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May 08, 2017
Not a member friendly credit union anymore
Anonymous Account Holder

Keeping this short had been a member for over 5 years. There banking policies and practising is going more towards like commercial banks. Customer service use to be good. No longer as I have been through bad experiences with them. Switching my direct deposits, loans and pretty much everything to different better customer service bank.

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Feb 06, 2017
Typical Credit Union...
EphraimShofar Account Holder

By far better than any Bank, but overall I'd have to say our experience has been quite typical of Credit Unions in the Past. On site customer service is better than average (if you actually get to see a human being), but a number of their locations don't even allow you to actually see a teller, it's all down through tube INSIDE the Institution like it's done at a drive though. This was a major no-no for us; if they continue to expand this trend we will take our business else where. We've never had any surprise charges or fees, everything's always been exactly as they said it would be in the fine print. They are more ready to give you a Credit Card than most Credit Unions are (it's easier to qualify). 

Over the Phone Customer Service at times has been significantly inept. I was provided a number to call for a specific business application, IN WRITING. When I called, the "Manager" who answered stated that it was the wrong department, asked where I got the number, and when I told him WHO I got the number from and that it was in writing, he quipped, "That's impossible, but I'll transfer you." and immediately transferred me to (again) the "wrong" department.

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Oct 28, 2016
Sneaky: They hit you hard with fees
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been a member for years, I have several accounts with them (checking, savings, money market), and despite this, they started sneaking in $30 and $40 fees when my checking account went below a balance of $0. Note: I have overdraft protection set up, and plenty of funds in the savings/money-market to cover the small overdrafts (which were $3-$10 uber and paypal charges). I spoke with them about removing TEN different charges, and they only removed 7. This is poor and unprofessional customer service, and one of the reasons that banks/credit unions are disliked. I was OK with the $3 fees they used to charge for overdraft protection, but this was outrageous. Additionally, I was NOT NOTIFIED of these fees. If the bank is arbitarily taking my money, I would like to be informed. 

In addition, the customer service rep varied between polite, and condescending, urging me to "take responsiblity for the use of my bank accounts". 

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Aug 31, 2016
nykkilynn16 Account Holder

By far the worst banking experience I have ever had. There are too many details to go into, so I will keep it quick. The person who opened my account didn't want me there so she could go home early. Didn't answer my questions or give me enough information. Got charged an $8 fee when they tried to send me a welcome letter and they sent to the wrong address. I was given a counterfeit hundred dollar bill which I made them take back. Rude customer service 90% of the time. Uninformed. Got friends to sign up for accounts with the promise of $50 for each person, not the case. Card repeatedly blocked, causing me today to run out of gas, and lose out on a profit for my business. I am pulling the money from my account and closing. Absolutely disgusting. 

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Jun 20, 2016
It's just okay.
Anonymous Account Holder

I joined after getting completely fed up with Bank of America. I got a free checking account, and the rep who helped me with the process couldn't have been nicer. I'd heard great things about UFCU pretty since I moved to Austin three years ago, and finally broke down and checked them out. I even got a credit card through them when I thought it wasn't possible.

Be advised that they pull your credit when you open a checking account. I don't know if this is standard practice for a financial institution or if it's just limited to UFCU's policies, but if it's the former, I'm a little heated about it. But, since it had already been done, the rep asked if I wanted to apply for a UFCU credit card. I agreed, because he was already looking at my credit report. I was expecting a resounding  "no" when I received an e-mail from UFCU a few days later saying that I'd been approved. I got a decent APR, along with no over-the-limit fees. I was sold. 

The only gripes I have about them has to do with their customer service. If you're at the branch, everyone is nice and helpful, but it gets dicey over the phone. You might draw a friendly, helpful representative, and you might get someone who is a total jerk and will do the bare minimum when it comes to helping you solve your issue. Also, I applied for a personal loan following a serious financial emergency, and they denied it. I took off a star for that reason, because it was ridiculous. They're supposed to be better than a bank, and after they hammered out the repayment details, they couldn't bother with approving the loan?

UFCU is okay if your expectations aren't high.

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Jun 13, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

They don't direct deposit information correct when you have your account set up with the app on your phone to release your funds as I had to call every time when my son was putting his check in the account as they kept putting a hold on his account.  The auto loan I had with them was ridiculous as they chose to repossess my vehicle instead of provide information to my father to keep me with my vehicle as I was still making payments.  The repo guy looked crazy when I told him that I had just made a payment on the vehicle and was making another one that week as I had spoken to the loan person.  He was like, oh they didn't tell me that you had just made a payment on the vehicle.  Needless to say, they repossessed my vehicle instead of getting the payment money needed to bring my car payment current as I was only a month and half behind due to financial hardship and they sold it.  You sold my vehicle so don't come asking me to pay anything else.  They even closed out my account but then lie talk about I still have an account with them.  I will never use or recommend them to anyone.

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