Sunmark FCU Reviews
Apr 19, 2016
Terrible Mortgage services

They don't actually provide your mortgage, they farm it out to a company called Midwest Mortgage or something.  The company is terrible.  They took 2 months to send me payment information, then they send a form where you can set up automatic deduction of your loan payments.  Read the fine print, they charge you $70 to set up the auto deductions and a fee for EVERY payment.  As if they aren't getting enough out of closing costs and interest, they have to stick it to you another way.  So I thought I was being clever and set up my bank to send payments every 2 weeks so it would be free.  Well, just got a call from Midwest telling me that they don't accept partial payments, so I have to send the whole amount or pay their fees.  Also, when they notified me that they rejected me payment, they wanted to charge me $15.00 to pay over the phone.  I am dumping this mortgage as soon as I can and refinancing!

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