University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) Reviews

University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) Reviews
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Mar 31, 2020
Willl not have you back
JeanF2413 Account Holder

Their early fraud alert systems don't work and they did not honor my legitimate card dispute. I track every pending purchase on my debit card, and when I saw a pre-authorization for Survey Monkey for over $400, I called UFCU card services the same day to indicate that I did not approve the charge and attempted to get it blocked. It went through anyway, even though the charge was being made on an OLD DEBIT CARD NUMBER that supposed to be inactive. I had turned over the Survey Monkey account when I left my employer several months earlier, so I had NO access to the account and did not know my personal debit account was still on file there. Since my former employer was still using the Survey Monkey account, I tried to work with them and Survey Monkey to get my money back. My former employer did pay Survey Monkey for use of the service, but I was never reimbursed by Survey Monkey, primarily because UFCU kept rejecting the credit, apparently because Survey Monkey was attempting to refund a cancelled debit card number. When I called UFCU, they said they couldn't fix it and I would need to dispute the charge, so I filed a dispute. UFCU then denied my dispute and my appeal to their decision. Consequently, Survey Monkey has been paid twice for the same account, which I have not had any access to, and I am out more than $400 and the time I spent trying to my money back. I strongly advise you to do your personal banking elsewhere. I'm not the type to file a dispute unless I feel like there is no other choice and they did not have my back when I needed their help. 

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Oct 05, 2019
Simple with great customer service.
ZamFam Account Holder

My husband and I joined UFCU within the past year. Opening the account was quick and simple. My famliy and many close friends have banked with UFCU for many years and have had no issues and highly recommend their services, as do we!

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Aug 22, 2019
Not about the member anymore
6YearMember Account Holder

Customer satisfaction has gone WAYYYYY down since I first joined over 6 years ago. Customer service reps are less than helpful. They drop fees for literally everything even if they made a mistake. They also don't make exceptions for fees for circumstances that are accidental or to aid in life events. Basically, if you hit a rough spot one month, you can expect them to rob you when you're already down. A few years back, I could easily have said UFCU had my back, but they dont anymore. Also, if you overdraft, expect a $30 fee, plus a fee if they move funds from you savings to cover the overdraft. If you turn that feature off, you can still expect a fee for NSF. I will be leaving this institution very shortly as soon as I can get my drafts and direct deposit set up on another account.

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