United Fed CU Reviews
Jan 06, 2017
Rip Off Artists

I took out a car loan with UFCU last year as the interest rate was really good.  I had a SIGNED CONTRACT in my hand and when they set up my account online the terms, payments amount, etc. were different than what was on my contract.  It took many phone calls and going to supervisors ... to get them to admit they made a mistake on the contract and when they corrected the mistake, of course, it made me owe more.  I told them in no uncertain terms this was not acceptable but still had to compromise with them and owe more money, just kept the monthly payments the same.  Then, today I am fighting on the phone with them about an insurance payment they tried to take out of my account without sending me a bill and they are charging me $30 overdraft fee.  Turns out the insurance company I was forced to work with, by UFCU, in order to get my car loan, is trying to take money out of my UFCU account without sending me a bill or any notice.  Now, after 1/2 hour on the phone with UFCU, I have to call that insurance company to try to get this figured out.  I told them since they are the ones who FORCED me to have this insurance, they should make sure it is a trustworthy company and they should be the ones to work this out with them, but they did not agree.  The insurance company used their inside information with UFCU to try to take money from my UFCU account WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  They never sent me a bill informing me of any amount due, due date, nothing and I never gave them permission to take money from my account.  I SO wish I could afford an attorney.  I know much of what has gone on here has to be illegal.  No one needs this kind of extra, unnecessary hassle in their life.  These companies seem to forget WE are the customer ... by being a customer to them, we are doing them the favor and yet they treat us like garbage, ripping us off left and right.

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