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United Federal Credit Union

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Jan 06, 2017
Rip Off Artists
Anonymous Account Holder

I took out a car loan with UFCU last year as the interest rate was really good.  I had a SIGNED CONTRACT in my hand and when they set up my account online the terms, payments amount, etc. were different than what was on my contract.  It took many phone calls and going to supervisors ... to get them to admit they made a mistake on the contract and when they corrected the mistake, of course, it made me owe more.  I told them in no uncertain terms this was not acceptable but still had to compromise with them and owe more money, just kept the monthly payments the same.  Then, today I am fighting on the phone with them about an insurance payment they tried to take out of my account without sending me a bill and they are charging me $30 overdraft fee.  Turns out the insurance company I was forced to work with, by UFCU, in order to get my car loan, is trying to take money out of my UFCU account without sending me a bill or any notice.  Now, after 1/2 hour on the phone with UFCU, I have to call that insurance company to try to get this figured out.  I told them since they are the ones who FORCED me to have this insurance, they should make sure it is a trustworthy company and they should be the ones to work this out with them, but they did not agree.  The insurance company used their inside information with UFCU to try to take money from my UFCU account WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  They never sent me a bill informing me of any amount due, due date, nothing and I never gave them permission to take money from my account.  I SO wish I could afford an attorney.  I know much of what has gone on here has to be illegal.  No one needs this kind of extra, unnecessary hassle in their life.  These companies seem to forget WE are the customer ... by being a customer to them, we are doing them the favor and yet they treat us like garbage, ripping us off left and right.

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Sep 16, 2016
UFCU - Despicable !
ddhtg Account Holder

Effected a wrongful repossession on a Friday afternoon, then on realizing the error, dumped the vehicle in the street in front of my house on the Monday morning - damaged. 

Had to go thru lawyers cost extra $5000. No interest from UFCU branch levels to senior managements to assist or get to the bottom of my complaints. 

They were unable to explain any of their financial figures and added almost $3000 one year for insurance they claimed wasn’t in place for a period of 6 month which they say occurred 1 year prior? This was done after the fact- despite receiving proof showing the contrary. They added the amount to the capital and forced me to pay. When I informed them I would sue, they responded saying they would make the full loan payable immediately if I sued. In a bizarre twist of fate their lawyer committed suicide!

Each time I went to speak with them at branches in Van Buren and Fort Smith AR, they basically told me off and showed me the door. Hard to believe but true none the less. 

During the period of litigation UFCU took payments I was making on the vehicle - placed those into a separate account - showed my account as unpaid and not applying my payments to the account. Then tried to repo the vehicle. All this while hiding the fact that the payments were being made. Even now that period shows as late payments on my credit report and they have refused to correct it.

If you want to get screwed royally - then do business with these idiots. When you question what they are doing on your account you will come to have an experience similar to mine. 

My experience with this institution is/was very bad and I had to endure it to the bitter end under a constant threat of repo. I paid every penny "over claimed" to them - received no compensation for their actions at all - except their utter rudeness and malicious behavior. 

Even now after settling the vehicle I have still not received the paperwork. I will remain an avid spokesman for this institution - how when and where I can. 

My facts are documented, recorded and shared with the BBB and other Government bodies alike and believe people should be made aware of rogue institutions like this one!

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Sep 07, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Bought a truck that had some issues, dealership kept the truck for 2 months, for that period of time, united federal credit union charged me for lapse in insurance. They are forcing me to pay for this by raising my monthly payments even after sending proof the truck was not in my possession. They are crooked and taking advantage of the people and offer no resolution. A real "Pay or lose your asset" attitude. Will never ever ever ever use this credit union again and head warning to anyone else who might be thinking of a loan.

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Aug 03, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

My car loan is through them.

The loan officer I have to deal with is usually very rude, so I hate calling or dealing with her. I try and call the customer service people instead, and they tend to be more helpful. When I call the number I have been given by my loan officer, it has looped me around saying the same things over and over 5 or 6 times before I hang up. I push the number i need to get to where it needs to direct me and it repeats it normally 2 or 3. I hate going into the banks near me, because they take forever to greet me or even notice me. Half the time they seem put out to help me. I'm in the process of refiancing my car.

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Mar 03, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst experience ever. They lied, kept information from us, and cost us our dream home-Jason is the WORST mortgage officer ever! It takes him a week just to reply to email! Will NEVER go through them again!

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