United Nations FCU Reviews
May 22, 2017
Good intl. service, mediocre otherwise

If you live in the US only part of the year, or are an expat, UNFCU has some of the most comprehensive (if not elegant) online banking services available of US banks and credit unions, to the point where you can set international mailing addresses. In that respect, I'mm a loyal customer because they cater to international / expat banking needs.

In most other respects, they need to improve.

* Their recently revamped digital banking still has many rough edges (especially the mobile app!)

* Their forex rates for wire transfers are a joke (use TransferWise or another provider)

* They are _insanely_ risk averse when it comes to extending credit. Requests for modest credit limits of less than $1500 were declined with a credit score of 700+ with a counter-offer of putting down $1250 in secured collateral. If one puts money in regularly, and has a spotless credit history, you'd think UNFCU would trust a customer who's been with them. 

* Their non-Elite cards have a foreign transaction fee. Getting approved for any of their credit cards is already a stretch, so who knows whether the elite cards are even issued in the real world. 

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