Tropical Fin CU Reviews
Sep 27, 2016

They are the worst bank ever. I opened a savings account

last year and i havent deposited much to it and they started

charging dormant fees for the account being inactive. They 

claimed to have sent letters to my home and im the only

one who gets the mail and not one letter sent. My friend was

in the same situation and she went to the branch and she got

3 dormant fees reversed. And i went last week, explained 

the situation to this lady and she looked into it, she was not 

friendly either, and said she would call me the next day, and

never did. I never got any fees reversed. But my friend did.

they are not consistent, helpful nor friendly at the coral spring

branch. Mind you when i first called , they told me they would

reverse one or two fees. Started it with $50 now down to 15$.

total rip off. People do not go with this bank. Worst ever

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