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Feb 05, 2017
Hans688 Account Holder

Ive had an account with TFCU since 1995. The are like family. I have had a Mortgage, several car loans, several Personal Loans, 2 Credit cards, An Personal, a Savings and even a Convinient Holiday Savings account.  The have the lowest interest rates and work with you to a succesful outcome.  I trust them for all my financing matters.

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Sep 27, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

They are the worst bank ever. I opened a savings account

last year and i havent deposited much to it and they started

charging dormant fees for the account being inactive. They 

claimed to have sent letters to my home and im the only

one who gets the mail and not one letter sent. My friend was

in the same situation and she went to the branch and she got

3 dormant fees reversed. And i went last week, explained 

the situation to this lady and she looked into it, she was not 

friendly either, and said she would call me the next day, and

never did. I never got any fees reversed. But my friend did.

they are not consistent, helpful nor friendly at the coral spring

branch. Mind you when i first called , they told me they would

reverse one or two fees. Started it with $50 now down to 15$.

total rip off. People do not go with this bank. Worst ever

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Jul 01, 2016
No wonder you're getting smaller!
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had an account with Tropical since 1995.  When I strated this account it was because they offered accounts with no fees, what MOST credit unions offer to keep their business.  The offered great interest rates and loans and HAD been a pleasure to do business with. 

Here's what's changed:

A: They removed all Tropical locations from my region of the state. The nearest location is over 200 miles away. Because of online banking, I had been able to continue my relationship with them via direct deposits and the internet.

B: When in need to deposit hardcopy checks I have used a local Credit Union to deposit who would transfer the funds to Tropical.  As of two months ago I was informed that this credit union no longer works with Tropical.  I'm not feeling surprised since lots of things seem to be headed on a downward spiral.

C. Over the years I have called for support and help multiple times and the wait period to get someone, if in fact you ever get anyone can be 45 minutes to 2 hours.  Poor Customer Service

D: Recently I saw a $10 service fee on my account. I have been instructed that I must have at least $500 per month direct deposit put into the account or hold a solid $1500 in the account to remove any fees!  What is this?  Why am I being charged for using your bank now?  I no longer have access to direct deposit payments to put money into an account and because I don't, I will be fined.  Further, if I have below $1500 I will be fined. Moreover, what money exists in the account will be eaten up by Tropical every month until it's been depleted, at which point I will likely owe Tropical!  What kind of Garbage is this? 

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