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Feb 06, 2017
Typical Credit Union...
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By far better than any Bank, but overall I'd have to say our experience has been quite typical of Credit Unions in the Past. On site customer service is better than average (if you actually get to see a human being), but a number of their locations don't even allow you to actually see a teller, it's all down through tube INSIDE the Institution like it's done at a drive though. This was a major no-no for us; if they continue to expand this trend we will take our business else where. We've never had any surprise charges or fees, everything's always been exactly as they said it would be in the fine print. They are more ready to give you a Credit Card than most Credit Unions are (it's easier to qualify). 

Over the Phone Customer Service at times has been significantly inept. I was provided a number to call for a specific business application, IN WRITING. When I called, the "Manager" who answered stated that it was the wrong department, asked where I got the number, and when I told him WHO I got the number from and that it was in writing, he quipped, "That's impossible, but I'll transfer you." and immediately transferred me to (again) the "wrong" department.

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