my account to my boyfriend's account, which is also with USAA. They confirmed the transfer went through. My boyfriend was in a different state at the time and quite unavailable due to work training, but I needed him to take the money out of his USAA account, mobile-deposit it in his account with our primary bank, then transfer it into my account with our primary bank. (Needless to say, at this point, I'm very angry and frustrated with this runaround process to get my money.) So this was on a Friday. He didn't get out of training until after banks were closed on Friday and was not able to put the money into our primary bank. On Saturday, I woke up, checked my USAA account, and ALL the money I had transferred the day before was back in my account. I called USAA to ask them WTF. The rep, who was quite friendly, said, "I'm really sorry, but it appears they didn't put the transfer through yesterday." She told me to check with my boyfriend to see if he had the money in his account. He was going to be unavailable all day due to training, but I tried to reach him anyway. After a couple hours of not being able to reach him, I called USAA back and explained the situation again, and told them that I needed the money to be in his account, but that I was concerned that if I moved it over again, the money would be taken from my account twice. The rep assured me (for the 5th time) that the transfer did not go through on Friday for some reason, and that there was no possibility of the money being taken twice. Lo and behold, I woke up on Tuesday (FOUR days after the original transfer) to a HUGE negative balance, over $2,000 in the hole. Plus, I was charged overdraft fees for the second transfer, AND for every debit card transaction that had posted the night before. To make this long story a little shorter, I called USAA and was told that it wasn't their fault, and I needed to just have my boyfriend transfer the money back into my account. They would not help with the fees, nor did they offer any explanation for how they simply lost a $2k money transfer for four days. 

They are useless, and no longer have a policy of helping their customers. This bank used to be great. Now I'm in the process of switching over my direct deposits so I can wash my hands of USAA completely. They screwed me over on auto insurance, and now they are screwing me over in the banking department. Take your money elsewhere, you will avoid a huge headache and frustration.

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Jul 05, 2016
Lost Faith in It
J3J3Real Account Holder

Don't ever let them switch cards on you. I have a USAA credit card with them and one day they decided that they were going to switch from a mastercard to a visa card. Well this was fine and dandy until experian said I didn't qualify for a loan because of my score. It comes to find out that both cards show as active and open accounts with a balance. Now it looks like i have all this debt. Now I do check the other bureaus and they are 30 points higher. But the mastercard was closed on May 19th so why is it still showing up. after I called the bank you would think that somebody would be helpful to say you know what let me send over some information to have that turned off no instead I was given the run-arounds and I was told that I would have to send some letter so that it would be turned off? She just sounded nonchalant like oh it's your problem. Why?! when it's their fault it is on there in the first place. Here it is July and its still showing up on my account as being an active account. Why do I have to do all of this extra leg work? Why can't somebody just resend the report to Experian and say close the flippin account?

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