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Oct 07, 2016
Expect nothing and still be disappointed

This credit union has no partner locations so if you travel or move expect 0% from these guys. Customer service is 0 trying to get them to do anything over the phone is a joke.

We are trying to buy a house in another state and every time we need to transfer money they have an "issue" and need to "call us back" but when asked what the problem actually is it magically works and they can send through the transfer. To be clear we informed the bank before we went out of state we would be going out of state and buying a house and needing to do these things.

Now I could have the keys to my new house today (friday) but to to this banks tranfer system we now have to wait till tuesday. And had to fight to get them to do thier jobs. If I could rate this bank a 0 I would.

I wish these were the first problems we had with them. We have been lied to on multiple ocasions by employees both over the phone and in branch locations. Lied to about availablbility of funds and when called on it, we were told it was too late we already deposited it sucks to be us. The managers didn't even do anything when we were lied to in front of her in a location.

TLDR: go to another bank, they lie and have "problems" that magically fix when questioned.

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